Sanguine Assassin: Blade/Blood DPS, by TheFieryFox

Sanguine Assassin

Blade/Blood DPS

by TheFieryFox

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The Sanguine Assassin build was designed by TheFieryFox and submitted via our build submission tool.  The build works from blades and blood  magic and is designed for elite level dungeons.

Active Abilities

  • Grass Cutter,
  • Bloodline,
  • Bloodshot,
  • Destiny,
  • Blade Torrent,
  • Infection,
  • Clearing the Path

Passive Abilities

  • Bloodsport,
  • Twist the Knife,
  • Destiny Fulfilled,
  • Fatal Flourish,
  • Sharp Blades,
  • Salt in the Wound,
  • Iron Maiden

Export This Build

You can find this build on Drakkashi’s Deck Manager.  From there you can import it into game using the Viper Deck Manager interface!  Use the Deck Panel on Drakkashi’s wheel and the Export Button.  Copy the VPM link using the “Copy Code” button and place it into your Viper Deck Manager.  Note – this assumes you are using Viper’s outstanding Deck Manager UI add-on.

Key Features

The main elements of this build focus on setting up an afflicted state, using powers than exploit this, and having powers generate higher penetration chance to fuel passives that proc during penetration.

The bloodsport passive allows the user to take any powers they want for setting up affliction. Otherwise you’d be stuck with specific powers to activate that on an opponent. The penetration builder will generate up to 5 whenever you cause affliction, so in 5 hits, you’ll have all 5 stacks giving you 150 penetration rating that stays active as long as you connect an attack due to the bloodsport passive. You also have salt in the wound which isn’t a lot of damage, but because it is whenever you apply afflicted, every attack that lands will do the extra damage, so it becomes a flat DPS increase across the board.

The Destiny Fulfilled is there because consuming the effect does a lot of damage and can penetrate on its own, even if the Destiny blade strike did not. Twist the Knife and Iron Maiden play off of the penetration procs. Iron Maiden give you a 10% boost to penetration whenever you penetrate a target that is afflicted and Twist the Knife gives you a 3% damage buff stacking up to 3 times for 9% damage increase whenever you penetrate regardless of the target’s condition. Finally, Sharp Blades is to get more kick out of the Blade abilities because they are doing more DPS overall compared to the Blood powers, so you want as much damage out of those as possible with this build.

If you want to change this around, the thing to keep in mind is the passives are focusing on setting up affliction states and keeping penetration as high as possible with available passives. Also the active powers tend to exploit afflicted states and penetration is just icing on top of that. There are other powers that can exploit affliction and you can feel free to tweak the AoE type abilities for whatever works best for you. Infection may not be the best Blood based AOE power, but works well for the situations I’ve been in so far.


This build is best at melee range. Use Grass Cutter to deal damage and build resources. The bloodsport proc will have a short dot on the enemy allowing Destiny to exploit that. Once destiny is used, you should ideally have 5 Blood resources. Use three consecutive bloodshots (The self-inflicted dot from not having six blood resources should be negligible but can use a quick Grass Cutter to avoid it) and once you are out of resources repeat the process.

There are AOE abilities as well. Use Blade Torrent as an AoE spam attack to deal damage, leave a dot b/c of bloodsport, and build resources. B/c of the DoT, the Clearing the Path ablity will penetrate all targets hit provided they still have the DoT on them. The Infection ability can be used twice in a row to deal damage and leave a dot on the enemy. The DoT will detonate if the enemy dies with it still on from Infection.

Bloodline is in the build when ranged is necessary. Because melee sometimes has to back off due to a ground effect that would kill or incapacitate you, having something to run around and hit an enemy at range is useful. This will build a resource for each weapon to if you need to stay at range, stick to your Bloodshots and then when you can reengage at melee range, toss off a Destiny if there is an active DoT on the target.

Gearing Needs

Because this is DPS +hit is the first priority.  Extra bonuses will be largely irrelevant if you can’t hit anything.  Aside from that, the main bonus here is penetration.  This build focuses on gaining multiple penetration bonuses or benefits that come from penetrating.  The more penetration you have, the more damage output you’ll get out of the build.

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10 Responses to Sanguine Assassin: Blade/Blood DPS, by TheFieryFox

  1. John says:

    I believe you will find that forking paths is in every way better for a DPS build than blade torrent. Forking paths drops the hate, which you don’t want, and picks up a heal, which is useful.

  2. Wayne says:

    Bloodsport is a fist weapon ability, no? Will have to double check but I dont think its available for blade…

  3. Eckzorzist says:

    TSW Builder Link –
    Viper’s Deck Manager – VDM%-%7080559%-%6943079%-%6943083%-%7080570%-%5779785%-%6391777%-%7080580%-%6942580%-%7080596%-%7080598%-%7080599%-%5777461%-%6942578%-%6943080

  4. Requiema says:

    There is no utility, too many builders also. And no Forking Paths? Bad idea.

  5. Litofeit says:

    Why use fatal flourish for 9 ap when dark potency produces the same effect for two? You don’t even need anything else in that tree? Otherwise I’m having a lot of fun with a similar build.
    Born of a need for dps when not healing with fist blood.

  6. hightied580 says:

    can we see some game play of this build in action on youtube?

  7. hightied580 says:

    i wish i could see a video of this deck in action to see how it does when used correctly.

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