Men in Black Vans – full walk through with spoilers

TSW Guides: Men in Black Vans

Investigation Mission, Danny Dufresne

Men in Black Vans is an investigation mission given by Danny Dufresne at the skate park in Kingsmouth.  Our TSW Guide to Men in Black Vans, as with all of our spoiler quests, leaves the answers to each step hidden.  Simply show the step you need help with.

Men in Black Vans: Step 1

“Investigate the black van.”

Men in Black Vans: Step 2

“Log in on the laptop.” Using the hint gets the message “my wife.” 
The male is Kitsune Hayabusa, 1688490.  Website  The female is Emily Chan, 1689477.  Sally Andersen is his spouse, Sally is the password.  The computer, once unlocked states: “In case of emergency, each component has an individual signature on your tracker.  Do not leave advanced occult technology behind in the field.”


Once you crack the computer, you receive instructions on disabling the device.


Then Arrow Down


1.        Engage PK Pulse Unit

2.       Affix Manifest Agitator to PK Pulse Unit

3.       Affix Etheric Transponder Antenna to Manifest Agitator

4.         Assume minimum safe distance before power up.


Do this in reverse order to disassemble.

Men in Black Vans: Step 3

“Use the tracking device.” Pickup the tracking unit beside the laptop.
The unit is at 570, 845 in this water.  As you approach, a control panel is lit up, clicking it gives the message that it is broken and you need to find another way to disable it.
 If you get the quest incorrect, you will spawn a Draug boss.  Kill it (or drive it off) and it will reset.
Manifest Agitator, Etheric Transponder Antenna, Manifest Agitator
The Orochi Group is a mysterious organization.  If you played the Tokyo flashback, you witnessed what was happening near the Orochi tower.  They are a central player through the entire Secret World story!
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