The Uncertainty Principle

The Uncertainty Principle

Auxiliary Weapon – Bracer

Content Patch 1.5

The Uncertainty Principle was added in content update 1.5, the Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn.  This quest provides access to the auxiliary magic weapon – the quantum bracer.  The quest starts with a visit to Moose at the Sheriff’s station in Kingsmouth.

The Uncertainty Principle, Step 1 – Read Moose’s note about improvised weapons

Need to see the assembly patterns?

You see some information on various weapon types.  The quest updates to “Pick up quantum core from Edgar’s package.”  Edgar’s package is right beside the note.  The quest updates to “Acquire a spring, acquire a metal tube, acquire a car battery.”

  • The metal tube is sitting on a nearby truck
  • The battery is in the sheriff’s station
  • The spring is in the mattress near the car battery

The quest updates to “Assemble the parts into a battery acid grenade launcher.”  The patterns are on the bottom of the note.  The quest updates to “Test the battery acid grenade launcher.”  After a few attempts the launcher breaks and you update to disassemble the item.

The Uncertainty Principle, Step 2 – Acquire a Fire Extinguisher and Acquire Chemicals

Need to see the assembly pattern?

Head to the fire station.  The fire extinguisher is downstairs in the corner.  The chemical waste is outside.

Need to see the assembly pattern?

The quest updates to “Assemble the parts into a chemical fire extinguisher.”  This is an upside-down L shaped assembly.  This updates to test the chemical fire extinguisher.  The quest updates again to “Disassemble the broken chemical fire extinguisher.”

The Uncertainty Principle, Step 3 – Acquire a Metal Rod, Acquire Copper Wire, Acquire Rifle Parts

Head out to Edgar’s house, near the junk yard.  All three parts can be found near Edgar’s back porch.  If others are working on the quest, simply move around the house until you find your parts.

Need to see the assembly pattern?

When the item breaks this time you get the message, “battle the Deviant Decoherence.”  Once you win this fight the quest updates to “Disassemble the broken electric ray gun.”

The Uncertainty Principle, Step 4 – Examine the fried quantum core

Uncertainty Principle - Fried Quantum Core
Right click on Edgar’s tech, the quest updates to “Go see Edgar at the scrapyard.”

The Uncertainty Principle, Step 5 – Read Edgar’s Notes about his new quantum device

Need to see the assembly pattern?

The notes are on a nearby table, the quest updates to “Use Incomplete quantum brace.”  The quest updates to “use the fried quantum core to charge a roaming golem.”  Hotkey the fried quantum core and go find a golem.  Use the core on the golem to activate it.  The quest updates to “Collect quantum charged golem bits.”  Defeat a few golem.  The quest updates to “Assemble the quantum bits with the quantum core.”

Need to see the assembly pattern?

The Uncertainty … Continue reading

Dacian Pureblood

Dacian Pureblood

Lair Boss

Shadowy Forest

The Dacian Pureblood is a werewolf category lair boss associated with the Shadowy Forest lair.  He is tied to the lair quest Kreep Rush, added in content update 1.4, Battle in the Big Apple.

Need to know how to summon the Dacian Pureblood?

The Dacian Pureblood is a relatively simple fight which has a bugged finish.  The Pureblood features two mechanics:

Overrun – the Dacian Pureblood will periodically cast Overrun.  This is a column attack which can do lethal damage to people in it.  Simply avoid the effect.

Howl – This summons a non-targetable wolf add.  The wolf will run around doing a knockdown charge that does modest damage.  The Dacian Pureblood keeps summoning these throughout the fight, meaning you will wind up with two or more by the end.

The current bug with this fight involves the wolves.  As of content update 1.4, this bug is still present.  The wolves do NOT despawn at the end of the encounter.  Since they cannot be targeted, they cannot be killed.  This means you wind up with wolves knocking people down during the loot cycle.

The only work around for this is to either get killed or run them nearly out of the lair to get them to despawn.

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Kreep Rush

Kreep Rush

Tower Defense Lair Quest

Shadowy Forest

Keep Rush is the tower defense lair quest in Shadowy Forest.  This quest was added as part of the Battle in the Big Apple, content update 1.4.  The quest consists of one objective:

  • Place the barrels to lure the tangled Kreeps

The quest takes place at 965, 392.  This triggers a defense quest wherein the party must defend against waves of lair mobs.  Triggering the quest ‘Seedy Underbelly,’ provides a barrel which helps with this quest.  The Seedy Underbelly token provides a short duration AOE cleanse.  This is highly useful for the 1-4 pack of this fight.

This quest involves progressive packs of Shadowy Forest lair mobs.  The most dangerous are the creeps which spew cone and persistent AOE dots.  These packs can come from opposite directions, so a 2-tank group pulling from opposite directions is helpful.

The hardest pull of this fight is a single creep from one side who is immediately aided by four of the same from the far side.  Our tactic is to focus fire on the solo and then have that tank pull one of the four-pack off the other tank.

This quest rewards patterns for the lair boss, Dacian Pureblood.

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New York Raid – The Unutterable Lurker

The Unutterable Lurker

The Battle in the Big Apple

TSW’s first 10-person raid

The Unutterable Lurker is the raid boss for the New York City raid encounter in the Secret World.  This fight is a 10-person, 10-minute raid with a 5-minute achievement.  This is the first content to award 10.5 gear along with kits to upgrade 10.4 gear to the 10.5 level.

The Unutterable Lurker
This raid requires 2-tanks and 2-healers.  Each tank needs to bring 2-3 snap-aggro abilities (I recommend three while learning this encounter).  The healers should additionally ascertain that their builds have reasonable synergy (e.g. two fist healers will find themselves overlapping too much).

The raid consists of three distinct phases with important transitions between phase-1 to phase-2 and a critical transition between phase-2 to phase-3.  Much of the fight features aggro swapping, requiring your tanks to coordinate their activity.  The battlefield consists of a number of piles of rubble and downed cars, these are actually objects that block one of the bosses periodic attacks, you will make use of these in the second phase.

The Unutterable Lurker, Stage-1: Whisper of Darkness

During this first stage, the boss has four primary mechanics which must be countered.  All of these mechanics will return in the third stage as well, so learning to process them perfectly is essential.

Do you just need the tactics for this stage?

Whisper of Darkness: this is the primary tank-swapping mechanic for this fight.  The person with aggro receives a 20-stack of Whisper of Darkness counter.  This causes a damage over time effect the entire time this is up.  The damage is entirely physical and can not be blocked, evaded or glanced.  The Whisper of Darkness dot can NOT be purged or cleansed as well.  The damage must be healed through until it ends.  The counter begins a countdown from the moment it lands.  If the effect is still on a person when the counter reaches zero, that person immediately dies (roughly 10 million damage).  To avoid the death effect, you simply need to lose aggro for about 3-seconds.  The easiest way to do this is to have the two tanks arrange to force taunt aggro from the Unutterable Lurker when the aggro tank hits 10-stacks.  The tanks should swap aggro anytime Whisper of Darkness hits 10 stacks.  You can run it all the way to 1-stack, but you should probably process the swap earlier.  We find that simply using snap aggro (provoke, mass provoke and art of war) is more than enough to handle these transitions.  As we have become more comfortable with this, we often just organically swap aggro, letting each tank simply “win” in the aggro race by slowing down rotations as needed.

Filth Pools: throughout the fight, players near the back will periodically find a white circle at their feet.  Do NOT randomly dive out of it.  This is the Unutterable Lurker pre-casting of what will become … Continue reading

Patch 1.4 – Big Trouble in the Big Apple

TSW Guide for Patch 1.4

Big Trouble in the Big Apple

Official Patch Notes! 

Releasing November 15th, Patch 1.4 offers multiple new areas and quests for TSW.

Content update 1.4 brings a bit of something to all play styles.  PVE progression players will enjoy the new raid and Slaughterhouse dungeons.  Group oriented, but more casual, players will find the new lair quests to be an interesting new game mechanic.  RP oriented players should have all sorts of fun in the Albion Theater (and there are interesting setpiece rewards out there).  PVP players should find changes to Fusang worth a look.  Solo players will find the new quests expanding elements of our existing stories and starting one new one.  Finally, anyone with a Leatherface fetish will certainly enjoy the new Chainsaw auxiliary weapon.

The Big Trouble in the Big Apple T-Shirt

New Content for Update 1.4



Opening elements of Crossroad of the World

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Just a Flesh Wound

Just a Flesh Wound

Chainsaw Auxiliary Weapon Quest

Content Update 1.4 – Big Trouble in the Big Apple

Just a Flesh Wound was added in content update 1.4.  This is the quest that gives you access to the auxiliary weapon, chainsaw.  The quest starts with Dr. Aldini at Modern Prometheus in New York.

Pick up Dr. Aldini’s tool bag to get started.

Just a Flesh Wound, Step 1 – Enter Dr. Aldini’s Meat Locker

This is an instance nearby, head in.  The quest updates to “Retrieve a tool from Dr. Aldini’s bag.”  Using the tool bag gives you a hammer.  Removing it updates the quest.

Just a Flesh Wound, Step 2 – Kill a Rotten Nurse

Not the greatest retirement plan at Dr. Aldini’s I guess.  Kill the nurse and right click on the  body to get the update.  Take another tool fro Dr. Aldini’s bag.  The quest updates to “Cut limbs from the corpse with the sword.”  Repeat this a few times (new tool, new body, etc.)  Once you get to work with the chainsaw, the quest updates.

Just a Flesh Wound, Step 3 – Collect body parts from Rotten Nurses

Rinse and repeat, kill nurses, saw parts.  The quest updates to “Deposit the body parts into the drop box.”

Just a Flesh Wound, Step 4 – Find fresh meat in the meat locker.

Follow down the hall past the rotten nurses.  You will find a Flesh Cordon (large lump of flesh on pipes) you can interact with.  Go through it, the quest updates to “Take a piece of the Flesh Blob.”  You have to alternate fighting and sawing, repeat four times total and the quest updates.

Just a Flesh Wound, Step 5 – Deliver the flesh to Dr Aldini

On your way out you will have an escapee issue.  Take care of the loose limb and resume the quest.  Congratulations you have a new chainsaw.  The chainsaw abilities lend themselves to tanking or melee dps.




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To Sir, With Love

To Sir, With Love

Action Quest – Savage Coast

Content Patch 1.4, Big Trouble in the Big Apple

To Sir, With Love is a new action quest added in content patch 1.4, Big Trouble in the Big Apple.  The quest is given out by Hayden Montag at the Innsmouth Academy and requires completion of Science and the Arts and the Faculty as pre-requisites.

The quest wraps up the wraith appraition that shows up at the end of the two proceeding quests.  Hayden initially believes he must be sacrificed, but fortunately Annabel and Carter convince him to put off his “red shirt” moment.

To Sir, With Love Step 1, Collect a Syringe from the first aid kit

To Sir, With Love Step 2, Research Wraith in the Library

Inspect the book “Extradimensional Assassins 101: revised edition.” at 274, 374

the book tells you to use mirrors to channel, trap and possibly defeat the wraith.

Acquire an occult spectrometer

Acquire a mirror from the supply closet

To Sir, With Love Step 3, Use the occult spectrometer to locate the wraith

the quest updates at 330, 436 to “Spray Montag’s blood around the area.”  Place the mirror on the ground, defeat the wraith and then smash the mirror.

To Sir, With Love Step 4, Use the spectrometer to locate the wraith

Once again… this time with verve?  You find a mirror inside the academy main house at 292, 337.  Destroy the wraith and then the mirror.  Repeat this in the next couple of rooms.  The quest updates after defeating four sets of mirrors.

To Sir, With Love Step 5, Use the spectrometer to locate where the wraith has gone

You get another mirro event at 258, 407.  Defeat the wraith and this time, he runs into a slide show instead of the mirror.  The quest updates to “turn off the slide projector” (timed step).  This traps the wraith in the slide.

To Sir, With Love Step 6, Give the slide to Hayden Montag





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The Red Thread

The Red Thread

Investigation Mission: Carpathian Fangs

Content Update 1.4, Big Trouble in the Big Apple

The Red Thread is given out by Callisto in the Carpathian Fangs, the pre-requisite for this quest is a History of Violins.  The quest deals with Callisto’s turning at Mara’s hands and her prior turning by some unidentified woman (Lillith?).  Callisto makes reference to having his name changed by Mara based on her (poor) understanding of Greek mythology.

The Red Thread, Step 1: Find the place where Mara studied

During a History of Violins, Callisto had you visit a library at a nearby monastary, that’s probably a good starting point.  The quest updates to “Search the library for a book about Callisto,” when you enter 1038, 335.  The book can be found at 1046, 316

The Red Thread, Step 2: Search the Library

The book (with caption Metamorphosen Liber Secundus) reads:

We always did dance around each other.  Of course I knew you were in love with me, you vile dilettante.  Why else would you have stayed in the castle when he went away.  Why else would you be seeking my secrets even now?  I’m sure the centuries have done nothing to sharpen your verse, but what about your wit?

My past has been hidden in the long shadows of gods,

My soul is a song you must play in the dark,

These the weights of my burdens,

Mara 1863

At this point, the candles become action items.

There are four candles left to right along one wall and two candles on the far wall.  Each of the far wall candles corresponds to the pair on its side of the room:

1    2     3     4

5                  6

  • 1 toggle 1 and 2
  • 2 toggles 2 and 4
  • 3 toggles 2, 3, 6
  • 4 toggles 3 and 4
  • 5 toggles 2, 4 and 5
  • 6 toggles 1, 2 4 and 6

Need Help with the Candles?

The quest updates to “Take the spectral lyre.”  The lyre is sitting near a Lingering one, but you can pick it up without interacting with him.

The Red Thread, Step 3: Play the spectral lyre

The lyre is in your inventory, pluck it.  Follow the musical trail.

Need Help staying in tune?

The quest updates to “Remove the protective wards.”  There are four items in the room

  • The symbol of Juno
  • The symbol of Callisto
  • The symbol of Diana
  • The symbol of Jupitor

Each plays a musical note.  Remember the lyre tune you followed in?  You are rebuilding it

Need Help Strumming a Tune?

 The Red Thread, Step 4: Solve the third line of the verse

 These, the weights of my burdens

Need Help Unloading Mara’s Burdens?

 The Red Thread, Step 5: Find Mara’s hidden vault

Poor poet, how far will you go without going all the way?  You’re so thirsty, but you don’t drink.  Must we … Continue reading

All Roads Lead to Rome

All Roads Lead to Rome

Investigation Mission – London

Content Patch 1.4 -

Content patch 1.4 brings us our first investigation mission (non faction) starting in London. Mama Abena in the Haitian Market gives out this investigation mission.  Mama Abena tells you a bit about the backstory of magic in the Secret World and lets you know that the Templars (or I would imagine Illuminati or Dragon) don’t see the whole story.  She sends you out on a mission to find the truth.

All Roads Lead to Rome, Step 1: Follow Mama Abena’s guidance.

I’m not sure how many times she could have hinted at the Fallen King.  Heck, he’s even mentioned in your quest journal.  Let’s start there!

All Roads Lead to Rome, Step 2: Figure out what’s so special about the stones

The Mad King talks a bit about the Romans and the stones at your feet.  Rome built much of what endures from early England and the stones at your feet do have an interesting symbol.  Check it out!  The quest updates to:

Figure out where the stones lead

The mosaic updates to 12 interactable objects.  Most of these are simply loose cobblestones.  However, some have words:

3-oclock: SUB (under)

4-oclock: Maximus (important)

5-oclock: Arbor (tree)

7-oclock: ILLE (he)

8-oclock: Flevit (wept)

9-oclock: Dixit (said)

10-oclock: Inferius (below)

11-oclock: Sicut (as)

12-oclock: Superius (higher)

Want to figure out how to speak Cobblestone?

The quest updates to:

Follow the paths of memory

It’s a glittery trail.  Follow it.  This takes you down into the London sewers, with a door located at 248, 259.  Enter the Londinium Excavation.  The quest updates to:

Explore the Excavation

You have a map marker, follow it.  You will pass up a couple of lingering caretakers, one of whom is kneeling beside a Broken Sword hilt.  Approaching this one leads to the caretaker scuttling off to the West.

All Roads Lead to Rome, Step 3: Inspect the Image

Inspecting the hilt gives you three action spots on a head.  The quest updates to:

Complete the image

You need a mouth and two eye sockets

Need Help finding the west eye socket?

Need Help finding the east eye socket?

Need Help finding the mouth?

The quest updates to:

All Roads Lead to Rome, Step 3: Proceed Further into the temple

Figure out how to open the earthgate

Roman Roads, inscription

Consequuntur Veneris Alter, Alter Mercurii Cursus, in Infimoque Orbe Luna Radiis Solis Accensa Convertitur

Need Help with your Latin?

Followed by all of Venus and Mercury running and, in the rays of the Sun, the Moon revolves lighted sphere still lower

Need Help figuring out the puzzle?

The quest updates to: Finish the Roman Journey

You are confronted with a room entering Agartha (or something similar) with a Custodian.  You need to finish an Agartha summoning animation (or several actually).  Head over to the portal, you will start channeling the animation.  Fight the custodian if needed until you … Continue reading

The Mortal Coil

The Mortal Coil

Lair Quest – Carpathian Fangs

Content Patch 1.3, the Cat God

Outdoor lairs received a second lair quest update in content patch 1.3, the Cat God.  The second round of lair quests involves finding objects in the lair zone.  Each quest rewards players with a choice of patterns for a single, specific lair boss.  The Mortal Coil is the “pickup” lair quest for the Carpathian Fangs lair.  This quest rewards pattern components for the Vulkan

  • Acquire Primary Coil Components (1170, 1012)
  • Acquire Toroid Components (1187, 1038)
  • Acquire 5 Secondary Components
  • Acquire 5 Spark Gap Components
  • Acquire 5 Capacitor Components

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