Obstructive Persons

Obstructive Persons

Investigation Mission – Shadowy Forest

Content Update 1.5 – The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn

Alina Florea in the Shadowy Forest starts the quest Obstructive Persons.  Alina’s previous quest, Six Feet Under details her involvement with the Morninglight cult.  She now wishes to leave the cult and get away… and fix her bad hair?  Seriously, she’s standing in a nest of ghouls with an empty pistol and she wants to wash her hair and smoke pot.  Some people have a great sense of perspective.

Obstructive Persons, Step 1 – Investigate her Claims

Alina believes someone in the forest is stalking her, investigate her claims.  Wondering around a bit turns the quest information to “Search the area around Alina.”  You find a dead body lurking at 657, 1145.  Using the body updates the quest

Obstructive Persons, Step 2 – Find out how to close the agent’s file

“Got another likely flyer: Alina Florea.  I want the OSLO works on this one.  Get the word out before she can get to Bucharest.  Once you do, close the file and move on to your next mark. A” There is also a website fragment: www.joinmorninglight.com

At the website, you find a place to sign-up for more information.  Attempt to fill out the form to get more information.

Why stop everything and fill out an infomercial form for Dyanettics 2: the Sequel?  Who the hell knows?

Editorializing For a Moment

Seriously, why would the agent keep a thread of paper with a lead to a website he uses for official business?  Why would he need a prompt message to a kiosk in New York when he could simply log in and work over the Internet?  Wouldn’t it make more sense for him to have a laptop, tablet, or web enabled smart phone on his person?  Wouldn’t it make more sense for this to be a GHOST hacking game?  At some point, you realize they are just throwing random shit together on these quests and not thinking about coherent story. 

Anyhow, signing up for more information leads you with an error code: 0x0000019cx3.  Because super evil secret societies leave bread crumbs to their deepest, darkest secrets in easily stumbled upon locations, let’s use that.

Completing that prompts you to go and take a personality assessment at their kiosk’s.  We headed over to New York where you find a kiosk at 396, 342.  Pretty much any completion of the assessment leads to a statement about how you scare yourself, and them, but they won’t run from you.  They conclude with “Seek out the path – Follow the light!”

Obstructive Persons, Step 3 – Access the hidden files

Need Help with Hidden Files?


Let’s look at the error code above.  It’s a hexadecimal code: 0000019c.  The clue in the quest journal suggests that they use a language all their own.  Let’s play with that code.  It translates to decimal 412 and to 000110011100 in binary.  Nothing about the binary to text suggests its interesting (even sequenced three times using the x3 tag), so lets mess with the hex to decimal 412 and see what we get.  Now, note the x3 at the end?  Basically you are being told to use 412412412.  Where would you do such a thing?  Why at a Morninglight kiosk if you were taking a personality assessment.

This updates the software to whose file do you wish to close?  Enter Alina Florea:

Obstructive Persons, Step 4 – Locate the agent’s next target

You now face information on file #5554, Dusko Biukovic.  Remember the message about OSLO status?  Check that out, it’s option #2.  This lets us know that Dusko was lost in London and he is probably still there (possibly back in Romania).  The physical description on Dusko is that he’s medium height, short brown hair, nervous, anxious and paranoid.  His favorite animal is a pigeon and he fears spiders.

The files say to pickup his trail in London and retrieve the stolen data.  Wondering around London proves fruitless, but if you head to Besieged Farmlands, you find him near the Council of Venice NPC’s.

Approaching Dusku updates the quest to “Speak with the detractor.”  Target him and… well, it threw me to character select, I’m sure that’s what the Morninglight had planned.  Anyhow, returning and targeting him again led to the following dialog.

Dusko got to level 7, realized things were bad. He stole some files and took off.  After completing the dialog with Dusko, the quest updates to “Examine the stolen dossiers.”

They are now in your inventory.  The password hint is “the Master’s Son.”

Need the password?


If you have done your Morninglight lore, you know that the Master is Phillip Morquard.  Lore entry #8 tells you his children are Alexandre and Katherine and his wife’s name is Elisa.  Using Alexandre as your password gives you a new menu with (1) Rada Natase, (2) Cassandra King, (3) Naonomi Tanaka, (4) John Copley and (5) YOU.

There are some interesting names here.  Cassandra King is the Cassie from Dawning of an Endless Night.  Rada is a socialite in Carpathian Fangs.  Cassandra King has an obstruction file open, she’s left the Morninglight following what happened on Solomon Island.

Oddly, your quest completion phone message is from the Morninglight…


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2 Responses to Obstructive Persons

  1. MickeyC says:

    I’m not so certain it’s the same message no matter how you answer the personality test. I got a message telling me I don’t have a voice and they can help me get it back. Nothing about scaring them.

  2. Madde says:

    Wandering around London isn’t fruitless. If you notice his personal details says he likes yellow and fish and chips. If you go to the fish and chips place with the yellow sign there is a note on the counter. The note says something about leaving the village and asking the barmaid Sophie next door about a place to sleep. That is the clue to get you to the Besieged Farmlands.

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