Orochi Dead Ops – the triplets

Previous Boss – Doctor Klein

Your next boss encounter may not strike you as a boss encounter. You hit a boss barrier and behind it are simply three Orochi agents.  If you are like us on our first encounter here, you are probably thinking “ok, what ELSE is going to pop up?” The answer?  Nothing, it’s just these three Orochi Dead Ops.
However, for a new group to the Ankh, this fight can be a surprising kick in the teeth.  You have three targets, which is probably more than a fresh Ankh tank (Q5-ish gear) can tank and your AOE dps can quickly outpace a single tanks threat generation, creating all sorts of fun for a healer.
The Off-tank Gambit
One trick is divide and conquer.  Use an off-tank (OT), specifically a hybrid off-tank (toss on three or so +tank talisman) and have that person pickup the left Dead-Op.  Have your main tank pickup the right two.  Focus fire down the middle Dead Op and then the left Dead Op (the on the OT is on).
AOE Burn Fest

If you have a tank that is reasonably high mitigation and threat generation, you can just have the tank pickup the pack and aoe them down.  Your primary risk here is that early healing will generate heal agro issues, but assuming this is managed, this tactic works quite well.
Damage Issues
Attack - There is nothing special here damage-wise.  Provided the damage stays on the tank (or an off-tank), auto attack damage is physical and fairly low.

Full Clip – there is one special attack that can be problematic.  Full Clip is either a cone or AOE attack that tends to get used near the end of the fight.  It is a high damage output physical attack and can hit QL5/6 tanks for over 2000 damage.  Once active, it appears to be re-used roughly every 10 seconds.  In conjunction with the regular damage output of the fight, this can make the healers life very exciting at the tail end of a fight.
Full Clip may not be used in every triplet encounter.  Depending on your DPS, you may see few if any cycles of Full Clip.  

Next Encounter – Dimensional Arachnid
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