Action Quest: Besieged Farmlands

This is the second quest given out by Cucuvea in the Besieged Farmlands.  This quest introduces the Besieged Farmlands Monastery and the Deathless Monk opponent.  The Monks have several unique abilities, including area of effect attacks that impair and pull players.  Take your time to learn about them now, you will see them again in both Shadowy Forest and Carpathian Fangs!

Deathless: Step 1

“Go to the outer courtyard of Our Lady Monastary.”  Updates to “Drive the Deathless from the outer courtyard.”  Beware using Impair effects in these fights, Deathless counter impair with silence.

 Deathless: Step 2

After killing a few, you get “Go to ruins gateway.”  “Protect the owl until the ritual is complete.”  This is a ring event with a couple of stages.  Defeat the Uhallowed Servant for an update.

 Deathless: Step 3

“Explore the ruins.”  Updates to cleanse the western and eastern shrine. These are angels hidden in small ruins.

 Deathless: Step 4

 “Drive Deathless from inner courtyard.”  Kill a few.  “Go to ruins gateway.”  “Protect the owl until the ritual is complete.”  Defeat a few waves of monks.

 As the fight progresses you will get message “ Temporary Deathless state, items have been added to your inventory.” as you approach the warded church.  During this time, you become Deathless and can not use your own abilities.

 The three items in your in your inventory are your abilities in the spirit-like state.  One is a straight nuke, one is a nuke with a silence component and longer recycle.  One is a fairly significant heal.

Deathless, taking on the shape of your enemies

Deathless: Step 5

“Explore church area.”  Destroy the angel statues guarded by deathless.  After destroying 4 angels, the church opens.  Once this happens, you enter the church with the update “Kill the Culler of the Desecrated.”  Fight your way through the Penitent and take out the three Deathless with the Culler. This is not an easy fight – but if you cycle your heals between nukes and silences it should work out.  Consider using a partner if needed.

Deathless, in the chuch

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The Gathering

The Gathering

Action Quest: Besieged Farmlands

The Gathering is the first quest given out by Cucuvea, the Owl from the Mortal Sins story line.  Cucuvea has a longstanding battle with Lilith and, by extension, Mara.  This quest sends you in to vampire and werewolf territory to disrupt the Gathering!

 The Gathering: Step 1

Pick up items.  All of the items you need are in the tree.  Look around and you will find them.  Visit the anima well and plant an apple to get a very nice pet for the foray.

 The Gathering: Step 2

Assess threat at the pass.  You and your faun should head up the road.  Along the way you will deal with sets of elite werewolves.

Need Help with Werewolves?
Avoid their column attack stun and you should be fine.  At the top of the hill, you will find a named quest mob.  Kill the Burzenlander to advance the quest.
The Gathering: Step 3

Find a way to the top of the ridge.  Backtrack to 872, 569.  Head up the hill, but BEWARE!

Need Help avoiding snipers?
At around 842, 587 you will encounter your first sniper.   There are two vampires Valcean Ignoble that look like good fighting targets, they are bait.  Do NOT approach them– instead pull them out of their area inside the sniper range and kill them before entering. You will get a brief debuff effect, a bullseye on your head and if you don’t hide quickly, you die.  Hug the left wall tightly to avoid the bullseye.  You actually need to work your way up to 818, 596 and dispatch the sniper.

The Gathering: Step 4

“Find the leader of the northern ridge.”

Need Help with still more snipers?
You find another set of sniper problems at around 792, 629.  The safe spot is near 819, 664, behind a tree.

The Gathering: Don't fall for the bait!
You skirt a couple of packs of vampires and you HAVE to take a sniper shot to make the run.  Kill Slakeless. At 786, 726.  This is not an easy fight and there may be werewolf adds.  Avoid the column attack and bring hitpoints and healing.

The Gathering: Slakeless

The Gathering: Step 5

“Find the leader of the southern ridge.”  When you find him, you are updated with “Disrupt the ritual and kill Tugomir cel Mare.” 

Need Help with Tugomir?
Kill his three vampire henchmen and take out Tugomir.   However, Tugomir builds up a buff as the fight progresses, when it reaches 5 it does major damage.  Use purges and interrupts if you can to help out here.  Or bring a friend.

The Gathering: Tugomir

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