Polaris (Normal/Elite) Overview


Normal and Elite Levels

Dungeon Overview

The Polaris dungeon uses a Cthulhu theme, with players traversing a wrecked cargo ship.  The instance uses Viking sea zombies and Cthulhoid inspired monsters.  The normal version of the dungeons is tuned for Q2 and Q3 green tier players (although some may find waiting until Q3/Q4 to be safer).  In it’s normal form, the dungeon does not need a specialized tank/healer, but it does benefit from one.  Should a group lack a tank/healer, all players should consider running in some form of survival build (dps/heal build with balanced dps/hp/heal gear).

Polaris LORE

Number Zone Loc Notes
1 Polaris 55, 243 At docks
2 Polaris 187, 231 Under stairs after first boss (kill mob)
3 Polaris 291, 311 In Varangian first combat area
4 Polaris 317, 192 Hidden Crate, see guide
5 Polaris 451, 163 After Primordial dweller

NOTE – The mob for Polaris #2 is not immediately visible. You have to fully approach to activate him.  He initially appears to just be a non-specific mound of spikey mud/dirt.

Within polaris is a locked container.  The container code password is the 4 digit code written on the site of the container.  You put it in, hit “Ok”, the screen blanks.  Then enter it in again, hit ok.  If you enter it in a 3rd time, and hit ok the probe will unlock! (you are welcome)

Polaris: lore location

Polaris: Damage Taken by Boss

The elite version of Polaris is a Q10 instance.  The instance is tuned for players in blue Q8/Q9 gear from the final normal dungeons.  Players entering the dungeon in full green, Q10 gear may find progress difficult.  The elite bosses have the same mechanics as the normal bosses.  However, damage is substantially increased.  DPS and Healers should consider a minimum of two hp talisman to survive periodic special effect damage.  A full tank and healer are needed for all bosses and the final encounter benefits from a backup healer.

Polaris, moving through dungeon

Next Encounter: Haughbui Jarl

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2 Responses to Polaris (Normal/Elite) Overview

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  2. David says:

    The code on the side of the container is no longer correct. From what I can gather, that portion of the game was bugged, allowing anyone to put in three codes and gain access. This is no longer true, and you actually have to discover the access code. Unfortunately I do not know what it is at this time.
    - GhostRavyn

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