S.T.A.R. – Single Target Assault Rifle [by Braz]

S.T.A.R. Single Target Assault Rifle

A Nightmare Dungeon DPS Build

By Braz

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S.T.A.R. is a DPS build prepared by Braz and submitted through our Submit a Build form.  It is designed for nightmare dungeons.  The build is one of our more popular DPS builds.

Weapons: Assault Rifle, Shotgun

Active Abilities

  • Safety Off - Burst builder
  • Three Round Burst - burst finisher
  • out for a kill – shotty finisher
  • suppressing fire - aoe builder
  • frag grenade / tear gas / high explosive grenade – aoe finisher (choose based on group synergy)
  • breaching shot - party penetration buff
  • do or die – 45 sec cd personal 25% bonus damage buff

Passive Abilities

  • Twist the knife – 9% damage buff
  • Ferocity – 9% damage buff
  • Live wire – crits build charges to 4 then discharge for big damage
  • Sudden return – extra damage on penetrate
  • One in the chamber – extra damage on crit
  • Fever pitch – 50% buff to hit (absolutely clutch)
  • Extra bullet – adds an extra hit to safety off burst

Key Features

This deck is based on maximizing your chances of proccing extra damage from passives while keeping your overall damage as high as possible. Basically, each time you hit your builder you hit four times within a second. That gives you 4 opportunities to crit/pen every second. This is perfect timing for the internal passive cooldown of one second, so you’re not wasting any time or losing out on any potential passive procs. Also, you can get by with a relatively low hit rating thanks to fever pitch (which will probably be nerfed, but hey, use it while you can) which should be up at all times considering that even with only a 10% chance to proc, you’re looking at a 40% chance every second. Once it gets rolling, the damage is obscene, consistent and ranged.

Looks something like this:
safety off – sudden return – one in the chamber
safety off – sudden return – one in the chamber
safety off – sudden return – one in the chamber
three round burst – sudden return – one in the chamber – live wire
out for a kill (maybe with an SR or oitc)

If you can afford to stand in melee range for the entirety of the fight, you can swap out shotgun for chaos and use four horsemen for your secondary consumer for even more chances to proc passives, and (if you’re having trouble with hit rating) you can use pulling the strings to give yourself another 10% hit rating)

NOTE: this is a PURE dps build and parts of it are reliant on your teammates providing support like debilitate (note from Ryahl – or any other weakened state).


Start fight – 5x safety off – breaching shot – do or die – three round burst – out for a kill – safety off x3 – three round burst – out for a kill – safety off x3 – and so on until buffs are off cd then build to 5 weapon resources before hitting buffs and repeating rotation.

Gearing Needs

150 hit?, but it could be relying on Fever Pitch)
500+ crit
500+ pen


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AR/Elemental elite dungeon DPS Build: [by Nendragon]

Assault Rifle and Elemental DPS

An Elite Dungeon Build

By Nendragon

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This is a DPS build submitted by one of our readers, Nendragon using our TSW Guides Build Submission page.  Nendragon suggests this build for elite dungeons.  He also distinguishes between the “must have” elements of his build and the “can take” elements, giving the user some flexibility to take the core build module and tailor it to their individual tastes.  In the Key Features area, Nendragon distinguishes between build choices for dungeons and those for solo PVE play.

Active Abilities

  • Safety Off – AR builder (*)
  • Three Round Burst ( or Fire At Will) – AR consumer (*)
  • Blaze - EL consumer (*)
  • Molten Earth – EL elite (+)
  • Arc Flash – EL AE (+)
  • Confuse - deaggro
  • Turn The Tables – self heal

(*) – required ,  (+) – highly recommended

Passive Abilities

  • Bloodsport - Fists, give Affliction on hit (*)
  • Extra Bullet – AR, improve builder DPS (*)
  • Aidelon - EL, make Blaze crit if target afflicted (*)
  • Salt in the Wound - Fists, additional damage (+)
  • Elemental Precision – adds +10% on elemental damage (+)
  • Eagle Eye – adds +10% on AR damage
  • Criticality - additional chain damage on crits

Key Features

This revolve around very strong Blaze consumer, which will automatically crit due to Bloodsport (targets afflicted) and Aidolon.  Core parts of this build (*) cost about 300 AP.

This means you can start using this build fairly early, and your DPS on bosses would consist of about:  35% Blaze, 25% Safety Off, 20% TrB/FaW, 10% Molten Earth, 7% Salt Wound

Same build is great for PvE/questing too, only replace Confuse with Anima Shot, and use Fire At Will instead of Three Round Bursts.  With Fire at Will (FoW), you have also very strong AE, using Arc as builder and FoW as consumer.

Reasons for some choices:

-SafetyOff has one of highest DPS for builders (especially with ExtraBullet), FAR better than ArcFlash
-Molten Earth is better DPS than Red Mist for bosses (better dmg per cast time = better DPS), and even for soloing (slightly lower DPS there than Mist, but HUGE advantage due to root)
-Salt In The Wounds gives 2-3 times more DPS than Molecular Exploitation (ME probably has CD) … and you already researched it with Bloodsport
- Criticality has nice synergy with Blaze (it triggers off Blaze crits, which are guaranteed with Bloodsport and Aidelon)


Safety x3 -> TrB or FaW -> Blaze = rotation, 5.5sec

When off CD use elite Molten Earth, and when needed use deaggro and heal.

Gearing Needs

No specific stat needed for core function, although crit is good for side passive Criticality.
But usually best to gear evenly Penetration, Crit etc

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