My First 60 – AOE and Survival Healing with Blade/AR


AOE DPS with Healing Support.

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Build Notes: Our “My First 60″ builds are targeted for about 60 total points. They represent the initial builds for a player starting the game, but wanting to play a focused role. Thus, inner wheel builds are incomplete builds and NOT intended for mid-game or later play.

I was trying to put together a My First 60 build using AR, and every-time I built one, I wasn’t too happy with the results.  I ended up swapping over to a support healing with AOE dps instead.  This build has serious AOE dps with a self proccing heal, while still giving the player the option to swap over to a targeted heal when needed.
Active Abilities

Blade Torrent (Blade)
Forking Paths (Blade)
Balanced Blade (Blade)
Stunning Swirl (Blade)
Fire at Will (AR)
Fire in the Hole (AR)
Anima Shot

Passive Abilities

Lick Your Wounds (Fist)
Perfect Storm (Blade)
Sharp Blade (Blade)
Expose Weakness (Blade)
Anima Boost (AR)
Fluid Defenses (Blade)
Immortal Spirit (Blade)

(NOTE: The 400 point updated version of this build can be found: HERE!)

Key Features
This build requires 63 total AP to put together.  The build uses two builder, Blade Torrent and Forking Paths.  The use of two builders allows you to use Blade Torrent to give an afflicted state (and has hate) then swap over to Forking Paths to take advantage of the afflicted state to give a self heal.  Further, by using an AOE builder with AR as your off-weapon, you can build full stacks of resources on each target in your AOE effect.  Once you have build up resources you would use Fire at will (AR AOE resource consumer) to use up the AR resources on that target, then tab to the next target and use Fire in the Hole (AR resource consumer), then tab and use Fire in the Hole again.  You would do this until no more targets have full AR resources, at that point, you can use Balanced Blade using up your Blade resources.  By combining AR with an AOE builder, you can fire off your AR consumers multiple times.
Additionally, you are kicking out self passive healing with both Lick your Wounds and Forking Paths.   Stunning Swirl gives a stun which triggers a penetrate buff that triggers Immortal Spirit the effect that when you penetrate you get a heal over time.
The build also has Anima Shot, and while it doesn’t have a healing finisher, it can allow single target healing when needed.
The default rotation is; as suggested above, starting with a Blade Torrent x1, followed up by 4x Forking Paths.  Then you trigger Fire at will and Fire in the Hole until your AR resources are used.  Once that is complete, you would trigger Stunning Swirl.

On difficult fights, you should trigger Sharp Blade fairly early so you can receive the penetrate heal effects.

For a main healing build, you would swap out Forking Paths for a similar build that instead of having you do AOE dsp triggers with your AR resources, you would trigger Shot of Anima.  This would take more then 60 points to be able to use both abilities, therefore a “My first 60″ will be devoted to this build instead of it being an alternative for this specific build.
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10 Responses to My First 60 – AOE and Survival Healing with Blade/AR

  1. So gearing wise are you looking for attack/hit/pen rating for all your gear or just 75% of it and 25% heal rating for the self heals?

  2. Same question as Daniel. Hope we can get an answer :)

    • Ryahl says:

      I'm not sure what Aela's gearing is in this. I know when we duo, she's gone to a blend of DPS and Heal gear and even, depending on the content, a piece or two of hitpoint gear.

      Remember, not all talisman are equal. Your head piece gives more benefit than your majors and majors more than minors.

  3. Aela says:

    Sorry for the delay. I often don't get back to these as quickly as Ry does. In general, I would focus on dps based gear (if you find you need more healing then base you can choose to swap out a small %of overall stats for heal base. I would say 1 or 2 minor talisman, or 1 major talisman. You can always add a piece or remove as needed. I would say 1 minor talisman as tank/hp if non of your other gear has hp, and 2 minor for healing is a good place to start. At low levels you see healing and dps gear with hp, you a hp piece might not be needed.

  4. Jikel says:

    Thanks a lot for posting this, I've been really struggling with the synergy side of things!

  5. Jaerin says:


  6. Titanium Dragon says:

    Honestly, blade is almost enough to solo the early game on its own; it is crazy good early on.

    I went through the game with Blade/Blood, and I found it to be quite consistently powerful. The mixture of ranged and melee abilities, the ability to switch to being a healer or a tank (albeit a boring one, though it is still capable enough to run through the first couple dungeons) for dungeon and party play, and later on being able to pick up several more stuns all combined to make quite a nice character.

    One thing that I found very useful was the blue mountain weapon run trick – basically, get 50 Solomon Island Tokens and, rather than spend them on something you’re going to rather quickly replace, run through the Savage Coast all the way into the Blue Mountains to the shop there to buy a QL 6 weapon. I went and grabbed a QL 6 blade and I used that same weapon until halfway through Egypt, and I never encountered the spiked difficulty that other people seem to encounter heading into the blue mountains – I was powerful enough by the time I was through with the Savage Coast that I didn’t find it a problem at all.

  7. Andru says:

    Thanks for this guide! I’m completely new to the game and have a question on Passives. Did you consider Dark Potency for this build? It’s cheap and seems like the penetration rating buff on an afflicted target would go well with blade and AR. Thanks again.

    • RyahlRyahl says:

      Dark Potency is a cheap, good passive, you are right.

      Do remember, when putting on passives, that stacking different types of buffs for the same ability work. Stacking the same type of buff to the same ability doesn’t. So, a +7% penetrate and a +30 to penetrate stack, but two +30′s don’t.

  8. Andru says:

    OK, thanks for the tip.

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