Mortal Sins – Steps 21-29 (Carpathian Fangs) Walk through with spoilers

Mortal Sins, TSW Story Line

Carpathian Fangs Steps: 21-29

The story prior – Mortal Sins 1-20

Mortal Sins concludes in the Carpathian Fangs playfield of Romania.  In this segment, the players race against time to put an end to Mara and to uncover the secret plot unraveling the Gaia engines.  The players will continue to work towards fulfilling the prophecy of the Eagle, the Owl and the Dragon.  This TSW Guide, as is normal for our guides, contains spoiler text so you only get hints on the step you need help.

Mortal Sins: Step 21

“Go to Carpathian Fangs.”

 Mortal Sins: Step 22

“Find one of Mara’s messengers.” 

Need Help with Mara’s messengers?
You find the messenger near 634, 1268.  Do NOT attack said messenger, quest updates to “Follow the messenger.”  Follow him down the road for some ways, quest updates at the Eagle’s nest to 667, 1061.  He enters a building, wait for the Vampiric messenger and follow him.

The vampire enters at 890, 1146.  Wait for the Hybrid messenger and follow him to 980, 954 where he enters a door.  Wait for the Hybrid messenger to come back out and follow him.  At 1047, 840 you get an update to “Inspect the site.”  Approaching it triggers a cutscene.

 Mortal Sins: Step 23

“Follow Emma.”  Emma leads you to 901, 878.  This gives you an intensive cutscene with flashbacks tying Emma and the Prometheus Initiative together.

Want a hint to the back story?
Check out the photo of girls in our Virgula Divina guide, Emma is in the bottom right of the picture.  She was part of the Orochi experiment.

Mortal Sins: Step 23, following Emma

 Mortal Sins: Step 24

“Find the One.”  Follow Emma again.  Emma leads you to the house at 635, 638.

Need Help finding the One?
No, you aren’t in the Matrix and you don’t need Neo.  The One is Callisto, located at 905, 434.  You can enter his cavern complex via, Repentence Cavern at 930, 502.

 Mortal Sins: Step 25

“Join Callisto at Mara’s Palace.”  Hop into the moat and traverse to the cavern near 343, 963.  “Enter the Palace Below.”  You enter the instance.

 “Find a way to unlock Mara’s chambers.” 

Need Help with Vampires and Rituals?
You run into a number of Vampire Sadists, these are relatively strong opponents that must be defeated before they wrack up 5 blood stacks.  Near the far door, you have to face potentially three.  You can use Line of Sight pulling tactics to get just two.  With a well timed impair and a good AOE build, you can take two out.

In the center of the room is an altar, it won’t activate just yet.  On the far side is a door, it won’t activate either.  However, down in the basement area of the room you are in are flesh-thing monsters, they drop body parts.  Collect a set.  You need a Head, Torso, two arms and two legs.

Place the body parts on the altar – I had to do a circle to place all of them.

“Enter Mara’s Chambers.” Head through the door.  Mara awaits.  She may be a hard fight, build depending.  She summons adds to her aid and she casts a wide area pbaoe.

Need Help defeating Mara?
I used the Blue Mountain Fist/Blade build (at QL10) with primarily tank gear and found the fight to be quite easy.  It appears you can LOS the PBAOE using the horses in the room.  On Aela’s attempt, we observed that the horse statues become destroyed after you hide behind one.  So, apparently this is a reasonable tactic and is par t of the timer for the event.

When you defeat Mara, Callisto conducts his summing trick and brings back Dracula himself.  Dracula takes  Mara out and the quest updates to, “Return to the Carpathian Fangs.”

 Mortal Sins: Step 26

“Enter the Breach.”

Mortal Sins: Step 27

“Follow Emma”

 Mortal Sins: Step 28

“Follow Emma into the chasm.”

 Mortal Sins: Step 29

“Find the source of the energy.” 

You pass through a portal and receive the message “Find a failing Gaia engine.” 

Need Help with a failing Gaia engine?
Three pulsars on your left and three on your right each release anima with a tone.  The center aura does nothing.  Walking through the center aura (the blue one) places you in a new area.

Mortal Sins: Step 29

The new area has a number of beasts in it.

Mortal Sins, step 29: Am I back in Shadowlands?

There is a portal right where you exit, take it.  Enter the Gaia engine where you land.  The 4th pod is out of tune, fix it.  The quest updates to “Find the next failing Gaia engine.”  Keep following the portal fragments until you find an engine with a way in.

Mortal Sins 29, Inter-dimensional repair man at your service

After about three portals you find the way in.  The 2nd pod is broken in this one.  The quest updates to “Find a way to enter the crater.”  Keep taking portals until you land on one without a new direction to go.  Hop off and run uphill.

Mortal Sins 29, entering a Gaia engine

The quest updates to “Repair the prison or attack it.”  Now its time for the big choice.  If you choose to repair the prison (using the audio clues), you side against the dark matter.  If you free it, who knows.

Mortal Sins, step 29.  the final prison

Need Help repairing the prison?
Screw it, things in prison for multiple millennia probably merited being there.  I repaired the prison.  The notes are slightly off tune.  If you stand right behind a note, you will hear a slight buzzing sound if it is off.

For me, the repairs were the 3rd, the 7th and the 9th note, but this might change for others.  Stand and listen after you “repair” a note.  If it buzzes (high pitched bee sound), you made a mistake.

Mortal Sins concludes with a return from the angelic (or dark angelic) visitor from the introduction dream.  This prison has been restored, but others made other choices.  There will be more challenges ahead.  The story pauses!

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Virgula Divina

Virgula Divina: Templar Faction Quest

The Previous Chapter in the City of the Sun Gods

Virgula Divina is the Templar interlude quest between Egypt’s Black Sun, Red Sands and Romania’s Mortal Sin story line quest.  Just a brief note up front – I really, really enjoyed this quest.  Kudos to the writers.  The quest involves exploration of a destroyed Orochi research facility in London.  The quest is high on spookiness!  As with all of our TSW Guides, our Virgula Divina guide features spoiler text.  By revealing the text for the help portion you need, you avoid spoiling the rest of the quest!

 Virgula Divina: Step 1

“Report to Richard Sonnac.”  Richard complains overtly about the Orochi group.  Their meddling and incompetence seem to trigger all sorts of problems.  Their access and influence presents doing anything about them.  Richard even pays the Illuminati a veiled compliment as worthy rivals.  He asks you to look into the Orochi.  You are sent to the Horned God.

You speak to Konrad Engel and Zamira Vata.  Konrad lost his place on the council by questing Orochi activity.  He informs you there is an Orochi building right here in London.

Virgula Divina: Step 2

“Find the front for the Vali institution.” 

Need help finding the Vali institution?
The Orochi entrance is downstairs at 213, 391.  “Search the construction area for a way to bend the bars.”  You find a crowbar at 198, 384.  “Pry open the barred window.”

 Virgula Divina: Step 3

Upon entry you are told “Investigate the Amity house.”  Go through the cracked window (something bad is afoot).  “Find he first clue to unlock the door.”  There is a keypad at the door.  Use the class photo on the wall to the right of the door.  This shows you a picture of young girls.

Virgula Divina: who are these girls?

 “Find the second clue to unlock the door.”  Check the bookshelf.  Each book you click triggers a cut-scene with a baby.  The wrong book gets a “no.”

Need help finding the right book?
The correct book is on shelf 13.  “All the things one has forgotten scream for help in dreams.  Jenna.”

“Find the third clue to unlock the door.”

Need help finding the third clue?
The third clue is actually the photo on the wall.  If you watch it long enough, a girl appears in the top left corner (a whoosh sound happens in the room).  Look at the photo as soon as she appears.

“Leave the playroom.”

Need help with the password?

Jenna’s password is 3433.

 “Find out why Vali was observing the Playroom.” 

As you come around the corner, you see a small child run off.  Follow her upstairs.  You see her run off again as you come up the stairs.  She runs through a set of Orochi equipment, you have to go the other way.  In the Orochi control room, you find a very messy scene.  At the foot of one dead body is a paper, pick it up.  A very creepy message ends the story “2789 is manifesting again, isolate until she learns.”  There is also a reference to sisters being separated.

 “Search the office level for further data.”  Follow the destruction into the Orochi offices.  You want the offices of Dr. Harrison Conrad, Ph.D.  His office has several pictures that can be inspected and a computer.

One of the pictures is at Jack and Wendy’s bed and breakfast in Kingsmouth.  Dr. Conrad has a Doberman Pincer in the picture.  Try to use Conrad’s computer.  Use option #1.  This gives you the input “Facility Layout.”

“Find Dr. Conrad’s password to access the floor plans.”  Password hint is “My best friend.”

Need Help with Dr. Conrad’s password?
Go back to the observatory room.  In addition to the dead bodies, there is a computer terminal that can be lit up.  Once activated you see six security cameras.  Two have a dog.  Click on all you can for some spooky fun!  Camera 4 has what you are looking for, a dog sitting by a bowl.  The bowl has the name “Eugene.”

“Enter the Hidden Laboratory.” 

Yep, it just keeps getting creepier.  “Defeat the entity.”  On the far side of the room is a surgical saw, pick it up!  So, this fight is rather interesting.  You can’t actually hit her.

Virgula Divina: Facility layout

Need Help defeating the entity?
You have to hide from her fireballs.  There are two spots in the room that can be safe.  One is behind a set of walls, immediately to your left as you enter.  The other is behind stacked tables on the far left side of the room.  If the entity can see you, she can hit you.  You have to be out of line of sight to dodge the fireballs.


Virgula Divina: Safe Spot

 Need Help Defeating the Spirit?
After dodging a few (and she moves around each time), a purple circle appears in the center of the room.  Stepping into it puts you into a spirit void.  This lets you interact with shackles on the girls body (laying on table to your left from entrance).  Once you unlock two shackles, you get a cut-scene.  I had to go through a few phases of hide and seek before I got two shackles undone.

Virgula Divina: Operation

“Search for information on the other girls.”  You check out the files (top left) and the quest advances.

 Virgula Divina:  Step 4

“Talk to Callie James.”  This is Galahad’s squire in the park.

 Virgula Divina: Step 5

“Return to Richard Sonnac.”  Vampires and an Orochi lab in danger, sign me up!  Who is Carmen?

Virgula Divina: Step 6

“Travel to Transylvania through Agartha.”  Simply entering Translyvania ends this quest and starts the next one.
The Next Chapter: Mortal Sins

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