My First 60: Inner Wheel Survival – soloing with blade/fist

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Build Notes: Our “My First 60″ builds are targeted for about 60 total points. They represent the initial builds for a player starting the game, but wanting to play a focused role. Thus, inner wheel builds are incomplete builds and NOT intended for mid-game or later play.

(The 400 Point, Blue Mountain Special, Version of this Build can be found at TSWGuides’ Everything Must Die, a 400 Point Claw/Blade Survival)

I don’t normally use survival builds as I virtually always run in a duo or group. However, TSW throws some mandatory solo instances at you and at least one of them (see our Blue Mountains guide for Dawning of an Endless Night) can really beat the snot out of a non-heal build. This build was my strategy to bypass this fight. It turns out that it’s actually a pretty decent build for pack fighting too.  (if you are unsure what order you should buy your abilities–for the recommended purchase order, please scroll down to the bottom of the page)

Active Abilities
Blade Torrent (Blade)
Wild at Heart (Fist)
Balanced Blade (Blade)
Nurture (Fist)
Surging Blades (Blade)
Stunning Swirl (Blade)
Pack Leader (Fist)
Passive Abilities
Lick Your Wounds (Fist)
Nurturing Gift (Fist)
Out of the Woods (Fist)
Perfect Storm (Blade)
Dark Potency (Blood)
Unholy Knowledge (Blood)
Immortal Spirit (Blade)Export This Build

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Key Features
This build requires just under 60 total AP to put together.  The build uses one builder, Blade Torrent.  This is a lower damage builder than some of the other fist/blade options, but it is does damage to multiple targets.  Further, combined with the Perfect Storm passive, each of those hits adds an afflicted, damage over time effect.  Unholy Knowledge causes your damage over time to be more effective and Dark Potency makes your afflictions increase your chance for penetrations.
Penetrating attacks are part of your heal repertoire, thanks to Immortal Spirit.  On top of that, your build is kicking out passive healing every attack thanks to Lick Your Wounds.  You gain a direct heal, with heal over time from Nurture and the HOT effect is doubled in duration from Nurturing Gift.  You want to get on your  healing early and often with this build, since Out of the Woods improves your healing effectiveness when it heals a mostly healthy target.  Your fist finisher, Wild at Heart also provides a heal every full rotation.
The build has three utility abilities.  You can make a dash to a target using Surging Blades, use this to start fights.  You can also inflict an area of effect stun using Stunning Swirl.  Finally, your Pack Leader ability lets you boost your offense by reducing the chance of glancing attacks.
This is a very straight forwards build.  Use your Surging Blades to leap into combat and then pop off a Balanced Blades and Wild at Heart (since melee abilities start with full resources).  Follow that up with a Nurture to get your heal rating buffed up.
Your default rotation is Blade Torrent x5, Wild at Heart and Balanced Blades.  Use Pack Leader early if you are facing hard opponents and save your Stunning Swirl at opportune times.  Keep cycling Nurture to keep the HOT running.
In group situations, Alpha Wolf is probably more useful than Out of the Woods.  Alternately, if you are serving as a backup healer, consider dropping Lick Your Wounds and putting in Alpha Wolf.  Beware that Blade Torrent draws hate, depending on your tank, it might be better to swap over to a Claw/Sharp Claw build to get your resource generation and afflictions running.  For more offense, consider Salt in the Wound to replace Out of the Woods as soon as you can afford outer wheel abilities.
Recommended Purchase Order
Lick your Wounds
Immortal Spirit
Blade Torrent
Perfect Storm
Unholy Knowledge
Nurturing Gift
Balanced Blade
Pack Leader
Wild At Heart
Out of the Woods
Dark Potency
Surging Blades
Stunning Swirl
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18 Responses to My First 60: Inner Wheel Survival – soloing with blade/fist

  1. August says:

    Hi, thx for the build. Could you possibly list build order? Also do you put skill points in the DPS version of each weapon or survival?

  2. Ryahl says:

    Hi August,

    My general rules of thumb for my build order:

    1. Make sure you have a builder for each weapon – fortunately, your trainer visit at start covers this. But, if you are moving into this build from another weapon pairing, start with a multi-weapon builder.

    2. Make sure you have a finisher for each weapon. Resource consumers are significantly more efficient than builders. Get them and use them!

    3. Look for cheap passives on the list and buy them. Passives give surprising synergies, making sure you have the ones up that trigger important build effects is a high priority.

    4. When choosing between two high point abilities to pursue, always pursue the ability whose tree gives you the most used abilities. For example, in this build, one of the fist trees contributes a large number of abilities. I would buy into it before buying deep into another tree.

    Good luck with the build, it's served me well on the times I have used it.

  3. Grogin says:

    I think you answered my question with point 4 on your response to August,but picking your brain since I suck at building these things. In what direction would you if you were to continue with this build? Would you buy deeper into the fist or blade. I guess what I'm asking is would you flesh out the build post 60 points.

    • Ryahl says:


      Thanks for the question. I'm starting to work on a “Blue Mountain” version of the Blade/Fist build. I don't have the whole thing together, but I can state that it will have “Clearing the Path” from Crossing River's Edge.

      That ability is a PBAOE which has a 100% penetration rate on targets who are afflicted. The builder in this build (with its passive) is adding an affliction. So, the new build will have affliction/penetration synergy.

      I need to look at a passive loadout that takes advantage of both. We're going to target Blue Mountain builds for 400 AP or less.

      Coming… soon(ish).

      Thanks for reading,


    • gateway says:

      great build, I am using it now, switched from Blood/Fist. Will this build as it is take me through Savage Coast, if not what adjustments do i need to make and should I put my SP into DPS or survival tree.

  4. jacecar says:

    I have a Chaos/Hammer tank (one of your builds), but in comparison to this one, it is extremely hard to solo with. I can take on 1 or 2 hard mobs or 5 normals, and then I have to rest. With this build, however, I can take on multiple hards, multiple normals (probably twice as much at a time as the tank), and keep going on and on, as I end each fight with nearly full health.

    I also have a heavy Ele rDPS that does a pile of damage, but can't survive when things pile up… and I've been racking my brains trying to learn how to make/adjust all of my builds to be more survivable in solo mode.

    One of the things I discovered (which isn't common knowledge starting out) that Lick Your Wounds (Fist passive) can be used with any build, even if you don't use a Fist weapon, and it adds a tremendous layer of survivability — not as much as this featured build — but way more than it had previously.

    So, with that in mind, I am trying to determine which skills and passives are the easiest to fit into other builds to make them more survivable.

    • Ryahl says:


      Thanks for the comment. In general, survival builds SHOULD outperform focused builds (tank, healer, DPS) while soloing. There are two reasons:

      1. Survival builds blend DPS with self-healing, focused builds (like tanking) trade off some performance to maximize some other performance metric. Tank builds trade off DPS and healing for mitigation and threat, but their time to kill becomes very slow in the process. While tank builds CAN solo, you described what happens very well. They take a while to take something out and then they have to get back a ton of hitpoints afterwarsd.

      2. Gearing is different for a tank and a survival build. A typical tank will run 80/20 hit points vs. attack power talisman (with some variation) and will generally run 0% healing. By contrast, in a survival build you will probably run 50/30/20 ATK/HP/Heal. The small trade off in lost hitpoints is more than made up by doubling the attack power and amping up your heals.

      Unless you group a lot and in particular, unless you play a focus role in a group (for instance, I tank pretty much every MMO), survival builds give you a lot more bang for the buck.

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  6. Paroxinite says:

    I have the build part down, the only thing that i’m in need of advice for is the SP for blade and fist, should i do survivability for both or survivability for blade and dps for, fist vice versa?

  7. Senoy says:

    Hey, gang, I tried out this solo build as well. I’m a bit curious, but has it changed since it was posted far as the effects? I noticed I wasn’t having a lot of survivability out of Pack Leader while I was soloing in Kingsmouth, so I swapped it out with Martial Discipline and swapped Out of the Woods for Regeneration. Basically turning the active defense into an “uh-oh, I need healing and defense!” with a small variation. Not sure if you guys wanted Pack Leader to be an active defense or what, so interested in seeing the comments on this one from you good folks.

  8. Daniel says:

    First, thanks for helping a newcomer out with this listing. Second, I just want to drop a note and say that one needs to be careful with this build. Most of the damage comes from the AOE abilities and they can land one in a world of hurt by unintentionally pulling monsters. It takes some time to get a feel for how far away one needs to be but it doesn’t hurt to pull the monsters to a safer area if necessary.

    • RyahlRyahl says:

      Thanks and glad to hear the site’s been helpful.

      Your point is valid regarding AOE abilities. Then again, pretty much everything in TSW is hostile, getting safe distance is always a good idea.

  9. Voqar says:

    I played TSW in beta and didn’t quite get it in regards to creating effective builds. This site has helped a lot and I’m using and enjoying this build to get re-acclimated now that I’m revisiting the game.

    Dunno if they nerfed the heck out of Kingsmouth or if my build(s) in beta were just that bad, but I’m rolling thru nicely with this build.

    Thanks for the site overall, and thanks for these builds!

  10. teguh says:

    what im confuse is about skill,
    what did you lvl up actually? since few weapon need skill to be level up. thanks

    • AelaAela says:

      You might want to look over some of our build editorials on the main build page. In general, both Aela and Ryahl tend to keep their talisman/weapons reasonably balanced while leveling. Weapons usually get first priority on a skill up, but available gear often dictates which pieces were leveled up first.

  11. Nuck Chorris says:

    I’m confused as to why Unholy Knowledge , i’m looking at the skills and the only dots i see are actually HOT’s. could you explain a little better plz

    does Unholy Knowledge affect the HOTS as well?

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