Patch 1.4 – Big Trouble in the Big Apple

TSW Guide for Patch 1.4

Big Trouble in the Big Apple

Official Patch Notes! 

Releasing November 15th, Patch 1.4 offers multiple new areas and quests for TSW.

Content update 1.4 brings a bit of something to all play styles.  PVE progression players will enjoy the new raid and Slaughterhouse dungeons.  Group oriented, but more casual, players will find the new lair quests to be an interesting new game mechanic.  RP oriented players should have all sorts of fun in the Albion Theater (and there are interesting setpiece rewards out there).  PVP players should find changes to Fusang worth a look.  Solo players will find the new quests expanding elements of our existing stories and starting one new one.  Finally, anyone with a Leatherface fetish will certainly enjoy the new Chainsaw auxiliary weapon.

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New Content for Update 1.4



Opening elements of Crossroad of the World

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One Response to Patch 1.4 – Big Trouble in the Big Apple

  1. Renzier says:

    The question has come up frequently and often, “How do we activate our custodian?” So here you go…
    First, get the quest from the quest sources all over Fusang.
    Second, collect the Anima Shards from all over the map… and here are most of the locations where they are;

    535,869 659,433 631,470 642,542 599,618 532,642 370,439 424,614 420,444 301,541 593,436 493,444 441,534 570,573 467,792 278,485 301,498 512,683 475,855

    And near the wells….
    NW1 – 721,816 NW2 – 505,783 NW3 – 310,809
    EW1 – 881,533 EW2 – 720,397 EW3 – 658,182
    WW1 – 146,572 WW2 – 321, 392 WW3 – 360,214

    Basically they are under bridges that lead in the center, in pagodas in the center, as well as in the grass near the center wells in the inner part, near trees, and just tucked in to corners. Look near the coordinates provided, and you should be just fine.

    Also this list may not be inclusive… if you find new ones, let us know.

    Once you have some of the shards (it will take quite a few), then move to the custodian, target him, and click on the shards. You need to do it for each shard you have. And that is how you activate a guardian.

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