Single Target Burst Damage [by: Rednose]


Single target Burst build

Rednose submitted some interesting builds to share.  These builds have limited group testing, but they all received extensive solo testing in the Egypt areas of the game (Q7-Q9 content).

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Weapons: Fist, Chaos Magic

Triggers/Mechanisms: Burst attacks, high single damage output, attack speed

Glyphs: Crit Power for higher damage crits or Hit to avoid glancing

Description:  This build is a great DD skill for dungeons and for taking out single targets. It’s not that great for taking on groups of stronger mobs.

Active Skills:
1.      Run Rampant; Burst, builder
2.      One-Two; Burst, Fist-Consumer
3.      4 Horsemen; Burst, Chaos consumer, can be replaced with Call for Eris depending on which you like more
4.      Go for the Throat (Elite); I like it’s relatively short cooldown, paired with impair and no casting time. But you can basically take whatever you want here.
5.      Utility: Cage Fight; for the weak mob groups
6.      Utility: Uneven Ground; for the weak mob groups
7.      Utility: Cauterise; decent selfheal, fist builder

Passive Skills:
1.      Ripple Effect; extra damage on Burst
2.      Elemental Force (elemental basic skill, easy to unlock); every 8th hit is a critical
3.      Follow Through; extra damage for One-Two
4.      Ferocity; damage buff through bursts
5.      Burst of Energy; reduced damage through bursts
6.      Improved Bursts (AR skill); more burst damage
7.      From the Abyss (Elite); triggers often with this attack speed, but you can pick whatever you want

Usage: Just spam 1,2,3 and pay attention that you don’t use the crit hit(from no2 passive) on 1.  4-7 can be adapted completely to your liking
Those 3 were my most used builds, I think all of them were quite useful
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7 Responses to Single Target Burst Damage [by: Rednose]

  1. Coelho Buda says:

    Three things:

    – first, thanks for sharing.
    – second, how in heck's name do you guys have enough points for this build and others like it?!? I've been playing since the 29th, admittedly only 2hrs per day as that is all the time I have, and I'm still in the Savage Coast and struggling to progress. What is your secret for a 681 AP off the start build?!
    – third, in this and future builds, could you please add the parts from where each power comes from? It's a pain having to search all the cells for the power… Something like “Four Horseman, Chaos Theorema”, “Improved Bursts, AR Squad Duty” and so forth. Thanks in advance.

    • Aela says:

      Rednose build his builds in the Closed Beta with use of the FATE (auto leveler). However, I wouldn't be shocked if others aren't already at this many AP points.

      This is an end-game build.

    • Coelho Buda says:

      Ah, that explains it…
      Yes, I guess if you don't do anything else but play all day and do PvP (yuck, ptooey) you get XP really fast. At least now that I know this is an end game build it gives me something to work towards. :)

      I finally managed to complete Savage Coast today… Let's see how Blue Mountain turns out.

      Thanks Aela.

    • Eckzorzist says:

      If you need to find the skills try – it has a search function. IMHO rebuilding a deck as described here is a breeze using that builder.

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  3. Eckzorzist says:

    TSW Builder Link –
    Viper’s Deck Manager – VDM%-%7094276%-%6942570%-%7094295%-%5776227%-%6942581%-%7080755%-%6942617%-%7094294%-%6307518%-%6942571%-%6942573%-%7094273%-%6839414%-%7094284

  4. tox says:

    Best Build here!! Well Done

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