TSW Guides for Nightmare Gameplay

End-game content for TSW

Welcome to the new TSWGuide Nightmare page.  Aela and I have been slow getting our nightmare content assembled.  In part, because we backtracked a couple of times in the game.  In part, though, because we needed our nightmare section to be different.

The first part of our new Nightmare section is the “At a Glance” elements.  We are rolling out Polaris: At a Glance now and will be releasing the other two early nightmares over the next few days.  There are already a few different sets of nightmare guides and write-ups available on the forums.  We wanted to put together something distinct that supplements the wonderful work on the TSW forums.

Our “At a Glance” Nightmare guides are built around the concept of a collectible card game.  In CCG’s like Magic, everything you need to know has to be displayed on a single card.  You can’t use long write-ups, you can’t refer to tomes and tables.  You need to get efficient information out.

For each boss you will find:

  • Tank information -
    • primary damage types
    • Relevant penetration/critical levels
    • Information on positioning
  • Helaers
    • General HPS throughput (coming soon)
    • Spike heal effects
    • Group/AOE heal needs
    • Cleanses where needed
  • DPS
    • Necessary hit and penetrate levels
    • Agro wipes and other relevant information
  • Counters
    • Needed (or useful) impairs
    • Effects to avoid

We do this with a single slide for each boss.  On each slide we give you information pertinent to tanks, healers, DPS and general elements to counter.  The information will be tweaked over time, but the format will remain more or less the same.  If you see information you would like included on the slide, simply drop us a comment and we’ll work it in.

The “At a Glance” guides are intended to be useful DURING game play.  If you have a new player on a run, open the browser, go to and check the nightmare section.  Look at the slide for the boss you are about to fight, get the quick and dirty information, and go!


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One Response to Nightmares!

  1. Will Skyfall says:

    I really love the “At a Glance” guides that you made for the first 3 NM dungeons, and relied on them quite heavily when learning those dungeons.

    Do you have plans to continue the series for any of Ankh/HF/Fac/HE/SH? If so, what stage are these guides at, and is there anything we can do to help them get made?

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