TSW Guide: Quests in the Secret World

TSW Guide of Investigation Missions

TSW Guide of Infiltration Missions

TSW Guide of Main Story Lines

TSW Guide of Solomon Island Repeatable Quests

TSW Guide of Romania Repeatable Quests

 An Overview of Questing

Quests are not the typical “Quest hub” style you are used to seeing in the modern MMO. Instead of offering you quest hubs that you continually return to every time you finish “collecting 10 rat pelts” to pick up 10 more quests for a small area, TSW limits the number of quests you can have active at any given time.

You are allowed only 1 “red” (action), “green” (investigation), or “yellow” (infiltration) quests at once. In addition to these three quests, are you allowed to have upto 3 “grey” (item) quests at once. You also have the “story” quest line, which is unique to the zone you are in.

Try not to approach TSW as a hub game.  Think of it as a narrative flow.  Let the story take you from one quest giver to another, even if that means returning to an original quest giver eventually.  You will find that the cut-scenes flow better, the XP comes in more consistently and the difficulty progresses more naturally if you follow the narrative path.

Effective Quest Tactics in TSW

When questing in TSW, you should choose one quest (Red/Green/Yellow) and follow it from the start to the end. As you move through the area, you will pass by the “item” (grey) quests. You should take these out when you are in the area, as they will “Breadcrumb” you to the next questing area.  Your “blue” story quest will usually advance naturally as you work through the other quests in a playfield.

Most quest NPCs in TSW have between 1-2 quest lines. (a few have three) when you finish one quest line, you will often have the breadcrumb sending you to the next quest NPC. It is upto you if you wish to return to the previous NPC and see what else he/she wanted from you, or if you wish to continue to the next location. 

In general (but not always) the red quests in TSW are fairly easy to decipher. You won’t need too much extra help to complete these quest lines. However, while doing the investigation (specifically), as well as the infiltration (if you wish to work to the “stealth achievement”) missions, you might find yourself confused.  Additionally, the “blue” story line quests often integrate investigation and infiltration elements.  We have complete walk through for all of these types of quests available via a drop down on our Quest menu bar.

Story line and investigation quests may only be completed once per character.  However, nearly every action, item, infiltration and dungeon quest may be repeated multiple times.  We have listings of the repeatable action, item and infiltration quests available in our drop down Quest menu.  These listings show you the quest name, quest starter, XP amount and in some cases whether important awards may be achieved repeating this quest.  Additionally, if we have a walk through for this quest, you will find a hyperlink in the quest list.  That link will take you to the quest’s specific walk-through.

Talk to the NPC’s

Finally, realize that all NPCs have their quest dialogue, as well as their “general story” dialogue. If you are interested in hearing more about the NPC, speak with them about any topics they offer to you, and realize, as you click each one, they will continue to offer more information to you until the box gains a green “check mark” thus triggering to you that they have given you all the story over that specific content.

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