My First 60: Survival using Fist/Chaos (WIP)

Fist Chaos

A My First 60 Survival Build

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Build Notes: Our “My First 60″ builds are targeted for about 60 total points. They represent the initial builds for a player starting the game, but wanting to play a focused role. Thus, inner wheel builds are incomplete builds and NOT intended for mid-game or later play.

We occasionally create builds based on reader request.  In this case, the reader was looking for a survival oriented build with a chaos base.  The build has not been tested.  However, it works from a base similar to our other MF60 survival builds, so it should perform well.


The updated 400 Point Blue Mountain Version of this build.

 Active Abilities

  • Escalation (Chance)
  • Call for Eris (Theory)
  • Wild at Heart (Primal)
  • Nurture (Primal)
  • Go for the Throat (Feral)
  • Paradox (Chance)
  • Illusion (Chance)

Passive Abilities

  • Lick Your Wounds (Fist)
  • Nurturing Gift (Fist)
  • Intensity (Chance)
  • Paradigm Shift (Theory)
  • Gunsmoke (Shotgun – Control)
  • Chaos Adept (Theory)
  • Predator (Feral)

Key Features

This build requires just under 60 total AP to put together.  The build uses one builder, Escalation.  This is a lower damage builder than some of the other fist/chaos options, but it is does damage to multiple targets.  Further, combined with the Intensity passive, escalation is building up the exposed weakened effect, increasing your damage output by as much as 30%.  The weakened effect is triggering processes for the Paradigm Shift and Gunsmoke passives, causing your subsequent attacks to hit more often, for more damage respectively.

While escalation is an AOE, this build has been assembled as a single target build.  Your chaos finisher, Call for Eris does substantial single target damage as does your fist finisher, Wild at Heart.

This build features two utility abilities.  Illusion is there for those situations where a bit more defense would be helpful.  Go for the throat is your elite ability, a single target 5-second stun.  Right after using Go for the throat, follow up with Paradox, which exploits impair for additional damage.

As with any survival build, this build has a few healing sources built in.  Nurture exists to provide some on-demand healing and can help keep a constant heal over time running if rotated frequently.  Nurturing Gift increases both the heal and heal duration of of Nurture.  Lick Your Wounds keeps a constant heal effect running as your damage output stacks up.


This is a very straight forwards build.  Consider opening with Go for the Throat and Paradox for a nice 1-2 punch.  Follow that up with Wild at Heart (fist resources should recharge out of combat) and you will have put some serious hurt out right at the start of the fight.

Your standard combat rotation is Escalation x5, Call for Eris, Wild at Heart.  Rotate in Nurture roughly every full rotation to keep the hot effect running.  Use Illusion early in fights against duo’s, giving you a bit more defense until you take out the first target.

Illusion, Go for the Throat and Paradox should be used on recycle.  Later on, if you face targets with significant special attacks, save GffT to interrupt those abilities.  Always use Paradox immediately after GffT.

Build Consideration

Our general rule of thumb for MF60 builds is:

  1.  Get a finisher equipped for each weapon asap (go deep in Primal)
  2. Pickup any cheap passives that synergize with your builders (Gunsmoke and Paradigm Shift)
  3. Go deep in the cell that provides the most remaining used abilities (not really relevant for this build)
  4. Grab remaining abilities based on cheapest to equip

Gear Consideration

Talisman are very important parts of making any build work.  Survival builds require talisman from all three factors (high hit point pieces, high damage pieces, and high healing pieces).  I would aim for 50% high attack power pieces (all three major’s get you here), 30% high hit point pieces (all three minor’s get you here) and 20% high heal pieces (head piece alone gets you here).

You will probably have enough +hit from the stacking paradigm shift.  Look for gear that adds either critical rating and critical power, or gear that adds penetrate.  However with most early game gear, focusing on the primary stats (atk, hp, heal) is more important than the glyph secondary stats.

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6 Responses to My First 60: Survival using Fist/Chaos (WIP)

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  2. GoonSquad says:

    I love this build so far.. Just finished it up. I got all the abilitys.. Mobs die fast and I can heal myself. perfect lvling build.. Escalation does so much damage for some reason..
    Do you have a follow up build for Fist/chose after you get the current actives/passives above? I’m at the point where i can start getting second tier abilitys.. Kinda hard to pick.. I’m always down with picking another Weapon combo.. That weakness debuff is nice.. thats +30% damage or so.. Would be cool if you could get the weakness debuff that lowers there damage out put by 30% also.. not sure if they stack..

  3. Tover says:

    I started out fist/chaos, and this is what I used (inner ring only):
    Escalation (dual builder)
    Call to Eris (chaos consumer, single target burst)
    Schism (chaos consumer, single target finisher)
    Hog Wild (fist consumer, frenzy blast)
    Illusion (chaos utility)
    Paradox (single target impair exploit)
    Domino Effect (PBAoE pull/knockdown/impair)

    Chaos Adept
    Master of Illusions
    Paradigm Shift

    This build will kill packs and single targets with equal facility. Your B&B is to start out with Hog Wild, Escalate x5, Hog Wild again, then Call to Eris whatever’s still standing. Use Domino Effect after the 1st Hog Wild for packs (otherwise you’ll spread em out too much), and hit Paradox whenever it’s off cooldown. Illusion is your ‘oh shit’ button. For tougher single-target enemies, when their life bar gets in the red, change your rotation to what I call ‘The Executioner’: Escalate, Schism- rinse and repeat until dead (won’t take long). Stack crit rating & crit power and you’ll be getting Schism crits up in the 1600s with all QL3 gear.

    After you fill up your inner rings, make a beeline to Karma in ‘The Fourth Wall’ to replace Call to Eris and substitute Backlash for Predator, effectively turning Illusion into an AoE ability. Then get Berserk in ‘The Streets’, to replace Hog Wild, and you have effectively made yourself into the Tazmanian Devil, which is the ninth degree of awesome. You are also poised to fill out the Chaos Theorist deck if you so wish, and you also have the abilities to make a beastly single-target build for boss fights and areas where the baddies all mooch around the landscape on their lonesomes. Share and enjoy! ~Tover

  4. chaff says:


  5. Gabriel says:

    why not add probability? you got dodges, and multiple hits in here, IMHO probability seems like a natural choice but I’m a noob, so I’m just asking

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