Single Target Burst DPS Build by Dynamo

Single Target Burst DPS Build

An Elite Dungeon DPS Build

By Dynamo

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The Single Target Burst build is a DPS build for elite dungeons.  It was submitted to us by Dynamo, using our Submit a Build feature.  This build uses Blood and Elemental Magic.

Active Abilities

  • Arc Flash (chain)
  • Blaze (100%crit high damage)
  • Bloodshot (consumer normal damage)
  • Molten Earth (hinder normal damage)
  • Thor’s Hammer (high damage)
  • Anima Charge (makes above skill free)
  • Confuse (removes agro by 50%)

Passive Abilities

  • Elemental Precision (10% more damage to elemental abilities)
  • High Voltage (anima charge will cause the next attack to critically hit)
  • Chain Reaction (makes arc flash cause afflict)
  • Aidelon (100% crit to blaze)
  • Dark Potency (+pen)
  • Criticality (extra dmg on crits)
  • Live Wire (extra damage on crits)

Key Features

Arc flash is a Chain builder that together with chain reaction causes affliction on the target, each time you use your builder, you cause affliction, making Dark Potency activate and increase your penetration with 30 per stack for 8 seconds 5 stacks.

The passive Aidelon causes blaze to always crit when the target is afflicted since blaze has 100% chance to crit, Criticality and live wire work too, criticality does instant extra damage while live wire counts your crits to 4 where the 5th causes alot of extra damage.

Thor’s hammer is a high damage ability that uses alot of rescources, using anima charge first, your next consumer in this case Thor’s hammer will be free of cost, AND High voltage also adds that the next consumer after anima charge will Critically hit which live wire criticality benefit from, and having your highest damage ability crit is fun to watch.


you want to start building the rescources, so use the builder (arc flash) 4 times use an anima Charge and drop the Thor’s hammer followed by a blaze and 2 bloodshots and a Molten earth.

if you get cought in agro which you might, use Confuse.

since bloodshot requires only 2 rescources while blaze requires 3, you can use that between building and blazing for example, after doing the said rotation, you will have 1 elemental rescource available.

build 2 times so you got 3 elemental rescources and 2 blood rescources, and you can fire off a blaze and a bloodshot.

only use thor’s hammer after you used anima charge, and use molten earth for hindering or simply extra damage.

Gearing Needs

you will want Penetration and Crit power



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4 Responses to Single Target Burst DPS Build by Dynamo

  1. anon says:

    There are lots of versions of the Blaze build. This is yet another, and for some odd reason it includes Thor’s Hammer. Your Elemental consumer is Blaze and Blaize only. You’ll never use Thor’s Hammer…ever. BTW, most of these builds use Bloodsport for Afflict so you’re not tied to A. Flash.

  2. CrazySushi says:

    In addition to what anon says, there’s no need for High Voltage, if you are running the Blaze/Aidelon autocrits you dont need another passive guaranteeing crits. Arc flash is good if you need aoe (DW), but for bosses like the Ur-Draug which is straight single target tank and spank, look into using bloodline from blood with bloodsport from fists for your afflictions. For straight up damage increases (good for crits) take brawler from hammers, twist the knife from blades, and ferocity from fists. This will improve the power of both your bloodshots and blazes. instead of thor’s hammer take a dash or sleight of hand for survivability. Live Wire as an elite passive isn’t bad, but Seal the Deal from pistols is much much better for a blaze build, every other resource consumer has its damage increased significantly? Yes please.

    But most importantly Molten Earth is not viable in dungeons. If your tank has to impair the boss (most dungeons), and you are hitting it with hinders, its gonna get a CC immunity after three CC’s causing the tank to miss an impair, which generally leads to a wipe.
    Take Do or Die from misc. for your elite active. use it at 5 resources in conjunction with your anima charge, and you will get 3 blaze autocrits (with significantly increased damage from Do or Die) with only one additional builder. and if you are able to coordinate DPS cooldowns with the rest of your group, you’ll see the bosses health drop so fast that you’ll wonder why everybody doesn’t do it this way.

  3. Kate says:

    I was wondering what changes need to be made to this build post-Aidelon nerf? I had been trying to follow something along the lines of this build from the beginning, and honestly haven’t played for all that long. I did spend the points to get Blaze & Aidelon though (before the announcement of the erf), and now it appears that this isn’t the dps powerhouse that I was hoping it woud be. I’ve been saving my AP because I’m just not sure where to go ith my build now! Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

    • Potato nom Ningauble says:

      I would probably take % damage increases in place of Dark Potency. Blood Bank being the likely candidate.

      As a crit passive alternative to Aidelon take Mad Skills (Pistol passive) in place of High Voltage. Or Social Dynamo if you want to build down that tree.

      I would Replace the High Voltage passive with a threat reduction ability from Miscellaneous and then take Live Wire over Anima Charge for instances. You can leave Confuse for emergency button, although Flicker, Ex. Corpse, Turn The Tables, Linked could be an option as well. That’s one ability slot you can figure out for yourself, maybe take electromagnetic manifestation for when you need purges.

      The Auxiliary weapon should probably be Rocket L. for pure DPS. Although I like the Chainsaw, for the heal debuff, and Diamond Grit during mobs.

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