HOT Based Fist/Blood Healing with Damage Builder

HOT based Fist/Blood healing with Damage Builder:

The HOT based Fist/Blood healing build is similar to the one above.  Instead of focusing on burst healing, you focus on your HOTs.

The build is:

Pack Leader
The Scarlet Arts (Blood Consumer)
Vigour or Empathy
Creature Comfort (Claw Consumer)
Radiance (Elite Consumer)
Mad Skills (By using bloodline as your builder, it allows you to use passives that activate only by damage abilities.  This means spells such as “Mad Skills” will proc)
Hot Iron
Making Amends

In general, this build is the counterpart of the Burst Healing Build.  However, instead of healing with burst healing, you are healing with use of HOTs.  There are a number of folks out there who really like the effects of Creature Comfort and Radiance combined, which require a different load-out of passives.  By removing the direct healing from this build, you free up a few passive slots.  These can be replaced as you wish, however I just included Sublety into the build.

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Nightmare Dungeon AR/Pistol – [by Kourgath]

Assault Rifle and Pistol

A Nightmare Dungeon DPS Build

by Kourgath

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This is a DPS build put together by Kourgath, one of our guild mates in Ohana.  He has used this build in nightmare dungeons an I have seen him running this in elites.  The build features assault rifle and pistol, providing a lot of versatility when needed.  It’s a solid build that should provide some good DPS to your team.

Active Abilities

  • the business
  • start & finish
  • three round burst
  • red mist
  • suppressing fire
  • deadly aim
  • confuse

Passive Abilities

  • iron maiden
  • live wire
  • punishment
  • twist the knife
  • one in the chamber
  • sudden return
  • mad skills

Key Features

instant builder with multiple hits for generally high dps just from building. group members will usually have affliction and weakeness up on the bosses which means you have slots available to exploit those states. basically giving you an extra 10% pen, 150 crit power 150 crit rating, and extra damage on crits and pens. [Note from Ry - as Kourgath mentions, these states SHOULD be present, but you need to confirm this at the start of the run.]


  1. the business x5
  2. start & finish
  3. three round burst
  4. deadly aim and red mist as cd’s permit

Gearing Needs

this build is built to compensate for lower crit and pen rates as most dps gear will be glyphed for hit.

Viper’s Deck Manager


If you are using Viper’s Deck Manager, cut and paste the above code and use it to import this build. If you want to check out the wheel locations, here is the build using Drakashi’s deck manager.


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Blue Mountain Special: Whistling Fist Survival Build

The Whistling Fist

Fist/Chaos Survival

A Blue Mountain Special, by Ryahl

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This is the second part of a fist/chaos build that was assembled based on a discussion with a board reader.  The “My First 60″ version of the build has been a reasonably successful build and its time now for it to grow up into a 400 point Blue Mountain build.  With the Whistling Fist, you develop fairly significant damage and turn escalation into even more of a multi-effect ability.

**UPDATE** I have played around with this build on test.  Wearing green QL10 gear and using this build, ghouls and vampires in Besieged Farmlands were quite simple.  Impair immune targets were harder, but very survivable.  Additionally, as soon as you have the points, dump Gunsmoke for From the Abyss.  Your DPS meter will thank you!**

Active Abilities

  • Escalation
  • Four Horsemen
  • Tear ‘em Up
  • Surgical Steel
  • Domino Effect
  • Armor Fati
  • Helter Skelter

Passive Abilities

  • Intensity
  • Hot Iron
  • Healing Sparks
  • Shoot ‘Em Up
  • Paradigm Shift
  • Gunsmoke
  • Salt in the Wound

Export to Viper’s Deck Manager
(copy this code into Viper’s Deck manager, exports are a function of Drakashi’s wheel)


Key Features

This build takes advantage of the fact that Escalate currently brings a ton of utility in a two skill package.  The core attributes of Escalate include a frenzy PBAOE damage that quickly stacks up the exposed weakened state.  10-stacks of exposed will increase your damage by 30%.  Further, the Intensity passive means subsequent applications of escalation give you the minor ward ability, extending your soloing ability just a bit. Paradigm Shift assures that each of your escalate hits increase your hit rate, reducing your likelihood of glancing or missing.  Finally, Gunsmoke piles on a bit of damage each time you escalate.

The build goes VERY deep into assault rifle to pick up a single skill, Shoot ‘em Up.  SeU turns your escalate into an affliction starter in addition to its already stacked up pool of benefits.  Since escalates are now adding afflictions, Tear ‘em Up will give you a 10% damage boost on usage.  Also, Salt in the Wounds is piling on damage every time you apply an affliction, helping scale your escalation damage upwards.

Your chaos finisher is Four Horseman, a burst ability (Call for Eris works well here too).  FH as a burst triggers Healing Sparks, keeping a heal over time running for most of your damage rotation.  You will also use Surgical Steel periodically as a self-heal, which will also trigger Healing Sparks.  Surgical Steel starts stacks on Hot Iron, adding to your heal throughput and additionally adds a heal component to Tear ‘em Up.

The build features three utility abilities, you have Helter Skelter, a dash with a built in impair.  This lets you start every fight against an impaired opponent.  When that impair runs out, you can use Domino Effect to lock down targets again with another impair.  Finally, you have Armor Fati as a buff to make sure you land hits (removes glancing and evasion for 10 seconds).


This is a stun lock build.  Open with Helter Skelter to shut down your targets.  Even though you have fist resources on charge in, your fist consumer needs afflicted state, so follow up your charge with Escalation to set the correct state.  Then, use Tear ‘em Up followed by a weak Four Horseman (only one chaos resource built, but the 10% damage boost is better on FH than on escalate).  Your first impair is likely over, so a quick Domino Effect can lock the targets down again if you wish.

Your standard rotation is Escalation x5, Tear ‘em Up, Four Horsemen.  Rotate in Surgical Steel early in place of Tear ‘Em Up.

Armor Fati can be used one of two ways.  On harder fights, throw it at/before your initial charge.  This makes sure everything hits and helps you get paradigm shift stacking.  On easier fights, toss it at a point where you just want to finish off a target.


You may find that life is too risky with just a fist consumer to heal.  If so, swap out surgical steel for cauterize and you have a spam heal.

Build Instructions

This build goes very deep into AR with very little to show for it.  Do NOT spend into the AR tree until you have most of this build assembled.

However, you don’t need Salt in the Wounds until you get Shoot ‘em Up.  Additionally, you might as well use Wild at Heart as your fist closer until you get Shoot em Up.  The nice things in TeU require affliction and this build needs SeU to set that.

Gear Needs

Paradigm shift helps you with your +hit budget, but you will probably find you need some additional +hit as you level up.  Armor Fati doesn’t have enough uptime to ignore +hit.

Your damage bursts are probably best coming from critical rating and critical power.  Since you have passive and self-heals in this build, penetrate has a bit less utility. You can’t penetrate heal, but you can crit heal.  I would recommend either a 1:1 or a 2:1 crit rating to crit power investment.

You need all three types of talisman in this build.  You need some high hitpoint gear, some attack power gear and a bit of healing gear.  I would probably use a tanking headpiece (20% HP), three majors and a minor attack power (60% damage) and two minor +heal pieces (20% healing).  Use the attack power minor (10%) as your “fiddle with” piece.  If you need more HP, swap it to tanking, more healing swap it to +heal.

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End-Game Fist Healing

End Game Fist Healing

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While there are multiple viable healing builds at end-game, it is the general belief that the in most situations, fist offers the most powerful healing options for Elite and NM level healing.
Over the last few weeks, I have been testing out a number of different builds, including fist with both Blood and Pistol.  What follows is a general guide of what I have found that seems to work well.
(this is a work in progess that I will update as I complete additional portions)

Burst Based Fist/Blood healing with Damage Builder:  

The benefits of this build is that by building with a blood dps ability, it allows you to use two ability consumers, instead of just one.  There is some discussion of the viability of a damage based builder, however keeping it as an option is always good.

Pack Leader
The Scarlet Arts or Exquisite Corpse  (Blood Consumer)
Vigour or Empathy
Surgical Steel (Claw Consumer)
Fired Up (Elite Consumer)
Mad Skills (By using bloodline as your builder, it allows you to use passives that activate only by damage abilities.  This means spells such as “Mad Skills” will proc)
Healing Sparks
Hot Iron
Shadow Medic
Optional changes:  Including Alpha Wolf, Subtlety (if needed), Trade Bloodline for Open Vein and use Chain Misery on fights with Healing or Barriers, Ready for more if a dispel is needed.
 This is the basic upgrade from my elite healing build found HERE.  It swaps out a few abilities that I have since found to be upgrades or improvements from my elite healing build.
As stated before, the inclusion of a dps based builder allows you to build two resources at once.  Additionally, you can use Mad Skills & Culmination by using this builder, allowing some passive healing as well as an increase in Crit rate.
Finally, I have included either The Scarlet Arts or Exquisite Corpse as your blood consumer.  As long as Exquisite corpse is bugged, it is clearly the better ability.  However, since we will not to focus our builds around bugged abilities and exploits, I would suggest using The Scarlet Arts.  It will not make you reliant on use of a bugged ability/expolit.  

HOT based Fist/Blood healing with Damage Builder:

The HOT based Fist/Blood healing build is similar to the one above.  Instead of focusing on burst healing, you focus on your HOTs.

The build is:

Pack Leader
The Scarlet Arts (Blood Consumer)
Vigour or Empathy
Creature Comfort (Claw Consumer)
Radiance (Elite Consumer)
Mad Skills (By using bloodline as your builder, it allows you to use passives that activate only by damage abilities.  This means spells such as “Mad Skills” will proc)
Hot Iron
Making Amends

In general, this build is the counterpart of the one listed above.  However, instead of healing with burst healing, you are healing with use of dots.  There are a number of folks out there who really like the effects of Creature Comfort and Radiance combined, which require a different load-out of passives.  By removing the direct healing from this build, you free up a few passive slots.  These can be replaced as you wish, however I just included Sublety into the build.

Burst Healing with Healing Builders
Coming Soon

Hot Healing with Healing Builders

Coming Soon

Pistol Inclusion:

Coming Soon
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S.T.A.R. – Single Target Assault Rifle [by Braz]

S.T.A.R. Single Target Assault Rifle

A Nightmare Dungeon DPS Build

By Braz

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S.T.A.R. is a DPS build prepared by Braz and submitted through our Submit a Build form.  It is designed for nightmare dungeons.  The build is one of our more popular DPS builds.

Weapons: Assault Rifle, Shotgun

Active Abilities

  • Safety Off - Burst builder
  • Three Round Burst - burst finisher
  • out for a kill – shotty finisher
  • suppressing fire - aoe builder
  • frag grenade / tear gas / high explosive grenade – aoe finisher (choose based on group synergy)
  • breaching shot - party penetration buff
  • do or die – 45 sec cd personal 25% bonus damage buff

Passive Abilities

  • Twist the knife – 9% damage buff
  • Ferocity – 9% damage buff
  • Live wire – crits build charges to 4 then discharge for big damage
  • Sudden return – extra damage on penetrate
  • One in the chamber – extra damage on crit
  • Fever pitch – 50% buff to hit (absolutely clutch)
  • Extra bullet – adds an extra hit to safety off burst

Key Features

This deck is based on maximizing your chances of proccing extra damage from passives while keeping your overall damage as high as possible. Basically, each time you hit your builder you hit four times within a second. That gives you 4 opportunities to crit/pen every second. This is perfect timing for the internal passive cooldown of one second, so you’re not wasting any time or losing out on any potential passive procs. Also, you can get by with a relatively low hit rating thanks to fever pitch (which will probably be nerfed, but hey, use it while you can) which should be up at all times considering that even with only a 10% chance to proc, you’re looking at a 40% chance every second. Once it gets rolling, the damage is obscene, consistent and ranged.

Looks something like this:
safety off – sudden return – one in the chamber
safety off – sudden return – one in the chamber
safety off – sudden return – one in the chamber
three round burst – sudden return – one in the chamber – live wire
out for a kill (maybe with an SR or oitc)

If you can afford to stand in melee range for the entirety of the fight, you can swap out shotgun for chaos and use four horsemen for your secondary consumer for even more chances to proc passives, and (if you’re having trouble with hit rating) you can use pulling the strings to give yourself another 10% hit rating)

NOTE: this is a PURE dps build and parts of it are reliant on your teammates providing support like debilitate (note from Ryahl – or any other weakened state).


Start fight – 5x safety off – breaching shot – do or die – three round burst – out for a kill – safety off x3 – three round burst – out for a kill – safety off x3 – and so on until buffs are off cd then build to 5 weapon resources before hitting buffs and repeating rotation.

Gearing Needs

150 hit?, but it could be relying on Fever Pitch)
500+ crit
500+ pen


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TSW Build Page

TSW Guides – Build Listings

Build Related Editorials: 

You can also SUBMIT YOUR BUILD for inclusion in the TSW Build Listing.

Deck Builders

Advice for our international audience

TSW Build Listing: My First 60

Our “My First 60″ builds are targeted for about 60 ability points — Q2/3, Kingsmouth obtainable. They represent the initial builds for a player starting the game, but wanting to play a focused role. Thus, My First 60 builds are incomplete and NOT intended for mid-game or later play.

Check out our new TSW BUILD SPREADSHEET (link to the Google doc itself).

TSW Build Listing: “Blue Mountain Specials” – 400 (Q6) point builds

We developed our “Blue Mountain Specials” to address the increased difficulty players encounter as the leave Savage Coast (Q4-Q5) and enter Blue Mountains (Q5-Q6).  These TSW Build types are designed to enhance survivability when soloing.

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AR/Elemental elite dungeon DPS Build: [by Nendragon]

Assault Rifle and Elemental DPS

An Elite Dungeon Build

By Nendragon

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This is a DPS build submitted by one of our readers, Nendragon using our TSW Guides Build Submission page.  Nendragon suggests this build for elite dungeons.  He also distinguishes between the “must have” elements of his build and the “can take” elements, giving the user some flexibility to take the core build module and tailor it to their individual tastes.  In the Key Features area, Nendragon distinguishes between build choices for dungeons and those for solo PVE play.

Active Abilities

  • Safety Off – AR builder (*)
  • Three Round Burst ( or Fire At Will) – AR consumer (*)
  • Blaze - EL consumer (*)
  • Molten Earth – EL elite (+)
  • Arc Flash – EL AE (+)
  • Confuse - deaggro
  • Turn The Tables – self heal

(*) – required ,  (+) – highly recommended

Passive Abilities

  • Bloodsport - Fists, give Affliction on hit (*)
  • Extra Bullet – AR, improve builder DPS (*)
  • Aidelon - EL, make Blaze crit if target afflicted (*)
  • Salt in the Wound - Fists, additional damage (+)
  • Elemental Precision – adds +10% on elemental damage (+)
  • Eagle Eye – adds +10% on AR damage
  • Criticality - additional chain damage on crits

Key Features

This revolve around very strong Blaze consumer, which will automatically crit due to Bloodsport (targets afflicted) and Aidolon.  Core parts of this build (*) cost about 300 AP.

This means you can start using this build fairly early, and your DPS on bosses would consist of about:  35% Blaze, 25% Safety Off, 20% TrB/FaW, 10% Molten Earth, 7% Salt Wound

Same build is great for PvE/questing too, only replace Confuse with Anima Shot, and use Fire At Will instead of Three Round Bursts.  With Fire at Will (FoW), you have also very strong AE, using Arc as builder and FoW as consumer.

Reasons for some choices:

-SafetyOff has one of highest DPS for builders (especially with ExtraBullet), FAR better than ArcFlash
-Molten Earth is better DPS than Red Mist for bosses (better dmg per cast time = better DPS), and even for soloing (slightly lower DPS there than Mist, but HUGE advantage due to root)
-Salt In The Wounds gives 2-3 times more DPS than Molecular Exploitation (ME probably has CD) … and you already researched it with Bloodsport
- Criticality has nice synergy with Blaze (it triggers off Blaze crits, which are guaranteed with Bloodsport and Aidelon)


Safety x3 -> TrB or FaW -> Blaze = rotation, 5.5sec

When off CD use elite Molten Earth, and when needed use deaggro and heal.

Gearing Needs

No specific stat needed for core function, although crit is good for side passive Criticality.
But usually best to gear evenly Penetration, Crit etc

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My First 60: Survival using Fist/Chaos (WIP)

Fist Chaos

A My First 60 Survival Build

79 votedEnjoy this build? Vote for IT!

Build Notes: Our “My First 60″ builds are targeted for about 60 total points. They represent the initial builds for a player starting the game, but wanting to play a focused role. Thus, inner wheel builds are incomplete builds and NOT intended for mid-game or later play.

We occasionally create builds based on reader request.  In this case, the reader was looking for a survival oriented build with a chaos base.  The build has not been tested.  However, it works from a base similar to our other MF60 survival builds, so it should perform well.


The updated 400 Point Blue Mountain Version of this build.

 Active Abilities

  • Escalation (Chance)
  • Call for Eris (Theory)
  • Wild at Heart (Primal)
  • Nurture (Primal)
  • Go for the Throat (Feral)
  • Paradox (Chance)
  • Illusion (Chance)

Passive Abilities

  • Lick Your Wounds (Fist)
  • Nurturing Gift (Fist)
  • Intensity (Chance)
  • Paradigm Shift (Theory)
  • Gunsmoke (Shotgun – Control)
  • Chaos Adept (Theory)
  • Predator (Feral)

Key Features

This build requires just under 60 total AP to put together.  The build uses one builder, Escalation.  This is a lower damage builder than some of the other fist/chaos options, but it is does damage to multiple targets.  Further, combined with the Intensity passive, escalation is building up the exposed weakened effect, increasing your damage output by as much as 30%.  The weakened effect is triggering processes for the Paradigm Shift and Gunsmoke passives, causing your subsequent attacks to hit more often, for more damage respectively.

While escalation is an AOE, this build has been assembled as a single target build.  Your chaos finisher, Call for Eris does substantial single target damage as does your fist finisher, Wild at Heart.

This build features two utility abilities.  Illusion is there for those situations where a bit more defense would be helpful.  Go for the throat is your elite ability, a single target 5-second stun.  Right after using Go for the throat, follow up with Paradox, which exploits impair for additional damage.

As with any survival build, this build has a few healing sources built in.  Nurture exists to provide some on-demand healing and can help keep a constant heal over time running if rotated frequently.  Nurturing Gift increases both the heal and heal duration of of Nurture.  Lick Your Wounds keeps a constant heal effect running as your damage output stacks up.


This is a very straight forwards build.  Consider opening with Go for the Throat and Paradox for a nice 1-2 punch.  Follow that up with Wild at Heart (fist resources should recharge out of combat) and you will have put some serious hurt out right at the start of the fight.

Your standard combat rotation is Escalation x5, Call for Eris, Wild at Heart.  Rotate in Nurture roughly every full rotation to keep the hot effect running.  Use Illusion early in fights against duo’s, giving you a bit more defense until you take out the first target.

Illusion, Go for the Throat and Paradox should be used on recycle.  Later on, if you face targets with significant special attacks, save GffT to interrupt those abilities.  Always use Paradox immediately after GffT.

Build Consideration

Our general rule of thumb for MF60 builds is:

  1.  Get a finisher equipped for each weapon asap (go deep in Primal)
  2. Pickup any cheap passives that synergize with your builders (Gunsmoke and Paradigm Shift)
  3. Go deep in the cell that provides the most remaining used abilities (not really relevant for this build)
  4. Grab remaining abilities based on cheapest to equip

Gear Consideration

Talisman are very important parts of making any build work.  Survival builds require talisman from all three factors (high hit point pieces, high damage pieces, and high healing pieces).  I would aim for 50% high attack power pieces (all three major’s get you here), 30% high hit point pieces (all three minor’s get you here) and 20% high heal pieces (head piece alone gets you here).

You will probably have enough +hit from the stacking paradigm shift.  Look for gear that adds either critical rating and critical power, or gear that adds penetrate.  However with most early game gear, focusing on the primary stats (atk, hp, heal) is more important than the glyph secondary stats.

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Where are all the tanks?

Tanks, Tanking and Agro Management in the Secret World

Initial Post on this  topic

Tanks are nearly always in short supply in MMO’s.  It’s one of the two roles (healer being the other) that virtually guarantees you short waits for dungeon groups. However, as with healer, it’s a role where inexperience and inconsistency really show.  On top of that, when the tank or healer screws up, the fight is almost always a loss and reset.  So, it’s high stress work and that turns a lot of people off to it.  On the other hand, it’s very rewarding if you are willing to pick up the reins and make a go of it.

I tank, I always tank, I rarely ever don’t tank – and even then it’s usually in situations where I’m working with a new tank on their tactics.  That’s been true for a good ten years now and it’s unlikely to change any time soon.

Agro Management and Tanks

There’s a world of difference, as many note, between a mostly-guild tank and a pug-tank.  Contrary to the position of some, a mostly guild tank (like myself) usually opens the door for their DPS to do a lot more with a lot less concern for themselves.  That’s NOT because guild-tanks are BETTER than PUG tanks (I’m sure there’s variance in both directions on this), it’s because teams that play together simply KNOW each other better and can play off each other.  The benefit comes from the reduced uncertainty.

Several of my guild DPS run in all ATK gear to really push the envelope of their DPS.  They can’t do that in a PUG format because they don’t know what they’ll find for agro generation.

I also don’t typically have a problem with the occasional PUG.  My wife, Aela, runs healer regularly, so we have the luxury typically to pick and choose on our groups.  We will PUG in DPS, but if someone is pushy, doesn’t follow instructions, or is just generally obnoxious, we put them on /ignore and never include them in a PUG again – problem solved. :D

Guides for Tanks

In terms of guides for the new tank, I strongly recommend the work of Ciderhelm.  While his work isn’t TSW specific, tanking is tanking with the differences between games being relatively minor.  His guide covers all the Tanking 101 things that remain true from game to game, era to era, level to level.  For someone wanting to roll a tank for their very first time, this is good stuff.  For those who tank regularly, it’s all old hat.  That’s kind of the point of a newbie guide, though!

Ciderhelm is not affiliated with our site, nor does he play TSW to the best of my knowledge.  He’s just done this for a long time at a very high level.  He writes well, is quite thorough, and very patient in laying out what is happening in the tank role.  I have great respect for his work.

For those wanting to tank in TSW, our site has some material that is helpful.  We provide a newbie tank deck that will take a truly new player through Polaris while it is still meaningful (e.g. QL2/3).  That build then “grows up” into the single target tank build I used to get through the middle dungeons.

While that build will work all the way into elites, I also provide two additional tank builds that I currently use up through qualifying at gatekeeper.  The primary build I run is designed for single target fights, which is most of your elite boss content.  However, some elite fights are guaranteed to have 2+ targets through the majority of the fight.  In those situations, I swap out of my single target and into my AOE tank build.

In all four builds, you are progressing through the same cells of the wheel, there is a natural progression from them and they will take you cleanly from Polaris normal through clearing your final Elite.

Dungeon Guides

In terms of dungeons, we have walk-through information for the first four dungeons, boss-by-boss.  I need to get the write-ups for the final four dungeons put together, they just take awhile to assemble.  I am also beginning to put parsing data in the overview of some of the dungeons.  It’s pretty clear that some bosses have a much higher rate on some stats than others.  Discussion on nightmare tanking is indicating that certain bosses will need builds or gear itemized to offset these extremes.  For normal through elite, though, general tanking builds with reasonable gear mixes will suffice.

Talisman, Weapons and Glyphs for Tanks

I am in the middle of writing up something on talisman distribution.  I can give the short version of it here, though.  Well before you hit elite, you will start finding threat problems if you gear 100% hitpoint gear.  DPS are exceeding your output by enough of a multiple that Agitator and Stoicism can not keep up.  You need to go at least 20% DPS to maintain agro and you will find this happening somewhere around the Ankh.

For me, that’s just been a headpiece swap out (I used an ATK headpiece with defensive glyphs) and that’s been more than enough for elites from a threat standpoint.  There’s a lot more to think about here, but as I said, I’m writing that currently.

Mods and Add-ons

A caveat, you don’t NEED these to play.  As others note, back in the old days we all tanked just find using stock interfaces and chat call outs.  However, the game permits mods and add-ons and TSW has a booming community of mod-writers.  We do NOT host guides and add-ons, the forums here and a couple of other sites typically do.  We do maintain a list of mods with links to those sites.  I recommend:

  • ACT Combat Parser – when you are fine tuning, nothing else comes close
  • Vipers Deck Manager – removes the gear swap from the deck manager component.  This is an awesome mod.
  • Categorical’s improved character sheet – accurate calculations and updates to your combat stats
  • Mercinaova’s improved casting bars – most fights you dont need to watch the UI, when you do, these help

Tanking requires practice and patience.  It’s a lot of fun though.  If you want to group up quickly and get more dungeon runs in, it’s worth investing the time and patience to learn to tank.

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Single Target Elite Dungeon: Chaos/Hammer

Elite Tanking – Weakened Build

Hammer and Chaos Synergy

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This build uses a weakening trigger to synergize a number of damage and mitigation effects.  The build has worked well through elite dungeons.  It is a relative easy build to put together for those on an AP budget.

Active Abilities
Smash (Hammer) – 1AP
Escalation (Chaos) – 1AP
Razor Shards (Hammer Pit) – 9AP
Call for Eris (Chaos) – 1AP
Stoicism (Turbulence) – 50AP
Reality Fracture (The 4th Wall) – 27 AP
Blowout (Hammer Pit) – 34 AP
Passive Abilities
Turbulence (the Fourth Wall) – 21AP
Forged in Fire (Battering Works) – 50 AP
Below the Belt (Hammer) – 1AP
Intensity (Chaos) – 1AP
Paradigm Shift (Chaos) – 2AP
Inevitability (Building Blocks) – 12AP
Agitator (Turbulence) – 12AP
Key Features
This build uses two builders, since both contribute useful weakened effects.  Smash (with Below the Belt passive) provides one of the easiest accesses to the Debilitate debuff (target damage output weakened up to 30%).
Escalation (with Intensity passive) provides pbaoe hate generation, access to the Exposed debuff (target takes up to 30% more damage) and keeps a near constant minor ward (7.5% reduction from all damage sources).  Escalation also triggers the Turbulence passive, giving you roughly 150 bonus to your evasion.
Additionally, since your builders both generate the weakened effect, you are routinely triggering Paradigm Shift (up to 150 bonus hit rating) and Inevitability (flat 10% bonus to evade).

The Razor Shards finisher is a hate generator which also boosts the hate level of your next attack.  Use Razor Shards and follow it up with either Call for Eris or Smash to significantly boost hate without burning a taunt.

The build also features Stoicism (hate generation with increased mitigation).  Stoicism works wonderfully at the opening of a fight and between transition phases to pickup extra agro.  While it also provides some survivability, it’s real power is that boost to hate generation.

Blowout extends your health bar and Forged in Fire gives your healer a bit of help for those fights where you take some spike damage.

Open with stoicism and razor shards since it should be at full resources outside of fights.  From there alternate Smash and Escalate until 5 Resources, use Reality Fracture and Blowout on your first cycle (this is when it’s completely safe for DPS to go all out).  From that point on cycle your builders with Razor Shards and Call for Eris (depending on your chaos finisher, Razor Shards may be best used last).  After the initial round, use Reality Fracture and Blowout on cooldown, even if firing with less than full resources.

I often rotate the Call for Eris active depending on the situation. Karma provides pbaoe damage with a heal to next target.


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