Mortal Sins (Steps 1-20) Walk Through with Spoilers

Mortal Sins: TSW Main Story Arc

Steps 1-20: Besieged Farmlands and Shadowy Forests

The Story prior - Virgula Divina

Mortal Sins is the final story-arc for the launch version of the Secret World.  Players are investigating Orochi interest in the research of the mysterious Red Hand.  A Council of Venice delegate introduces players initially to the Besieged Farmlands which is currently overrun by a Vampire and Ghoul army.  As the story unfolds, players discover that there is much more to the legend of Dracula than you find in Bram Stoker!  This TSW Guide, as with all of our guides, uses spoiler text so that players only receive help on the step they are currently working.

Mortal Sins: Step 1

“Find Carmen Preda of the Council of Venice.”

 Mortal Sins: Step 2

“Enter the village of Harbaburesti.”  Around 1039, 1051 the quest changes to “Go to the Taverna and search for stories.”  After the cut-scene you are given the message “Search the village for the friendly owl.”

Need Help finding an Owl?
There is a new owl up the ramp at 1102, 1009.

 Mortal Sins: Step 3

“Follow the owl.”  The quest updates with a VERY long cut-scene at 948, 557.  “Find the girl with the spyglass watching over the Besieged Farmlands.”

Need Help finding a girl with a spyglass?
You are looking for Zaha at 474, 877.

Mortal Sins: Step 4

“Find out more about Transylvania from Zaha.” 

You learn that the Dracula are the Order of the Dragon hinted at by the Owl.  The quest updates to “Find the circus man in the Forest.”  Your quest takes you to Mihas located in Shadowy Forests (right near Besieged Farmlands zone line) “Ask Mihas about the Romany.”

 Mortal Sins: Step 5

“Go see Milosh.”  You get a lot of backstory from Milosh.

 Mortal Sins: Step 6

“Go to the place where the Draculesti were founded.”  Head west to the ancient city.  “Look for the Draculesti prophecy.”

Need Help finding a Prophecy?
Go up the stairs at 262, 749.  Follow the wooden walkway to the quest location.  Quest updates to “Kill the Architect.”  The diary mentions that a key is hidden in the village.


Mortal Sins: Step 6, on your way to the prophecy

 Mortal Sins: Step 7

“Find the key.” 

Need Help finding a Key?
The key is on a table at 215, 945.  Quest updates to “Look for records of the tomb.”  There are records in an old chapel at 293, 837.  Quest updates to “Find the crypt behind the chapel.”  Enter the grave at 790, 543.  There is a solo-boss mob out front of the graveyard that can be very difficult.  Use weakened effects and avoid his ground damage.  The quest updates to “examine  the tomb.”

Mortal Sins: Step 8

“Find someone who can interpret the document.” 

Need Help finding an interpreter?
This turns out to be Anastasia just east of the Romany camp.  She has extensive information about Dracula and his role in this incident.  The quest updates.

 Mortal Sins: Step 9

“Go to the tree of life.”  This is the Agartha entrance in Shadowy Forests.  The quest updates to “Find the source of the stream.”

Need Help finding the Source?
There is a stream which winds around the back of the tree.  Follow it upstream.  You will lose the stream in a set of pipes, but you can pick It up again at 1135, 875.

 Mortal Sins: Step 10

“Activate the source.” 

Need Help Activating the Source?
This is the source of LIFE.  You need to spell LIFE.  But, Vlad didn’t speak English!.  You are looking at a set of Romanian letters.  You need to spell out life in Romanian.  Viata.  viaţă

Mortal Sins: Step 10, Romanian letters


 Mortal Sins: Step 11

“Find a representation of death.”  The quest updates to “Examine the statue of death.”

Mortal Sins: Step 11, representation of death


 Mortal Sins: Step 12

“Find the water of death.” 

Need Help finding the Water of Death?
You can’t interact with dead things while you are alive!  Suicide using /reset and you will see pilgrims following  the water.  Follow them, this takes you into a cave complex at 1014, 497.  The water is at 1047, 311.

 Mortal Sins: Step 13

“Find the Dragon’s Tomb.”  This is in the graveyard, in the Chapel of the Prince, at 783, 575.  Activate it and jump in. “Enter the Dragon’s Tomb.”

After zoning into the instance, the quest updates to “Join the waters of life and death.”

Mortal Sins: Step 13, Dracula's Tomb

 Mortal Sins: Step 14

“Gather the water with Dracula’s egg to capture the essence.”

Move around in the glowing water for the update.

Mortal Sins: Step 15

“Take a rubbing of the Eagle on the wall.”  The Eagle is NOT lit up, click on the scripture.  The quest updates to “Talk to Milosh about the Eagle.”

Mortal Sins, Step 15: The Eagle

Mortal Sins: Step 16

“Find Octavian’s cabin.” The cabin is near 315, 477.  The quest updates to “Ask the old man about the Eagle.”  Octavian isn’t highly motivated.

 Mortal Sins: Step 17

“Look for something to persuade Octavian.”  There is a letter on a nearby table.

 Mortal Sins: Step 18

“Find Emilia.”  

NOTE:  This step can bug if you are grouped.  If you want to view the cut-scene, you MUST drop group before going further.

 Mortal Sins: Step 19

“Kill a boar.”  “Place the fresh meat near Emilia.”  “Watch as Emilia is attacked and hope the plan works.”

 Mortal Sins: Step 20

“Go back to Dracula’s tomb.”  Entering the tomb updates the quest to “Gather Dracula’s essence.”  You can now “use” the water.  When you do, the egg in the center of the room activates.  The quest advances.

Mortal Sins: Step 20, Back to Dracula's Tomb

 Mortal Sins: Step 21

“Go to Carpathian Fangs.”

The Story Concludes – Carpathian Fangs Steps (21-29)

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