Primordial Dweller

Primordial Dweller

Polaris Normal and Elite Versions

Previous Encounter - Haughbui Mother

The fifth boss encounter of Polaris can be a challenging one.  The Primordial Dweller encounter repeats several mechanics from prior encounters and adds a few new ones to the mix.  Multiple effects occur simultaneously in this fight, leaving a number of things for players to pay attention to.  Additionally, the fight transitions between stages where you need to be up close and others where you need to be farther away.  During the elite version of the dungeon, special effect damage can be quite devastating to dps and healers.

After completing the Haughbui Mother, players face several sets of trash encounters before facing the Primordial Dweller.  The battle arena for Primordial Dweller is a large water filled area with several shipping crates on the far side of the arena.  Some of these crates are on their sides, meaning players can jump up onto them.  The boss appears behind these crates and stays there throughout the encounter.  Players should cross the battle arena and hop up onto the crates to deal with the boss.  He has a number of effects:The Primordial Dweller appears

Deep Calling –  As with the Varangian and Haughbui Jarl, the Primordial Dweller will periodically place this black goo effect in the water.  It is a high damage attack that also has a knockback/stun.  This effect should be avoided by all parties if possible.  In the elite version of the dungeon there will be multiple deep calling effects up at a time, occasionally making it quite difficult to move around.

Seizure – Primordial Dweller will cycle this effect periodically.  It appears to be a moderate damage effect which may have an aoe component around its target and possibly a lingering ground effect for a few seconds.  In general, damage from seizure isn’t too bad, but the effect can crit/penetrate for significant damage in the elite version.

Synapse Spasm – This effect is cast roughly every 30-seconds.  It is a chain target attack with high damage.  If the DPS and healers are a bit spread out from the tank, they will not take damage from this effect.

Psychic Death Storm – It is very important to avoid this effect if possible.  The casting effect is a circular effect radiating out from the Primordial Dweller.  However, it can be very easy to miss this effect and you have very little time to react to it.  It is, therefore, worthwhile to watch your UI for the casting bar for the effect.  The effect does a major knockback and substantial damage.

Deathsquall – Immediately after casting Psychic Death Storm, the Primordial Dweller will use the same Deathsquall effect players previously witnessed with the Blarbane Sorceress.  The shipping crates that players were standing on will be covered with a raging electric storm.  This storm does progressive damage to anyone standing in it.  This marks a transition phase for the fight, players should remain in the water during the time the Deathsquall is up.  Adds will swarm during this stage and a number of Deep Calling effects will form.  This is largely a survival skill check, requiring personal responsibility for all group members.

Adds – Adds spawn throughout this encounter.  Most of the time they will die to AOE damage as they cluster around the shipping container.  However, during the Deathsquall stage, DPS should help with the adds as they often swarm the healer, making it nearly impossible for the healer to avoid Deep Calling effects.

Next Encounter - The Ur-Draug

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