Nightmare Dungeon AR/Pistol – [by Kourgath]

Assault Rifle and Pistol

A Nightmare Dungeon DPS Build

by Kourgath

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This is a DPS build put together by Kourgath, one of our guild mates in Ohana.  He has used this build in nightmare dungeons an I have seen him running this in elites.  The build features assault rifle and pistol, providing a lot of versatility when needed.  It’s a solid build that should provide some good DPS to your team.

Active Abilities

  • the business
  • start & finish
  • three round burst
  • red mist
  • suppressing fire
  • deadly aim
  • confuse

Passive Abilities

  • iron maiden
  • live wire
  • punishment
  • twist the knife
  • one in the chamber
  • sudden return
  • mad skills

Key Features

instant builder with multiple hits for generally high dps just from building. group members will usually have affliction and weakeness up on the bosses which means you have slots available to exploit those states. basically giving you an extra 10% pen, 150 crit power 150 crit rating, and extra damage on crits and pens. [Note from Ry - as Kourgath mentions, these states SHOULD be present, but you need to confirm this at the start of the run.]


  1. the business x5
  2. start & finish
  3. three round burst
  4. deadly aim and red mist as cd’s permit

Gearing Needs

this build is built to compensate for lower crit and pen rates as most dps gear will be glyphed for hit.

Viper’s Deck Manager


If you are using Viper’s Deck Manager, cut and paste the above code and use it to import this build. If you want to check out the wheel locations, here is the build using Drakashi’s deck manager.


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Elite/Nightmare Healer Build Fist/AR By: Wildcards

Elite/Nightmare Healer Build Fist/AR

Submitted by Wildcards
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I started off in TSW playing a Fist/Blood Healer using the AoE Shield system, plus Fist direct & HoT’s to keep my group alive. After hitting Elites I started to find myself using Shields less and less. It seems to generate too much aggro for the actual healing it provides. Most of the time in instances the group is spread out so I find myself reverting to the Fist Heals almost all the time and the only time I found it perhaps a Necessity was in Hell Eternal vs Inurers, however I discovered Shelter can out heal the AE DoT easily.

I tried using the AR direct heals requiring DPS on the opponent. TBH i found the controls clumsy and another thing to think about, when as a healer my eyes are drawn to awkward parts of the screen, watching health, timing heals, whilst avoiding all the AoEs, I found adding damage to it counter productive and taking me more time to deliver effective healing. Further to that, I find the benefits the passives this build gives to HoT crits more effective.

Been Hitting Nightmares last few days. I currently have all the best Elite Gear and am working on signets to improve my kit but its still not enough lol. I can overcome the bosses dps with hps, obviously the more effective your heal rating the better the heals. It goes without saying problems arise when the group gets AoE’d or the tank takes mass damage but this can be overcome with the insta AE Heals and 90% of the time my groups survive it.

Anyway, thought I’d share:

Feral / Assault Rifle
A: Cauterise (Builder, Heal/HoT)
A: Empathy (Insta Heal, 30s timer)
A: Creature Comfort (HoT)
A: Platoon (Moderate AE Heal, 30s timer)
A: Fired Up (Large AE Heal/HoT, 30s timer)
A: Shelter (Small AE Heal/HoT)
A: Mass Confusion (AE Detaunt)

P: Empowerment (Provides a Heal on HoT Crits)
P: Glimmer of Hope (15% chance of +Heal on HoT’s)
P: Making Amends (+10% to HoT’s)
P: Shadow Medic (+7.5% Heal strength)
P: Brawler (+15% to Crit Power)
P: Hot Iron (Heal counter x7 +50% to 8th Heal)
P: Subtlety (Detaunt)

Primary stats for this build are Heal and Crit Rating. There is a powerful Healer Helmet that can be picked up from the last boss in Hell Fallen which gives a massive +495 Heal and as massive crit bonus every time you crit, every 20 seconds. This boosts my Crit rating up to around 98% which works well with this build. The key point to the success of this build is Glimmer of Hope and Empowerment. Ive tested this and they crit on average every couple of seconds. adding an extra 50%+ to the power of the skills that create the HoT. I swear by them.

Tactic. Upon start of a fight in Nightmare, or a tough Elite. Allow Tank to get Aggro, Spam Cauterise. When health drops to 80%, use Creature Comfort to bring back up and continue cauterising. I always keep my Feral points charged so I can drop Comfort whenever needed, I treat it like an insta heal. If Tank HP gets to 50%, throw down Comfort and Empathy, If Health gets really bad, I use both my insta AE heals, Comfort & Empathy. This can heal around 8000hp taking around 2 seconds to activate them all. Likewise. If the rest of the group is taking damage. You can activate your AE heal, especcially for those “Oh shit!” moments, and heal other members of the group to full easily. If theres an AE DoT Gather everyone together and use Shelter, the heal + HoT Crits will easily outheal 99% of DoT’s. Lastly use Confusion if mass adds arrive and you need to lose aggro.

HoT Iron is my only maybe skill for this build, as I havent found anything better. You could swap out for the +10% for HoT’s. But I dont really go on the power off HoT’s, merely stacking as many as I can as Empowerment/Glimmer of hope provides the same Heal benefit no matter the power of my HoT’s.

Key points to note in a group, if your the Healer and the Tank dies. Its your fault. If the Healer dies, its the Tanks fault. If DPSers die its their own fault as they arent avoiding AoE’s. That said, I can keep my DPSers alive with this build, provided they dont hit 2k+ damage. If you find a DPSer keeps dieing, get him to up his HP to 3k and that ussually holds it. An alive DPSer with good damage is more use then a dead one with amazing damage. If your finding you cant outheal the DPS of boss. Take a look at the spells hes casting, if he isnt casting, you need better gear.

Like anything in this game, the build requires good healing kit. But ive found this foolproof in elites, and able to beat dps in Nightmares. This is a really cheap and effective build to get. Like I say, I pretty much have every healing build in the game, and this is my preference. Hope it helps.

EDIT: I replace surgical with Creature Comfort as it provided better healing numbers to the Tank during Nightmares. If you find at lower levels it difficult to heal with this just swap it back. As a result ive also swaped out Healing Sparks for Making Amends.

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The Brandish Tank – by Arctus

Designed by Arctus
Submitted 19-Jul, via our board submission tool

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Weapons – Blade/Chaos

Utility level – this works in Nightmare dungeons


Crimson Theatre
Pulling the Strings


Brandishing Support
Sixth Sense
Fuel to the Fire
Master of Illusion

Key Features

This is a standart build for NM. Its tested by many players, but you need to know the boss and adapt your build to the boss.  Usually you are expected to bring exposed debuff (30% more dmg)! In exchange 1 dd brings the 30% less dmg debuff.   Chaos is the only reasonable source for the exposed debuff and usually you dont see any melee’s in NM.

1.  Escalation also offer’s a good aggro generation, aoe aggro, 7,5% less dmg and minor evade chance.
2.  Cornerstone is brandish. Use it as often as possible.
3.  Crimson Theatre is a filler, usually this is the spot where you fit in abilities you need for a boss. Taunt, Crimson for aoe (use shadowplay instead of brandish support), 3. CD
4.  I really like Pulling the Strings because it has some range and gives you a decent hit buff, but of course you could use Karma or Consequence instead for more defense)


1. Use escalation to build 10 stacks exposed
2. use matador for 5 stacks defense
3. Brandish on CD or on a strong attack from the boss (depends on the fight)
4. Crimson Theatre for additional AOE aggro
5. Illusion and Stoicism as CD’s
6. Pulling string for hit cd and to have a medium range attack.

Gear Needs

1. defense
2. evade
3. phys / magic protection
4. block


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