Squalid Hekaturgist

The first boss of the Ankh produces rather low damage output.  The real trick to this fight is quickly eliminating the “motes” that spawn and lock down your party.  The motes spawn from the various pillars on the other ring of the battle arena.  They are targetable and killable before they lock down a teammate.  Quick call outs and responses are key to this fight!
Heka Strike – the basic damage from the Hekaturgist is relatively low magical damage.  A Q6 geared tank should not take more than 1000 damage from the attacks (every 3 seconds) and will generally take less than 500 damage.
Heka Blast – As the fight progresses, the Hekaturgist also deals the blast effect.  It is a physical fairly high damage attack.
Targeted circle – the Hekaturgist also places a circle effect on a player, usually the tank.  The circle moves with the player and will damage other players if they remain in it.  We haven’t ever tripped this effect, but it should be avoided.

Next Boss – Doctor Klein
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