Synergist: An Elemental Blood Build. By: Enacra

 Synergist:   An Elemental Blood Build.  By:  Enacra

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I’ve been having a lot of fun with an Elemental / Blood Magic build. I know Melee is pretty powerful in this early stages, but I have been doing very well with this build while soloing and DD in groups.

Elemental / Blood: I call this the SYNERGIST


1) Anima Charge (Elemental Basic): Next Elemental attack uses no resouces
2) Arc Flash (Mortality Curve) Resource Builder: CHAIN, Deals XX damage to up to 5 in 5 meters
3) Blaze (Zero Crossing) Cost -2: Does XXX damage, Extra if target is Afflicted
4) Molten Earth (Elemental Basic): Root, Deals XXX damage
5) Thor’s Hammer (Elemental Basic) Cost – 5: Strike, Deals XXXX damage

6) (Solo) Ruby Curtain (Wetwork) Resource Builder:  Heals XX, places barrier for XXX 
    OR6) (Group) Linked Veins (Venomancy)  Resource Builder: CHAIN, heals XX on up to 3, Places barrier on those 3 for XX
7) The Scarlet Arts (wetwork) Cost -5: Channeled, 4 parts = 1 Shield/ 2 Heal/3 Heal/4 Shield

1)    Elemental Precision (elemental basic): +10% Elemental Damage
2)    Chain Reaction (Mortality Curve): All chain attacks adds Afflicted status with Dot for 10 seconds.
3)    Coagulation (Blood Basic): Barrier effects +25%
4)    Aidelon (Zero Crossing): Blaze Crits 100% on Afflicted targets
5)    Criticality (Altered States): Any Crit attack creates a chain of up to 5 for XX damage in 5 Meters
6)    Vessal Walls (Venomancy): Any Time you use a Chain skill you create a barrier on yourself
7)    Sanguinous (wetwork): Any time you create a barrier you heal yourself for XX

How It works:
ArcFlash isn’t the most damage intensive resource builder, but it is effected by Elemental precision and with chain reaction adds a 10 second dot to all targets that quickly levels it’s damage close to even some of the single target resource builders.

Arc Flash automatically causes Affliction, which with AIDELON causes your Blaze Spell to do more damage and CRIT 100% of the time.

Thor’s Hammer is one of the better Nukes. Don’t bother saving resources for it, Blaze actually does more damage because it crits 100% of the time so you should be using that ever second resource. You should use Thor’s hammer whenever Anima Charge is available. Which makes it free and even useable when completely out of resources.

When Blaze crits, CRITICALITY triggers; causing a half strength Arc Flash for free
Arc Flash is a chain, which triggers Vessal Walls for a shield on yourself.

It should be noted that with ‘Linked Veins‘ you will also be triggering Vessal Walls BUT NOT Sanguinous. So whether you are off-healing the group or doing direct damage, you are simultaneously placing limited shields on yourself.

When you use elemental resource builder you also build blood resources.

Ruby curtain is a heal + shield. It’s also More Shield than heal, which means it benefits more from the coagulation passive than some of the others. Though you could really use any single person heal shield. I use this one because it’s in the same chain as “The Scarlet Arts

If you’re in a group it’s easy to switch Ruby Curtain for Linked Veins and you can AOE heal (badly, but it all helps.

Then The Scarlet Arts, just a really good Heal nuke.

You aren’t a healer in this, there isn’t enough healing fast enough to mail heal, you can however use the resources you build while DPS’ing to help out the healer.

You do however wreck in fights with more than one target and even single target boss fights, Arc Flash with the affliction addition can hold it’s own. It becomes worth it though when every single Blaze hits for extra AND crits.

Plus all but criticality are in 2 elemental and 2 blood chains meaning it’s a quick deck to build.

Putting this build together

The total cost of this build is a steep 509 points, but remember that you can build up to it, So while you are still buying your elemental points the skills in the Venomancy and wetwork trees can be replaced with the basic skills like Blood Shield and Angelic Aegis getting you some of the same capabilities while you wait for the chains to complete.

76 points for Blood and Elemental basic tier to unlock advanced rings
99 Points in Mortality Curve (Elemental)
99 points in Zero Crossing (Elemental)
99 Points in Wetwork (Blood)
99 points in Venomancy (Blood)
37 points in Altered States (Elemental)

I think this is a good order to get too, it start adding Passives a little at a time while giving you most of your actives (Or alternatives) as you go.

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8 Responses to Synergist: An Elemental Blood Build. By: Enacra

  1. Dean says:

    I dont think Vesal Walls triggers Sanguinious according to this thread:

  2. Your builds need updating with the point values, seems some of them are incorrect, Very nice job though well done.

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  4. Slaunyeh says:

    Interesting build. One question though: Since you are blood, howcome you use Arc Flash instead of Open Vein from Blood/Possession?

    Is it just my hate for casting times that makes me think it’s worth the 9 AP? :)

    • AelaAela_TSW says:


      Thanks for the question. I will keep an eye open for Enacra and see if we can get an answer straight from the source.

      My guess is that you already answered it, it’s probably just a matter of preference on those two abilities.

  5. Mahvet says:

    You would want Arc over Open due to the 10% elemental dmg passive making it the better choice.

  6. Smen says:

    I’ve actually put 1 AP in the Hammer passive Brawler to get 15% higher crit damage – paired with the 100% crit on Blaze it nukes shit to cinders.

  7. Devon says:

    What would i get my stats up to? (like crit, pen and what not..)

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