Nightmare Dungeon AR/Pistol – [by Kourgath]

Assault Rifle and Pistol

A Nightmare Dungeon DPS Build

by Kourgath

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This is a DPS build put together by Kourgath, one of our guild mates in Ohana.  He has used this build in nightmare dungeons an I have seen him running this in elites.  The build features assault rifle and pistol, providing a lot of versatility when needed.  It’s a solid build that should provide some good DPS to your team.

Active Abilities

  • the business
  • start & finish
  • three round burst
  • red mist
  • suppressing fire
  • deadly aim
  • confuse

Passive Abilities

  • iron maiden
  • live wire
  • punishment
  • twist the knife
  • one in the chamber
  • sudden return
  • mad skills

Key Features

instant builder with multiple hits for generally high dps just from building. group members will usually have affliction and weakeness up on the bosses which means you have slots available to exploit those states. basically giving you an extra 10% pen, 150 crit power 150 crit rating, and extra damage on crits and pens. [Note from Ry - as Kourgath mentions, these states SHOULD be present, but you need to confirm this at the start of the run.]


  1. the business x5
  2. start & finish
  3. three round burst
  4. deadly aim and red mist as cd’s permit

Gearing Needs

this build is built to compensate for lower crit and pen rates as most dps gear will be glyphed for hit.

Viper’s Deck Manager


If you are using Viper’s Deck Manager, cut and paste the above code and use it to import this build. If you want to check out the wheel locations, here is the build using Drakashi’s deck manager.


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3 Responses to Nightmare Dungeon AR/Pistol – [by Kourgath]

  1. Zhao says:

    Ideally, what type of gear slots would be preffered? hit rating? crit chance? pen?

    • RyahlRyahl says:

      I’ll check with Kourgath on this. However, I know that the general direction for NM DPS has been +pen. Bosses have pretty obscene +block ratings and if you lack the +pen to push their block off the table, your DPS becomes effectively 30% lower.

      You always need enough crit to reduce or eliminate glances, but it seems that Fever Pitch has become a favored passive to help there.

  2. anon says:

    why isn’t Magnum on this list? it makes The Business cause a target to becoming weakened which works with Punishment

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