Red Handed

TSW Guides: Red Handed

In Besieged Farmlands – The Secret World

Patch 1.1 (TSW)

TSWGuides is pleased to provide this full walk through for the quest Red Handed.  Red Handed was added in the 1.1, Carter Unleased, patch.  The investigation mission continues the exploration into the past of Doctor Varias’ father.  Doctor Varias can be found in Besieged Farmlands.  As is the case with all of our TSW Guides, we use spoiler text to cover up the solutions.  Simply open the box for the step you are having problems with to receive the information needed to finish the step.

Red Handed: Step 1

“Diagnose and Treat the First patient.”  

Vancomycin – used to treat colitis (intestinal inflammation) after antibiotic treatments (this is an antibiotic)
Boric Acid – used as an antiseptic
Oxicodone – used to treat moderate to severe pain
Diazepam – relieves anxiety, muscle spasm and seizures, to control agitation and alcohol withdrawl
Thioridazine – used to treat schizophrenia and depression, in people who have ben treated with 2 other medicines which failed to help or who have experienced severe side effects
Fluoxetine – a treatment for post traumatic stress disorder
Chloroquine – steroid sparing agent for asthma
Gabapentin – for acute postoperative pain in adults or chronic neuropathic pain and fibromyalgia
Phenazone – is an analgesic (painkiller) and antipyretic (reduces fever)
Paracetamol – pain reliever and fever reducer, common for headaches, cold and flu


Now, with that information, it’s time to get  yourself Red Handed and treat the patients!  Enjoy your time as a battlefield orderly, no malpractice insurance required.

Treat Patient #1 - Patient #1 mild spasms in jaw muscles, breathing problems.  suspicious that it is caused by filthy blood.

This is a description for tetanus.  Treat with Diazepam.

Treat Patient #2 - Patient #2 headache, nausea, fever, vomiting.  Plasmodium falciparum in blood…

that’s severe malaria.  Treat with Chloroquine

Treat Patient #3 - Patient #3 Fever, chills and severe shaking, confusion and dizziness.  Small red dots on the skin, rapid breathing and heartbeat, reduced urination.  Cleaned and bandaged a nasty wound on this one, but it may have become infected.

The problem seems to be the result of the operation.  Treat with vancomycin.

Examine Patient #4 Aggressive behavior, hallucinations, delusions, excessive production of saliva, fever, sweating and a sustained erection.  This is rabies and at this point I can only make the patient comfortable.

Red Hand: Step 2

“Read the doctor’s diary.”  ”Find the clue encrypted in the diary.”

decyphering this text will advance the quest
Being married to a bio-chem major helps a lot here.


Hint: The periodic number corresponds to a letter in the alphabet.

Hint: Head to the tavern and look for further clues
In the tavern, upstairs in the room with the cat, there is a picture that you can inspect.  The picture is a woman holding a pitchfork.

Red Handed: Step 3

“Find the location mentioned in the note.”  
There are holy places here in the village.  At the holy church there is a holy man.  That holy man owns a holy book.  If you strip away the holyness from this message, the truth of my research will be revealed.

The words and the layout of the words both mean something

Go to the church and see a man about a book.  Entering the church updates the message to “Decipher the clues from the note to locate the research.”  Sitting beside Hasdatean is a bible, check it out.  This appears to be a Romanian version of Jeremiah 2: 6-13

this Bible Passage is an important part of the next step


EVERY Bible in the church opens to the same passage.  What else could it be?  Well, the quest doesn’t tell you to look at the Bible, it tells you to decipher the clue in the NOTE.  It turns out that the picture from the taverna needs to be overlaid on the bible.  Remove the word Holy from the picture and you will uncover a clue in the Bible.  That clue needs to be deciphered using the chemistry transmutation from earlier.  We have some indication that this step will be changed at some point forwards, but for now this is what it is.
Go around the back of the church.  In the back is a mound of dirt at 896, 1223.  Uncover it to advance the quest.  I’ll be frank, I have NO IDEA how these two clues add up to a mound of dirt out back, but it advances the quest all the same.

Red Handed: Step 4

” Upload the research to your HQ.”  The password hint is:
There is a message written within us all.  My research is understanding the meaning of teh message written between 45477804 and 45481340.  The link is here, and to understand my research, you need to understand the link.
hese are two strands of DNA and there is a link between them in research.  Removal of this protein leads to the disease Porphyria, which can cause pain, light sensitivity and other ailments.  Porphyria happens to also be the password!  Upload the files and you are all done.

Red Handed is not the only quest involving Doctor Varias and his father.  The senior Professor Varias was a researcher with the Red Hand (hence, Red Handed).  Both of Doctor Varias’s other quests involve the Red Hand.  Additionally, two item quests in the zone and the dungeon the Facility also relate to the material from Red Handed.

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Sins of the Father – Infiltration Mission

Sins of the Father: TSW Guide

Video Enhanced Infiltration Mission Walk-Through

Sins of the Father continues the players investigation into the background of Doctor Varias’ father.  The player has likely previously met Doctor Varias while working on the Red Handed investigation.  Dr. Varias will not give out Sins of the Father until you complete two item quests, the Briefcase (1064, 615) and Red Hands aren’t Idle Hands (648, 1322).  This TSW Guide, as with all of our quest guides, uses spoiler text so that you only receive a solution for the step you need help on.  Simply click the appropriate help  spoiler to reveal the solution you need.  This is a fairly lengthy infiltration mission, so our video enhanced guide is in two parts!

 Sins of the Father: Video Guide, Pt.1

Sins of the Father: Step 1

“Enter the Underground Bunker” 

Go the observatory in the NW.  You find a solo instance.

 Sins of the Father: Step 2

“Search the facility for information.”    

Need help finding your way around in the dark?
There is a computer terminal on the opposite side of the room.  Go ahead and use it.  Read everything, item #3 will advance your quest.  Welcome to a very, very dark area.  You read that the servers are operating on emergency power and will reboot on power up.  Checking the laboratory updates.

“Reach the reactor section.”

Need Help Reaching the Reactor?
Grab a fuse from the fusebox. (area 1), Power area 2 and gran the wire in area 2.  Due north, up the long hallway (past one robot guard) is a switch that needs repairing.  Your fuse and wiring will do the trick.  Cycle power to the area by returning to the computer terminal and then return and throw the lever.
Sins of the Father: Mission Map
You are in the southern most room on entry

 Sins of the Father: Step 3

“Initialize the activation sequence for the reactors.”  
The new area features a hallway running east to west, with four reactors (two on the south side, two on the north side).  The reactors are numbered, clockwise starting with the SE reactor.  There is a computer in the hallway right outside the #1 reactor.  You will use this to cycle power and reset the reactivation sequence.
Need Help Sequencing the Reactors?
In the room with Reactor 2, you find a dead body.  The body is carrying a note with the activation sequence (4,2,1,3).  That’s the order you need to power up the reactors.  If you have already clicked on a reactor or two, head back to the computer terminal and reset the sequence. Once that’s done, follow the 4,2,1,3 directions and the reactors will power up.

Sins of the Father, a clue from the past

Be warned, though, that the reactor activation will start up all electricity – including station security systems!

Sins of the Father: Video Walk-through, Pt. 2

Sins of the Father: Step 4

“Reach the server room.”

This step places you in a winding, east-west hallway.  The hallway is littered with active security cameras and a number of cubby holes to hide in while waiting for camera to change orientation.  Should you delay in a camera’s viewing area too long a warning cycles, activating nearby machine gun turrets.  The machine guns don’t hit too hard, but you will not be able to destroy them either.  In my experience, they deactivate if left alone for a bit.

Need Help with the Robot?
Just before you reach the northern rooms, you encounter the lone robot guard for the area.  He traverses the upper hall area and stands looking into the northern rooms for a few moments.  There are some crates just past him you can hide in.  Entering the northern rooms updates the quest to

“Locate the main console.”

Need Help Deactivating Some Lasers?
The main console is in the eastern-most wing and the two rooms leading to it are riddled with lasers.  Each room has two deactivation switches, the switches are always on the west wall (opposite the direction to the main computer).

The first room switches must be activated NW followed by SW.  You can reach these via the center of the room, you do have to jump over a few ground lasers and avoid a single camera.  Remember, you can jump over roughly shoulder high computers.

The second room switches must be activated SW followed by NW.  You reach the first switch via the center of the room.  Jump over a computer terminal on the south side and then wind around until you are back out to the SW.   The second switch is reached by traversing the outer ring of the room counter-clockwise after fixing the first switch.  Be warned, there is a double jump on your way to this switch.  It’s easy to forget one!

This frees up access to the main computer.  There is a single switch as you enter the computer area, throw it and the quest updates to “Retrieve the elder Varias’ research data.”  Use the nearby computer and read through the research options.

 Sins of the Father: Step 5

“Reach the research facility.” 

The computer facility is the southern set of rooms in the section of the building you are currently in.  Before heading there, though, there is an interaction item on the table.  Using it finds a key card, which comes in handy for entering the next area.  Remember to avoid the big robot in the hall!  Entering the southern wing updates the quest.

The quest updates to “Vent the laboratory and override the lockdown.”  The first room you enter has two security camera, a host of machine guns, and three interaction objects (a power control console, a lockdown override console, and a ventilation system activation switch).

Need Help Overriding a Lockdown?
Following your quest journal, the correct order of activation is – power up the area using the power control console, vent the area using the ventilation system activation switch, and then override the lockdown at the lockdown override console.

The quest updates to “locate Prototype XL-239.”  The Prototype is the Sins of the Father referred to in the quest title.  The elder Professor Varias is responsible for this monstrosity’s existence.  It’s hard to miss 239, he’s big… very, very big.  When you target him, your quest updates to “Kill Prototype 239.” 

There are a couple of switches you can throw that activate machine gun turrets.  These can help you during the fight (I believe they need to be reset a few times, as they time out).  I just killed 239 and finished the mission.

Sins of the Father: the Prototype


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