Recursia, Many-In-One

Recursia, Many-In-One

Hell Rising: Normal and Elite

 Prior Boss – Traumadriver

Recursia, Many-In-One is significant upgrade in both complexity and challenge than the prior Hell Risen bosses.  While the prior fights have largely focused on avoiding environmental effects, Recursia, Many-In-One ups the damage level while including the elemental effects and DPS race aspects of prior Hell Rising fights.  This is a three phase fight, with the first two phases cycling twice before the final phase.

Recursia, Many-In-One Normal Phase

During this phase, players engage Recursia directly.  Recursia engages in a ‘reverse kite’ mechanic, wherein she runs away from the player with agro periodically.  This is actually quite important, because your tank will need to be able to steer her during the final phase.  During the normal phase, Recursia delivers three types of damage:

Attack – Her general attack damage is slightly above the average of the prior bosses.  However, Recursia, Many-In-One seems to have a slightly higher penetrate rate than prior bosses.  This makes it very important for the tank to hold agro, specifically coming out of the Triggerthing phases.

Macroshock – This is the third boss encounter in Hell to use Macroshock.  However, where this ability has previously cycled off of a geography element (pillars or electrodes), Recursia casts this on herself.  She becomes the center of the effect and anyone in it takes moderate magical damage.

Arcane Halo – Players will find themselves wanting to move away from Macroshock, but that’s playing right into Recursia’s hands.  She likes to cast Arcane Halo right after Macroshock.  Arcane Halo damages everything distant from Recursia, the only safe place is right on top of her.  While Macroshock does modest magical damage, Arcane Halo does fairly significant magical damage and can drop a low HP player with a single crit.

Triggerthing Phase

After dealing with Recursia for a brief time, she casts a barrier upon herself and centers herself in the middle of the battle arena.  Players cannot damage her during this phase.  Instead, triggerthing adds spawn from the outer ring of the arena.  The triggerthings gradually move towards Recursia.  They do no damage on their own, instead the players must keep them from reaching Recursia.

Should a triggerthing reach Recursia, Many-In-One, it begins a casting animation.  Players have a few more seconds to kill the triggerthing. Upon completion of the casting animation, the triggerthing sacrifices itself to heal Recursia and deal significant AOE damage.  A pair of these going off can drop a party.

Additionally, Recursia returns to her normal active phase before all of the Triggerthings cycle.  It is important for the tank to immediately pick her up while DPS continue to burn down the remaining Triggerthings.  The tank can steer Recursia using her reverse kite tendencies to help keep her away from the Triggerthings.  DPS must be careful at this point, to not get caught in an Arcane Halo while finishing off Triggerthings.  To this end, ranged DPS is highly recommended for this fight.

Final Phase

After thre full cycles of the normal stage, Recursia enters her final stage.  She centers just like the beginning of a Triggerthing stage.  However, she does NOT go invulnerable.  Additionally, in this final stage, there are unlimited Triggerthings.

Since Recursia, Many-In-One is active, players must counter all of Recursia’s abilities AND the Triggerthing abilities.  While this can get tense, stay focused and you will soon drop Recursia.

Players have to balance keeping DPS on Recursia while keeping the Triggerthings away from her.  The tank can help tremendously here by using Recursia’s reverse kite to steer her away from Triggerthings.

Next Boss – Machine Tyrant

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