My First 60: Healing. (UPDATED)

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Inner Wheel Healing – A functional heal build for The Polaris (Q3) and Hell Rising (Q5)

Build Notes: Our inner wheel builds are targeted for about 60 total points. They represent the initial builds for a player starting the game, but wanting to play a focused role.  Thus, inner wheel builds are incomplete builds and NOT intended for mid-game or later play. 

Note:  There is a lot of discussion on the boards about how this game creates “carpel tunnel hand” specifically with healing.
I wanted to include in my healing build that i use the Razer Naga Epic Gaming Mouse, and I highly recommend it when healing in this game.  TSW requires a lot of repetitive clicking, and the ability to use the thumb button of the mouse to click the builders (and easily swap between abilites) causes much less stress on your hand and wrists.

While I would imagine there are healing builds available that are more damage focused, this build is specifically attracted to the player that is interested in main-healing for a group that is appropriately tuned for an area.  This is specifically Q2/3s in Polaris, and Q4 in Hell Rising. 
Active Abilities
Blood Shield (Blood)
Angelic Aegis (Blood)
Open Vein (Blood)
Nurture (Claw)
Pack Leader (Claw)
Hematic Rites
Cardiac Arrest*
OPEN -  I placed Blood Spike*. 
  (*As you get the points, this should be replaced with Surgical Steel)
Passive Abilities
Rapid Shield (Blood)
Angel’s Touch (Blood)
Coagulation (Blood)
Nurturing Gift (Claw)
Alpha Wolf (Claw)
Lick your Wounds (Claw)
Gnosis (Chaos)
Key Features
This build will cost you 64 points  to start, and can easily heal Polaris.   By the time you reach Hell Rising, you should have replaced  Cardiac Arrest with Surgical Steel * (103 total AP)
I used a variant of this build to heal both Polaris at Q2/3 and Hell Rising at Q4.  I also used it with very little change  to heal darkness War, Hell Fallen and Ankh at Q6.  I now run (at Q10) an updated version of this build that I will post later.
This build has three builders.  Open Vein, Blood Shield, and Nurture.  Blood Shield and Nurture are builders for each specific healing tree, while Open Vein can build off both.
Open Vein is one of the two big ticket purchases I made with this build (assuming Hematic Rites).  I specifically purchased it because of its ability to not only build resources for both weapons, but the fact it is fast casting, and has no recast time.  A bonus to this is the fact that is it an AOE chain, and can proc Vessel Walls at a later stage in your build.  For now, it is a decent minor damage ability that allows you to keep at range and still build resources quickly for both weapons.
The build contains two minor heals (Blood Shield and Nurture) and 1 main heal (Angelic Aegis).   Your best bet is to use Angelic Aegis when the target is low on HPs (below 60%) and need some extra healing power.   During a boss fight, if the tank starts to drop too low, I will often just spam Nurture until I can get off Nurture.  I think this is the best way to push large amounts of healing to a single target.
Finally, I tossed in Gnosis (Chaos) to this build, I think overall this should be the best other option for a passive, specifically if you have someone else in your group using a weaken effect, this will be the best damage increase you can do while using Open Vein, and I didn’t find another passive ability that gave a substantial healing upgrade without a large increase in points spent.
You should use Open Vein x5 to build resources for both blood and claw.  Then every 2 casts of Open Vein you should use Hematic Rites.  You should be able to position yourself near enough to the tank, but behind the mob when you cast Hematic Rites that you acquire the bubble when needed.  You also should suggest your DPS all do the same.  I have had plenty of experience with many DPS, and they have no problem acquiring this bubble and saying out of damage at the same time.   If you are clear with them, this will negate a lot of needed healing on the DPS.
When the tank’s HP gets low, use Angelic Aegis to heal, and top off HPs with Nurture.   Once you get Surgical Steel (103 AP), you will use this in replace of Angelic Aegis the majority of the time, and use your blood resources for Hematic Rites with AA only used when HPs get low enough to trigger the bonus healing.   Too many times have I lost a tank or other party member due to the cast time on AA.  I often find I stop using AA due to this fairly quickly as I pick-up additional abilities.
For continuation of this build, click here.
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7 Responses to My First 60: Healing. (UPDATED)

  1. Jet says:

    Can you use this to level? I would like to focus on healing but can i get by using this to complete quests, just got the game since the sub fee went away. Any help is very appreciative.

  2. Jet says:

    Ok, Thanks for the quick reply !

  3. Melchorio says:

    So uh, what’s Open Vein? I don’t see it in the wheel.

  4. Paroxinite says:

    Is there a way you could find or make another blood build for the My first 60 listing? A blood/AR or hammer survival would be great, if its even possible of course(x Ill be converting to a different blood build after My First 60, I just wanna survive the beginning stuff. Thanks!

    • AelaAela says:

      For the most part, we were limited by the viability of builds using only 60 points, yet still allowing some synergies. While we strayed away from Elemental due to lack of use.. Blood just doesn’t seem to give a lot of survival at the lower levels. I’ll try and take a look at it, if I come up with something else I’ll let you know.

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