Patch 1.2 – Issue #2: Digging Deeper

TSW Guide to Digging Deeper

Update 1.2

Update #2 hits the Secret World

September 12, 2012

You can view the patch notes for Patch 1.2  (coming soon!)

Funcom The Secret World Issue 2 Digging Deeper

Nip and Tuck, anyone?

Featured Content

  • Digging Deeper – Henry Hawthorne in the Kingsmouth church starts this continuation of the Kingsmouth Code. (Note:  Player must first have completed Kingsmouth Code Quest line)
  • Death and Axes – Everyone’s favorite inn-keeper Sophie has started to get some very bad feelings that something in afoot in Besieged Farmlands.  Follow this quest line to learn the truth!
  • Strangers from a Strange Land – This investigation mission starts to tie together the main story-line of Solomon Island with the lore of both Darkness Wars and Polaris!  In this quest, Red has information about Solomon Island’s Viking past!
  • Singing Stones:  Iele in the Shadowy Forest needs help reviving singing stones.  Learn the secrets of the songs of the Forest.

Character Customization Options

Ockham’s Razor – Located just outside the Agartha entrance in London, Ochham’s Razor is a barber shop that allows players to change the look and color of their hair, as well as makeup options. The cost for Ochham’s Razor services are currently set at 200,000 pax.
The Modern Prometheus – Located in a questionable looking warehouse in New York, the Modern Prometheus allows players to change the appearance of their facial features. The cost of this plastic surgery is currently set at 1,000,000 pax.

A New Auxiliary Weapon

Starting at your faction base, once you hit ‘acceptable’ faction levels — Rank 6, or higher, players will be offered a quest to open Auxiliary Weapons. Currently the only Auxiliary weapon offered in TSW is the Rocket Launcher.  Unlocking the rocket launcher requires completion of the Venetian Missile Crisis quest line.

Similar to active weapons in TSW, you will have a ability wheel for your auxiliary weapons. While the rocket launcher is currently the only weapon available on the wheel, there are slots for 9 auxiliary weapons (3 melee, 3 ranged, and 3 magic).

The SP for Rocket Launcher works the same as other weapons. In order to max our your Rocket Launcher Skill you will need to put 55 points into the skill line (rank 10). The Rocket launcher tree contains 7 abilities. 4 active, and 3 passive.

Each ability costs 50 points to unlock (for a total cost of 350 AP)

These include:
Active (can be slotted in the new 8th active slot)

  • Pop Shot: (1 sec activation / 15 second recycle) TAoE – Affects up to 5 enemies in a 5 meter radius around your target.
  • Clusterstruck: (1.5 sec activation / 30 second recycle) GTA0E – Affects up to 5 enemies in a 5 meter radius around the target point
  • Death From Above: (Instant / 40 second recycle) You rocket jump 15 meters forward hitting up to 5 enemies in a 5 meter radius where you take off and where you land, dealing physical damage. Deals 9% of your maximum health as damage to you when activated.
  • Big Red Button: (2 sec activation / 90 second recycle) TAoE – Affects up to 5 enemies in a 5 meter radius around your target

Passive (can be slotted in the new 8th passive slot)

  • Range Finder: Increase the attackrange of all Rocket Launcher abilities by 5 meters
  • Rocket Science: Reduced the recharge time of Rocket Launcher abilities by 50%
  • Warhead: Increases the damage dealt by Rocker Launcher abilities by 15%

A full rework of the Lair System

Within each zone, there is a region called a “Lair” which contains Elite Q10 mobs.  Kingsmouth Quest: Unto the Beach, Savage Coast Quest: Sinking Feeling, Blue Mountain Quest: the House Always Wins.  Scorched Desert Quest: Return of the Red Nights, Carpathian Fangs: Beyond the Iron Curtain.

In 1.2, the region will now be outlined in dark red on your map, warning unknowing players and keeping them from wandering into the hostile territory unprepared.

Inside the primary entrance to each lair is a repeatable mission. This mission allows players to chose region boss pattern pieces for that region, and aides in completing the puzzle sections.

These Missions are:

  • From Beyond the Iron Curtain (The Carpathian Fangs)
  • The Spoils of Cold War (The Shadowy Forest)
  • Midnight Mass (The Besieged Farmlands)
  • Sinking Feelings (The Savage Coast)
  • Unto the Beach (Kingsmouth)
  • Citadel of Pain (City of the Sun God)
  • Return of the Red Nights (The Scorched Desert

Additional lair changes include:

  • All lair mobs now have a chance to drop Bind on Pickup rare core items.
  • All Lair bosses will now drop two Bind on Pickup rare items, 1 rare signet, 1 rare Glyph kit, and two Region boss blueprints.
  • All Region bosses will now drop a loot bag containing 2-4 blueprints to summon that boss, 3 epic Bind on Pickup items, 1 epic signet, 1 epic Glyph kit and a unique Raid Puzzle Piece.

LFG Interface
Players can now use the in-game LFG interface when looking for groups. These can be accessed via the Shift+C keyboard shortcut.

Finally, Digging Deeper includes -

Two new Nightmare Dungeons – The Facility and Hell Eternal


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TSW Guide Unleashed: our overview of the 1.1 patch

TSW Guide Unleashed

Carter Unleashed, Patch 1.1 hits the Secret World


With the 1.1 patch now available for live play, Ryahl and I have put together our TSW Guide Unleashed!  This is a list of what to expect, as well as some advice and quest help links.

You can view the patch notes for Patch 1.1 here

TSW Guide Unleashed list

  • Carter Unleashed promotional image

    Innsmouth Academy’s all-star witch gets her own story line!

    Carter Unleashed – Pre-requisite: must have completed “the Rec Center can not hold” – Quest Giver – Carter, Innsmouth Academy

  • Crime and Punishment  - Quest giver, Sam Krieg (upstairs in lighthouse, use elevator)
  • Hell and Bach –  Quest giver – Daniel Bach, Overlook Hotel
  • Funeral Crasher –  Quest Starter – Eleanor Franklin
  • The 3rd Age –  Quest Starter – Nefertari
  • Red Handed – Quest Starter – Doctor Varias
  • The Pick-Up – Pre-requisite: must have completed “Rolls Downhill” – Quest starter – Che Guavera

Other then Carter Unleashed, which is an action mission, the next 5 quests in the list are Investigation quests, and therefore have a number of fairly complex (ie, not overly intuitive) steps.  The final one, the Pickup, is a stealth/Infiltration mission revealing a bit more detail about the mysterious Cassie King.  If you get stuck on any step of these quests, full write-ups for each new quest is available at each links above. In addition to using “spoiler safe text” (ie, you can not accidentally spoil something you are not wanting to spoil), TSWGuides takes an extra step by detailing to you not only the answer, how we got it, but we also explain how it fits into the story (if needed).

In addition to the new quests, players will find a new trading exchange available in the major cities.  There are also two new nightmare dungeons, the Ankh and Hell Fallen.

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Funeral Crasher

Funeral Crasher: TSW Guide

Full Solution – Spoiler text


Funeral Crasher is an investigation mission added in the 1.1 patch, Carter Unleashed.  This quest, given by Eleanor Franklin in the Blue Mountains is a puzzle mission, requiring a Morse Code and a sound-matching solution.  As with all of our TSW Guides, this guide features spoiler text so you only get help on the step you need!

Eleanor informs you that the ghosts (and cats) are spooked.  She notes that it all began the other night with a large commotion taking place just down the road (no specific direction given).  She also tells you she isn’t getting out the Quija board to find out what’s got them upset.

Funeral Crasher: Step 1

“Find the Board.”  

Need help finding the Quija board?

The board is upstairs on a table at 848, 289.

Funeral Crasher: Step 2

“Find the location indicated by the board.”  The board tells you that:


Need Help with IT RAGES LOCKED INSIDE 23383 IY?

The 23383 IY Google matches to a Steven King novel which tells you that those numbers match a license plate in Maine.  There is a van off the road near the mansion at 763, 450.  Use the license plate.

Funeral Crasher: Step 3

“Find a clue about the protocols used by the Orochi team.  Find a clue about what the van carried.” There are two Orochi tablets nearby.

One tells you that the item was transported (or to be transported) to the Orochi base camp.

The other gives you the protocols for “highly dangerous Condition 4.”

1.  Report to Orochi Core
2.  Review Special Protocols Documents
3.  Respond to the situation
* barring the statistically unlikely event of a thaumaturgical security failure

Funeral Crasher: Step 4

The quest updates to “Find a clue about where the spirit went.”  Clicking on the document again gives you a flashing set of headlights.  Morse code!

Full Speed Morse Code

Need a hand transcribing the Morse Code?

-.. . .- - …. .– .-.. -.- … - …. . .-.. .- -.. -.– .—-. … .–. .- - ….

Half Speed Morse Code

Need a solution to the Morse code?

Which translates to “Death wlks the Lady’s path.”

Curious about why the message is spelled the way it is?

When we initially worked on Funeral Crasher, the typo in WLKS through us.  We have gone back over it a few times and don’t see the “a” that would in theory be in WLKS.  We transcribed WALKS into morse, which would be  .– .- .-.. -.- …  There is clearly a .- missing.  Considering the situation going on in the story, it seems likely that the Orochi agents messed up their code.

Need help to find where to go?

Joanna’s path is directly behind the Franklin Mansion.  Joanna is part of the Franklin mansion history, she’s very deceased.  You need to be dead to walk the lady’s trail.  Either find a cooperative Ak’ab, or simply use /reset and suicide.  The quest updates at a corpse at 919, 184.  ”Examine the corpse.”

“Find the spirit’s hiding place.”

The Funeral Crasher spirit “Condition 4” is a Wraith, per the Orohchi protocols.  These are apparently very nasty manifestations!

Need help finding the spirit?

You are looking for one located at the back of the mansion.  Approaching the spirit gives you the update.

Funeral Crasher: Step 5

“Banish the angry spirit.”

The Spirit can be interacted with.  This is a musical puzzle.  If you get the puzzle wrong, using the spirit should reset the puzzle giving you a fresh start.  We recorded just the sounds in the video below.  You can use this, pause and repeat at your leisure, to help solve this step of the Funeral Crasher puzzle.

Notes for the Musical Puzzle

Need help with the musical solution?

If you stand where the spirit is, facing the sirens, the tone of the puzzle matched 3, 1, 4, 5.  However, you want to BANISH her, not summon her.  So, use 5, 4, 1, 3.

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Carter, Unleashed

Carter, Unleashed: Patch 1.1 Headline Quest

Full Walk-through with Spoilers

Carter, Unleashed is the headline quest for the first Secret World update.  As the name suggests, the quest involves letting Carter Unleash her powers.  You receive this quest from Carter, herself.  She’s quite the powerful mage and you will need some protection in case things get out of control!  This TSW Guide, as with all of our quest guides, features spoiler text so you only get help on the step you need.  Before attempting Carter, Unleashed, players must complete the action quest the Rec Center can not hold.

Carter, Unleashed: Step 1

“Read Montag’s Notebook.”   

Want some advice?
This is more than just lore fluff.  Montag is literally telling you what you need to do if (when) Carter gets unhinged.

Grab an anima resonator and a portable ward generator.

Need Help finding the portable ward generator?
This can be found upstairs in the headmaster’s office.

“Assemble a restraining ward.”

 Need Help with the assembly?
Place the portable ward generator and the anima charges into your crafting interface.  Place the anima manipulator in the tool slot, hit combine.

 Carter, Unleashed: Step 2

“Meet Carter in the basement.”

Escort Carter to the source of the familiars.  “Go through the maintenance door.” It’s locked, “Find a way to open the maintenance door.”

Need Help keeping Carter from killing you?
As you are walking Carter through the instance, she fights along side you.  If you don’t kill things fast enough, she charges upto a very large blast.  If you hotkey the item you created above, it makes a shield for you to stand in that will protect you from Carter.  There is a cooldown on the ability however, so make sure you wait until things get really bad for Carter before you click it.

There is a control panel at 108. 151.  Use it.

Carter, Unleashed: Step 3

“Destroy the flesh abomination.” During the fight with Carter make sure you use the ward on this fight when Carter starts to spin fire around the room.  it will protect you from her blast.  When she does, the fight is over and you can turn in the quest.

The exit is a ladder in the same room you completed the quest in.

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The 3rd Age

TSW Guides: the 3rd Age

Investigation Mission Write-up

Quest Starter – Nefertari

The 3rd Age is an investigation mission added to the Secret World in the 1.1 patch, Carter Unleashed.  This quest is given out by the Sentinel Nefertari in the City of the Sun God.  Our TSW Guide, as with all our guides, features spoiler text, so you only get the solution you need!

The 3rd Age: Step 1

“Search the cultist camp for artifacts”

The camp is at 416, 890 at a nearby plateau.  Dead cultists ring the tents.  The item you want is held by a dead cultist at 421, 877.  The quest updates to “Search the camp for a map of the cultist’s excavations.”  The map is nearby.

The 3rd Age: Step 2

“Go to the first excavation site.”  

The quest sends you to the nearby dig.  The quest updates to “power up the custodian.”  then “Follow the custodian.”  After a bit, he stops and points up.  The quest updates to “Find out what the custodian is pointing at.”  The object you want is at 382, 787.  It is on top of the dragon skeleton.  Run up the rib cage.

The 3rd Age: Step 3

“Investigate the second, third and fourth excavation.”  The third site is near 39, 586

The 3rd Age: A Map of the Dig Locations

Help for the third site

The third site step begins under the rocks at 36, 617.  Kill a set of cultists and activate the custodian.  He takes you back up the stairs at 62, 579.  He stops at 100, 637 and points NW.  Destroy the cocoon and pick up your object.

Help for the fourth site

The fourth site is located at 107, 393.  This is under a bridge in/near the remains of the river.  He stops near 63, 383 and points south.  There is a dead Orochi solider in his pointing direction.  There are blood splatters near the soldier, follow the splatters.  This ends at an Orochi crate at 13, 376.

The clue is “Horse Feathers.”  This is the name of a Marx Brother film.  There is a scene in the movie where a password is required.  That password is “Swordfish.”  So is this one.  The terminal tells you the  passcode hash 1053.  Click on the crate, enter 1053 into the terminal.

Help for the second site

The second dig site custodian is at 351, 479.  The custodian stops at 378, 465 and points to the E,  He sends you up into the rocks.  You need a lever at 388, 470.  The piece is at 403, 450.  

The quest updates to “Assemble the pieces.”  Arrange them in a circle in your assembly window and you can make a “strange metal cogwheel.”

The 3rd Age: Crafting Instructions

The Third Age: Step 4

“Find what the ancient key is for.”

You want to enter the Hall of Records, at 365, 258.  You want the door at 608, 172.  This is on the right side of Neferati the Younger’s room underground.
The 3rd Age: Final Tomb

The final step of the ques is a nice Easter egg, featuring dialog straight out of the 3rd Age!  We know, from TSW Lore, that past ages have seen events outside of recorded history.  We now know that the denizens of the 3rd Age had quite advanced technology!

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Red Handed

TSW Guides: Red Handed

In Besieged Farmlands – The Secret World

Patch 1.1 (TSW)

TSWGuides is pleased to provide this full walk through for the quest Red Handed.  Red Handed was added in the 1.1, Carter Unleased, patch.  The investigation mission continues the exploration into the past of Doctor Varias’ father.  Doctor Varias can be found in Besieged Farmlands.  As is the case with all of our TSW Guides, we use spoiler text to cover up the solutions.  Simply open the box for the step you are having problems with to receive the information needed to finish the step.

Red Handed: Step 1

“Diagnose and Treat the First patient.”  

Vancomycin – used to treat colitis (intestinal inflammation) after antibiotic treatments (this is an antibiotic)
Boric Acid – used as an antiseptic
Oxicodone – used to treat moderate to severe pain
Diazepam – relieves anxiety, muscle spasm and seizures, to control agitation and alcohol withdrawl
Thioridazine – used to treat schizophrenia and depression, in people who have ben treated with 2 other medicines which failed to help or who have experienced severe side effects
Fluoxetine – a treatment for post traumatic stress disorder
Chloroquine – steroid sparing agent for asthma
Gabapentin – for acute postoperative pain in adults or chronic neuropathic pain and fibromyalgia
Phenazone – is an analgesic (painkiller) and antipyretic (reduces fever)
Paracetamol – pain reliever and fever reducer, common for headaches, cold and flu


Now, with that information, it’s time to get  yourself Red Handed and treat the patients!  Enjoy your time as a battlefield orderly, no malpractice insurance required.

Treat Patient #1 - Patient #1 mild spasms in jaw muscles, breathing problems.  suspicious that it is caused by filthy blood.

This is a description for tetanus.  Treat with Diazepam.

Treat Patient #2 - Patient #2 headache, nausea, fever, vomiting.  Plasmodium falciparum in blood…

that’s severe malaria.  Treat with Chloroquine

Treat Patient #3 - Patient #3 Fever, chills and severe shaking, confusion and dizziness.  Small red dots on the skin, rapid breathing and heartbeat, reduced urination.  Cleaned and bandaged a nasty wound on this one, but it may have become infected.

The problem seems to be the result of the operation.  Treat with vancomycin.

Examine Patient #4 Aggressive behavior, hallucinations, delusions, excessive production of saliva, fever, sweating and a sustained erection.  This is rabies and at this point I can only make the patient comfortable.

Red Hand: Step 2

“Read the doctor’s diary.”  ”Find the clue encrypted in the diary.”

decyphering this text will advance the quest
Being married to a bio-chem major helps a lot here.


Hint: The periodic number corresponds to a letter in the alphabet.

Hint: Head to the tavern and look for further clues
In the tavern, upstairs in the room with the cat, there is a picture that you can inspect.  The picture is a woman holding a pitchfork.

Red Handed: Step 3

“Find the location mentioned in the note.”  
There are holy places here in the village.  At the holy church there is a holy man.  That holy man owns a holy book.  If you strip away the holyness from this message, the truth of my research will be revealed.

The words and the layout of the words both mean something

Go to the church and see a man about a book.  Entering the church updates the message to “Decipher the clues from the note to locate the research.”  Sitting beside Hasdatean is a bible, check it out.  This appears to be a Romanian version of Jeremiah 2: 6-13

this Bible Passage is an important part of the next step


EVERY Bible in the church opens to the same passage.  What else could it be?  Well, the quest doesn’t tell you to look at the Bible, it tells you to decipher the clue in the NOTE.  It turns out that the picture from the taverna needs to be overlaid on the bible.  Remove the word Holy from the picture and you will uncover a clue in the Bible.  That clue needs to be deciphered using the chemistry transmutation from earlier.  We have some indication that this step will be changed at some point forwards, but for now this is what it is.
Go around the back of the church.  In the back is a mound of dirt at 896, 1223.  Uncover it to advance the quest.  I’ll be frank, I have NO IDEA how these two clues add up to a mound of dirt out back, but it advances the quest all the same.

Red Handed: Step 4

” Upload the research to your HQ.”  The password hint is:
There is a message written within us all.  My research is understanding the meaning of teh message written between 45477804 and 45481340.  The link is here, and to understand my research, you need to understand the link.
hese are two strands of DNA and there is a link between them in research.  Removal of this protein leads to the disease Porphyria, which can cause pain, light sensitivity and other ailments.  Porphyria happens to also be the password!  Upload the files and you are all done.

Red Handed is not the only quest involving Doctor Varias and his father.  The senior Professor Varias was a researcher with the Red Hand (hence, Red Handed).  Both of Doctor Varias’s other quests involve the Red Hand.  Additionally, two item quests in the zone and the dungeon the Facility also relate to the material from Red Handed.

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Crime and Punishment

Crime and Punishment: TSW Guide

Sam Krieg, Savage Coast Lighthouse

Patch 1.1 (TSW)

Crime and Punishment investigates the back story of author Sam Krieg’s activity on Solomon Island.  Sam tells you, “Upon the wicked shall fall the rain of fire and brimstone,” during this cut-scene he also focuses on the amusement park and Innsmouth Academy.  Crime and Punishment is an investigation mission added in the 1.1 patch, Carter Unleashed.  This TSW Guide, as with all of our quest guide, features spoiler hints.  Simply reveal the solution you need without spoiling the remainder of the quest!
Finding Sam can be a bit tricky.  If this is your first trip to the lighthouse, Sam is upstairs.  Enter the elevator and use the box (it’s a bit hard to find it’s action spot).  Once upstairs, follow the ramp to the top of the lighthouse and talk to Sam.

Crime and Punishment: Step 1/5

 ”Find evidence of Krieg’s research into the island.”  
Read Sam’s discarded letter, beside him.  He had to abandon his car at an intersection with the stupidest sentimental name.  “Find Sam Krieg’s Car”
Need Help Finding Sam’s Car?
Head up the road to location 752, 375.  This is where Lover’s Regret meets Hopes End.

Crime and Punishment: Teir 2/5

“Trace Kring’s route back to the informant.”  Use the GPS to find the informant.  Right click on the GPS unit, it will play back to you the last directions that Sam took.
From the nearest road, go East 200 yards.  Take the second exit on the right and continue 500 yards.  (Along the way you will have a turn, stay on the road).  Turn left on the next road.  The GPS then shuts off.
Need Help solving the GPS puzzle?
In reverse order you will:  Head away from the lighthouse road by taking a right.  Go 500 yards, then turn left.  You should be heading West.  Go 200 yards.  It will leave you at the Gas station.  Go there for the update

Crime and Punishment: Tier 3

 Use the garbage can at the Gas station.  You get a picture, taken at a house, and a web address.
Crime and Punishment: One of Sam's best books

Sam Krieg’s book, The Resident Horror

Need Help Finding the House?
You need to find the house in the picture.  It is at 463, 717 (to the east).  This is the house across the street from John Wolf.Tier 4

“Find a way inside the house.”  There is a basement around the back of the house.  It requires a 4-digit code to enter.

Need Help Finding the Code?
It turns out that our fans website states that you know you’re obsessed when: “Your four-digit security codes all come from his books.”  The passcode is 8237, the final four ISBN digits of “the Resident Horror,” one of his favorite books.  Enter the basement.

Crime and Punishment: Tier 5

“Access the informant’s files.”  You need a password, “Foucault’s Pendulum – hardcover original” is your clue

Need Help with the password?
9780151327652 is the 13-digit ISBN for this book.  It also happens to be the passcode.  Go ahead and read all the entries, Sam’s fan was quite the nutcase!  NOTE:  This answer is language specific.  
Brauchen Sie Hilfe mit dem Passwort?
If you are playing on the German Client, your answer is 3446153950.   Thanks to Balin23 for the heads-up)
Avez-vous besoin d’aide avec le mot de passe?
I would suspect that if you are playing on the French client, your answer would be:  either 2724260783 or 978-2724260786 (with or without the dash).  However, the French version of this quest is bugged as of 3-Aug.
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The Pickup

The Pickup: TSW Guide

Infiltration Mission Video Enhanced Walkthrough

The Pickup is an infiltration mission added in patch 1.1, Carter Unleashed.  This quest takes you into Freddie Beaumont’s tunnel hideout in Kingsmouth.  Cassandra King needs help retrieving an item from Freddie’s possession.  The quest is given by Che Guevara and requires completion of “Rolls Downhill” before you can take this one out.  This solution, as with all of our TSW Guides, contains spoiler text so you only read the solution you need.

The Pickup: Step 1

“Enter the maintenance tunnels and escort Cassandra.”

The Pickup: Step 2

“Escort Cassandra through the security.”

Need Help Bypassing the Security?
The main thing to pay attention to are the motion cameras.  These are circular light systems visible in the second hallway.  There are only two of them and they are easy to avoid.

The Pickup: Step 3

“Use the security grid to neutralise the intruders.”  

Need Help Neutralizing the Intruders?
Each click of the grid cycles a set of horizontal lasers near the walking guards. You simply have to trigger a laser in front of a walking guard to kill the two guards.

The Pickup: Step 4

“Choose a door.”  

Need Help Picking a Door?
Picking the wrong door isn’t terrible, but it may release some Draug for you to fight.  There is one correct door, it’s not random.  You want the door on the right.

The Pickup: Step 5

“Cross the electric grid.”  

Don’t walk straight across.  This is actually a fairly simple, if winding, path.  I find it is best to Angle your camera up near the roof, so that it is looking down at the floor, When you do that, t’s pretty easy to see your way through the electric grid

The Pickup: Step 6

“Disable the security system.”

Each time you throw a lever, one (or more) of the three lights switch from red to green (or vice versa).  Your goal is to turn all three lights to green.

Need Help Disabling the security system?
Down Up Down UP

The Pickup: Step 7

“Leave the maintenance tunnels.”

If you are playing through TSW for the first time, the cut-scene from Cassie is actually quite significant.  She is a mysterious, but apparently important, player in the Secret World.  You will encounter her again while working on Dawning of an Endless Night.

Video Enhanced: Full video walk-through for the Pickup


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Hell and Bach – TSW Guides Investigation Walk-through

Full Write Up of the Quest:  Hell and Bach

In Savage Coast – The Secret World

Update 1.1 (TSW)

Hell and Bach is an investigation quest introducted in the 1.1 Patch for TSW, Carter Unleashed.  The quest is offered by Daniel Bach at the Overlook Hotel in Savage Coast.  The quest follows the history of Theodore Wicker.

Hell and Bach :  Step 1

“Examine Bach’s research.”
Hell and Bach :  Daniel Bach's Notes

“Latin, fuckin latin.  But I’ll tell you Theo you’re not the only one w/ a classical education.”

  1. Soho
  2. Brooklyn (Cora LV?)
  3. Maine
That’s the information Daniel Bach passes on as you begin the quest.

“Examine Room 13 for clues.”  Wicker’s journal is sitting at the edge of a bed.  Clicking it gives the option to “enter room 13.”  You flash back to a more stable version of Room 13.  Check out Wicker’s journal again.

The Latin term “Orderint Dum Metuant” Yahoo answers suggests that the phrase means “let them hate, so long as they fear.”

Reader Nina, comments below:

“Oderint, dum metuant” means “Let them hate, as long as they fear”.
(The game has “orderint” instead of “oderint”; this is either a bad pun or an error.)

Hell and Bach, Wicker's Journal

“Find a way to activate the séance circle.”  Roll away the carpet and you will see the summoning circle.

Need Help using the summoning circle?

You have to type out ORDERINT DUM METUANT in demon glyph. Be careful, because the floor circle does NOT align with the diagram in the book.

Click on the image for a full screen solution

Hell and Bach, the Room 13 Solution


Hell and Bach :  Step 2

“Travel to the location in the top photograph.”

Need Help finding the location?

Head to Agartha and Brooklyn.  Go into the sewers near the Illuminati headquarters and look for a sewer cover at 307, 347.  Quest updates to “Find a way to activate the sceance circle.”

Need Help solving the New York puzzle?

There is a piece of equipment nearby with graffiti on it… in Latin!

Non Sum Qualis Eram, or “I am not what I was.”

Click on the image for a full screen solution

Hell and Bach, New York Solution

Hell and Bach :  Step 3

“Travel to the location in the third photograph.”

Need Help finding the location in the third photograph?
Travel to London.  You are looking for a doorway to a basement apartment at 166, 205.

Entering updates the quest to “Find a way to activate the séance circle.

Need Help solving the London puzzle?
Wicker has carved into the roof, “Orbis Non Sufficit,” which translates to The World is Not Enough.

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Hell and Bach :  Step 4

“Search the room for more information about Wicker’s past.”

  Need Help solving Wicker’s past?

There is a journal on a nearby desk, check it out.  You have to use the cipher you decoded from the past clues to uncover the symbols.  The first pair of words is TABULA RASA, “or blank slate” which references the location to visit.  The second word is SEPTIMUS which means “the seventh”

Hell and Bach, known letters

Need Help Getting into Wicker’s room?
At the tabula rasa, buy a room key for Septimus from the concierge.  Use the key on the cube and head up to Wicker’s room.  The quest updates to “listen to the cassette tape” following that “examine the briefcase.”  You see a picture of a Wicker lecture with symbols on it.  The symbols translate to Ad August per Angusta, which translates to “August through the strait (or narrow).”  

The quest updates to “Go to the location mentioned in the flyer.”

Need Help finding the location mentioned in the flyer?
The flyer mentions going to the Occult Museum, which is to the SW of the Templar HQ at 296, 270.

Hell and Bach :  Step 6

“Find a way to view Theodore Wicker’s lost lecture.”  The museum is closed, but a scrawled note directs you to Wickers “private Youtube Channel” at -E11 ot Dewhurst.

Need Help deciphering the note?
This turns out to be the name ELLIOT DEWHURST.  Checking for him and lecture on Youtube leads you to:

Interested in the Latin in this quest?

Nina comments:

I should think that all four quotes point to a person travelling a lonesome path, convinced to be (or to have become, as in “Non sum qualis eram”) singled out in one way or the other: privileged, powerful, but also isolated and deprived of happiness, having left the world of joy and love behind:

Oderint, dum metuant” (“Let them hate, as long as they fear”) is a fragment from a lost tragedy, said by Suetonius to have been often quoted by the Emperor Caligula, who was little loved by his people.

Orbis non sufficit” (“The world is not enough”) is attributed to Alexander the Great. (And made famous again in recent times by the Bond family.)

Non sum qualis eram” (“I am not the way I used to be”), in the two famous poems that have the line (Horace 4.1 and, quoting Horace, E. Dowson), refers to youth and love renounced or lost.

A person, I should add, also able and willing to transcend the limits of the secular world (“Orbis non sufficit”).

For Dowson’s poem, listen to this:

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