Hell and Bach – TSW Guides Investigation Walk-through

Full Write Up of the Quest:  Hell and Bach

In Savage Coast – The Secret World

Update 1.1 (TSW)

Hell and Bach is an investigation quest introducted in the 1.1 Patch for TSW, Carter Unleashed.  The quest is offered by Daniel Bach at the Overlook Hotel in Savage Coast.  The quest follows the history of Theodore Wicker.

Hell and Bach :  Step 1

“Examine Bach’s research.”
Hell and Bach :  Daniel Bach's Notes

“Latin, fuckin latin.  But I’ll tell you Theo you’re not the only one w/ a classical education.”

  1. Soho
  2. Brooklyn (Cora LV?)
  3. Maine
That’s the information Daniel Bach passes on as you begin the quest.

“Examine Room 13 for clues.”  Wicker’s journal is sitting at the edge of a bed.  Clicking it gives the option to “enter room 13.”  You flash back to a more stable version of Room 13.  Check out Wicker’s journal again.

The Latin term “Orderint Dum Metuant” Yahoo answers suggests that the phrase means “let them hate, so long as they fear.”

Reader Nina, comments below:

“Oderint, dum metuant” means “Let them hate, as long as they fear”.
(The game has “orderint” instead of “oderint”; this is either a bad pun or an error.)

Hell and Bach, Wicker's Journal

“Find a way to activate the séance circle.”  Roll away the carpet and you will see the summoning circle.

Need Help using the summoning circle?

You have to type out ORDERINT DUM METUANT in demon glyph. Be careful, because the floor circle does NOT align with the diagram in the book.

Click on the image for a full screen solution

Hell and Bach, the Room 13 Solution


Hell and Bach :  Step 2

“Travel to the location in the top photograph.”

Need Help finding the location?

Head to Agartha and Brooklyn.  Go into the sewers near the Illuminati headquarters and look for a sewer cover at 307, 347.  Quest updates to “Find a way to activate the sceance circle.”

Need Help solving the New York puzzle?

There is a piece of equipment nearby with graffiti on it… in Latin!

Non Sum Qualis Eram, or “I am not what I was.”

Click on the image for a full screen solution

Hell and Bach, New York Solution

Hell and Bach :  Step 3

“Travel to the location in the third photograph.”

Need Help finding the location in the third photograph?
Travel to London.  You are looking for a doorway to a basement apartment at 166, 205.

Entering updates the quest to “Find a way to activate the séance circle.

Need Help solving the London puzzle?
Wicker has carved into the roof, “Orbis Non Sufficit,” which translates to The World is Not Enough.

Click on the image for a full screen solution



Hell and Bach :  Step 4

“Search the room for more information about Wicker’s past.”

  Need Help solving Wicker’s past?

There is a journal on a nearby desk, check it out.  You have to use the cipher you decoded from the past clues to uncover the symbols.  The first pair of words is TABULA RASA, “or blank slate” which references the location to visit.  The second word is SEPTIMUS which means “the seventh”

Hell and Bach, known letters

Need Help Getting into Wicker’s room?
At the tabula rasa, buy a room key for Septimus from the concierge.  Use the key on the cube and head up to Wicker’s room.  The quest updates to “listen to the cassette tape” following that “examine the briefcase.”  You see a picture of a Wicker lecture with symbols on it.  The symbols translate to Ad August per Angusta, which translates to “August through the strait (or narrow).”  

The quest updates to “Go to the location mentioned in the flyer.”

Need Help finding the location mentioned in the flyer?
The flyer mentions going to the Occult Museum, which is to the SW of the Templar HQ at 296, 270.

Hell and Bach :  Step 6

“Find a way to view Theodore Wicker’s lost lecture.”  The museum is closed, but a scrawled note directs you to Wickers “private Youtube Channel” at -E11 ot Dewhurst.

Need Help deciphering the note?
This turns out to be the name ELLIOT DEWHURST.  Checking for him and lecture on Youtube leads you to:

Interested in the Latin in this quest?

Nina comments:

I should think that all four quotes point to a person travelling a lonesome path, convinced to be (or to have become, as in “Non sum qualis eram”) singled out in one way or the other: privileged, powerful, but also isolated and deprived of happiness, having left the world of joy and love behind:

Oderint, dum metuant” (“Let them hate, as long as they fear”) is a fragment from a lost tragedy, said by Suetonius to have been often quoted by the Emperor Caligula, who was little loved by his people.

Orbis non sufficit” (“The world is not enough”) is attributed to Alexander the Great. (And made famous again in recent times by the Bond family.)

Non sum qualis eram” (“I am not the way I used to be”), in the two famous poems that have the line (Horace 4.1 and, quoting Horace, E. Dowson), refers to youth and love renounced or lost.

A person, I should add, also able and willing to transcend the limits of the secular world (“Orbis non sufficit”).

For Dowson’s poem, listen to this:

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A Necessary Evil

A Necessary Evil

TSW Mission Guide

Shadowy Forest

A necessary evil is the first of a two-part set of quests located at the Dmir farm in the northern part of Shadowy Forest.  Silviu Dmir and his mother are two of the more reprehensible allies you work with in the Secret World and this quest and it’s follow up the Cellar Door are heavy on the heebie-jeebies.

A necessary evil is a relatively straight forwards quest.  However, finding the appropriate items on step 1 can be problematic.

Step 1

“Find the sedative, the chainsaw, the meat grinder and the power generator.”

 Need Help finding the items?
  1. Generator 1077, 1055
  2. Grinder 1097, 1035
  3. Pill box 1082, 1067 upstairs in main house
  4. Chainsaw at 1131, 1089

Step 2

“Destroy pig totames, sedatives and find barn with bait.”

 Step 3

“Kill Feral and Totemic Cantankermouths”

 Step 4

“Kill the Ghoul Leader.”

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Knight of the Draculesti

 Knight of the Draculesti

A TSW Mission Guide

Shadowy Forest

Knight of the Draculesti is given out by Tibor at the Romani camp in Shadowy Forest.  Tibor and Luminata have discovered some ancient relics in their graveyard playground.  You are tasked with returning the relics of the deceased knight of the draculesti.

 Step 1

“Go to the Graveyard.” 

Need Help with the Spirits?

For these encounters it is very helpful to layer on weakened early in the fight.  The targets take additional damage when they have 5-stacks of weakened.

 Step 2

“Find the Draculesti Shrine.” This is the church in the graveyard.

 Step 3

“Gather the pieces of broken cross.”  Use the pieces to repair the cross.

 Step 4

“Locate Gaspar lute’s Mauseleum.”  Collect his spurs.

 Step 5

“Find the Draculeti Helmet.”  Pickup the helmet.  Kill a mini-boss.

Step 6

“Find the Draculesti Shield.”

Need Help getting the shield?
Destroy the barriers that protect the shield.  Get the shield before the barrier is recovered.  This is a timed step.

 Step 7

“Find the Draculesti Scythe.”

Need Help with Istvain Taius?
Collect the scythe from Istvain Taius.  Istvain locks out his area when you engage him.  He casts a large cicular effect that nearly covers the entire battle area.  He also leaves blood puddles that do persistent damage.

 Step 8

“Place the Draculeti relics on the shrine.”

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TSW Mission Guide

Shadowy Forest

Crossroads is given out by Mosul, conveniently located at the crossroads, in the Shadowy Forest.  Mosul knows a good bit about the hellspawn and demonic invasion from the nearby Hell Rifts.  This quest sends you out to push back the invading hell forces.  This is one of four quests in the Shadowy Forest that grant signet reward bags as the quest reward.  You should complete these quests on recycle to help maximize your advance gearing needs.

Need some help killing demons and hellspawn?
Note – Hinder can be very useful in this quest.  The hellspawn take additional damage when under a hinder effect!

 Step 1

“Approach the invasion force.” Updates to “interecept a tactician of the tuning carrying communication.

Need Help finding the tactician’s plans?
The tactician spawns and walks the road circuit in the destroyed village.  You may need to move around a bit within the quest radius to find one.

Be aware that the quest item needs to be acquired quickly after killing a Tactician.  The tactician drops the plans and the plans don’t stay up long.  You can easily lose them fighting hell swarms.  “Inspect the plans.”

Step 2

“Find and collapse shifting hellrifts.”

Need Help closing shifting hellrifts?
Shifting rifts, unsurprisingly, shift fast.  They can spawn anywhere inside the quest area.  Although, in our experience when you find one shifting rift it is usually worthwhile to keep working that area as more will spawn soon.

Close the rift by right-clicking on it, your mouse icon turns into a gear when you hover over the interaction point.

Act quickly to close them.

 Step 3

“Kill the first, second and third of Trollite.” 

Need Help Finding and Killing a Trollite?
This step of Crossroads requires a ring event around equilabotory rifts.

There are three different sets of two equilabotory rifts.  You close these rifts the same way you closed the shifting rifts.  However, each time you clear an equilabotory rift, you will get an additonal add encounter from the center rift.  After you clear two of the equilabotory rifts, a Trollite is summoned.

The Trollite are unique to each of the three sets of rifts.  You need to clear each of the three to advance and complete Crossroads.

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Filth Buster (Wild Hunt)

Filth Buster

TSW Mission Guide

Shadowy Forest

Filth Buster is given out by the Lele, a fantasy creature in the Shadowy Forest.  The quest is currently mis-labled as “the Wild Hunt” on the Lele’s qeust list.  However the quest loads as Filth Buster and completes achievements associated with Filth Buster.

This is one of four Shadowy Forest quests that awards a signet bag upon completion.  These quests should be repeated whenever the timer allows to help with your advanced gearing needs.

Step 1

“Pickup some wooden spikes.” Then destroy fungal creatures.

These items do not actually appear in your inventory, nor do you actually interact with them during the quest.  At the completion of the quest you will be mounting bug heads on these wooden spikes – they manifest as needed at that time.

 Step 2

“Locate the Fungal Hive.”  Exterminate critters.

Need Help finding spore sacs?
The spore sacs sit around the hill.  Killing them triggers spawn swarms.  Both update the quest steps.

 Step 3 

“Search for the source of the corruption.”

Need Help finding the source of the corruption?
Kill more critters and pickup stuff they throw on the ground.  These are elite spawns and deliver a number of effects.  A partner can be helpful here.

 Step 4

“Impale Fungal Creatures.”

Need Help Impaling Creatures?
Simply click the actionable squares in the quest area to complete this quest.  Very anti-climatic, felt like there should be another step.
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Last Dance of the Padurii

Quest Giver – Anastasia (middle of lake, on an island with a mystical wagon)
Step 1Take Anastasia’s Music Box then use the box to capture the music of a sighing forest spirit.  This might make the spirit’s hostile to you. 
Step 2 – The quest updates to “use the box to capture the music of an enslaved forest spirit.”  The spirits are hidden, tethered to Fata Padurii Spiritcallers.  You have to engage a Padurii to get the spirit to show up.  Then, you have to capture the spirit while getting beat on by the tree.  Partners are very helpful here.
Step 3“Capture notes from shrilling, keening and clamouring spirits.”  Keening and Clamouring spirits can be found on Fata Padurii, however these are very tough opponents.  If you can’t corrupt them to reduce their healing output, you won’t beat them.  We couldn’t keep corruption up fast enough to take them out.  Ultimately, we simply tanked one while siphoning notes off the spirits.
Step 4“Lure out Mama Padurii.”  You need to get to the quest point without agro from Padurii.  Fortunately, they don’t have a large agro radius (although they have a very large assist radius).  So, you can work your way there carefully.  Use your music box in proximity of the stone to summon Mama Padurii.  Once you do, the quest updates to “Kill Mama Padurii.”
The trick to this fight is separating Mama from her pets.  You use the rock and the environment to do this.  The rock drops Mama’s ability to use ranged attacks, she has to follow you and the pets won’t follow well.  We used the rock and than ran up the hill immediately behind the rock, a few steps up the hill, she would lose her buffs and we would engage.
She will resummons pets, though, when that happens, use the rock again and pull her down to the rocks.  She leaves the pets up on the hill and you can attack her.  A couple of cycles of this and you win.

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Six Feet Under – Mission walk through

Quest starter – Alina (NW corner of Shadowy forest, at a tunnel)
Step 1Read the document. 
Step 2Use tracking device to find the first itemIt is located at 631, 1085
Find and retrieve the second crate  it is located at 563, 1065
Find the third crate at 733, 992
Find the fourth crate at 742, 936
Find the briefcase at 625, 1011
Find and retrieve the contents of the briefcase, follow the papers to 581, 1002
Step 3Call in a helicopter from the bunkerSearch nearby box for a flare, light flare.  Hold off ghouls until the helicopter arrives. This is a ring event.  It ends with the Peat Bog Mystic.
Quest updates to “hand over the artifacts.”  A helicopter arrives and picks up the goods.
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Mortal Sins – Steps 21-29 (Carpathian Fangs) Walk through with spoilers

Mortal Sins, TSW Story Line

Carpathian Fangs Steps: 21-29

The story prior – Mortal Sins 1-20

Mortal Sins concludes in the Carpathian Fangs playfield of Romania.  In this segment, the players race against time to put an end to Mara and to uncover the secret plot unraveling the Gaia engines.  The players will continue to work towards fulfilling the prophecy of the Eagle, the Owl and the Dragon.  This TSW Guide, as is normal for our guides, contains spoiler text so you only get hints on the step you need help.

Mortal Sins: Step 21

“Go to Carpathian Fangs.”

 Mortal Sins: Step 22

“Find one of Mara’s messengers.” 

Need Help with Mara’s messengers?
You find the messenger near 634, 1268.  Do NOT attack said messenger, quest updates to “Follow the messenger.”  Follow him down the road for some ways, quest updates at the Eagle’s nest to 667, 1061.  He enters a building, wait for the Vampiric messenger and follow him.

The vampire enters at 890, 1146.  Wait for the Hybrid messenger and follow him to 980, 954 where he enters a door.  Wait for the Hybrid messenger to come back out and follow him.  At 1047, 840 you get an update to “Inspect the site.”  Approaching it triggers a cutscene.

 Mortal Sins: Step 23

“Follow Emma.”  Emma leads you to 901, 878.  This gives you an intensive cutscene with flashbacks tying Emma and the Prometheus Initiative together.

Want a hint to the back story?
Check out the photo of girls in our Virgula Divina guide, Emma is in the bottom right of the picture.  She was part of the Orochi experiment.

Mortal Sins: Step 23, following Emma

 Mortal Sins: Step 24

“Find the One.”  Follow Emma again.  Emma leads you to the house at 635, 638.

Need Help finding the One?
No, you aren’t in the Matrix and you don’t need Neo.  The One is Callisto, located at 905, 434.  You can enter his cavern complex via, Repentence Cavern at 930, 502.

 Mortal Sins: Step 25

“Join Callisto at Mara’s Palace.”  Hop into the moat and traverse to the cavern near 343, 963.  “Enter the Palace Below.”  You enter the instance.

 “Find a way to unlock Mara’s chambers.” 

Need Help with Vampires and Rituals?
You run into a number of Vampire Sadists, these are relatively strong opponents that must be defeated before they wrack up 5 blood stacks.  Near the far door, you have to face potentially three.  You can use Line of Sight pulling tactics to get just two.  With a well timed impair and a good AOE build, you can take two out.

In the center of the room is an altar, it won’t activate just yet.  On the far side is a door, it won’t activate either.  However, down in the basement area of the room you are in are flesh-thing monsters, they drop body parts.  Collect a set.  You need a Head, Torso, two arms and two legs.

Place the body parts on the altar – I had to do a circle to place all of them.

“Enter Mara’s Chambers.” Head through the door.  Mara awaits.  She may be a hard fight, build depending.  She summons adds to her aid and she casts a wide area pbaoe.

Need Help defeating Mara?
I used the Blue Mountain Fist/Blade build (at QL10) with primarily tank gear and found the fight to be quite easy.  It appears you can LOS the PBAOE using the horses in the room.  On Aela’s attempt, we observed that the horse statues become destroyed after you hide behind one.  So, apparently this is a reasonable tactic and is par t of the timer for the event.

When you defeat Mara, Callisto conducts his summing trick and brings back Dracula himself.  Dracula takes  Mara out and the quest updates to, “Return to the Carpathian Fangs.”

 Mortal Sins: Step 26

“Enter the Breach.”

Mortal Sins: Step 27

“Follow Emma”

 Mortal Sins: Step 28

“Follow Emma into the chasm.”

 Mortal Sins: Step 29

“Find the source of the energy.” 

You pass through a portal and receive the message “Find a failing Gaia engine.” 

Need Help with a failing Gaia engine?
Three pulsars on your left and three on your right each release anima with a tone.  The center aura does nothing.  Walking through the center aura (the blue one) places you in a new area.

Mortal Sins: Step 29

The new area has a number of beasts in it.

Mortal Sins, step 29: Am I back in Shadowlands?

There is a portal right where you exit, take it.  Enter the Gaia engine where you land.  The 4th pod is out of tune, fix it.  The quest updates to “Find the next failing Gaia engine.”  Keep following the portal fragments until you find an engine with a way in.

Mortal Sins 29, Inter-dimensional repair man at your service

After about three portals you find the way in.  The 2nd pod is broken in this one.  The quest updates to “Find a way to enter the crater.”  Keep taking portals until you land on one without a new direction to go.  Hop off and run uphill.

Mortal Sins 29, entering a Gaia engine

The quest updates to “Repair the prison or attack it.”  Now its time for the big choice.  If you choose to repair the prison (using the audio clues), you side against the dark matter.  If you free it, who knows.

Mortal Sins, step 29.  the final prison

Need Help repairing the prison?
Screw it, things in prison for multiple millennia probably merited being there.  I repaired the prison.  The notes are slightly off tune.  If you stand right behind a note, you will hear a slight buzzing sound if it is off.

For me, the repairs were the 3rd, the 7th and the 9th note, but this might change for others.  Stand and listen after you “repair” a note.  If it buzzes (high pitched bee sound), you made a mistake.

Mortal Sins concludes with a return from the angelic (or dark angelic) visitor from the introduction dream.  This prison has been restored, but others made other choices.  There will be more challenges ahead.  The story pauses!

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Mortal Sins (Steps 1-20) Walk Through with Spoilers

Mortal Sins: TSW Main Story Arc

Steps 1-20: Besieged Farmlands and Shadowy Forests

The Story prior - Virgula Divina

Mortal Sins is the final story-arc for the launch version of the Secret World.  Players are investigating Orochi interest in the research of the mysterious Red Hand.  A Council of Venice delegate introduces players initially to the Besieged Farmlands which is currently overrun by a Vampire and Ghoul army.  As the story unfolds, players discover that there is much more to the legend of Dracula than you find in Bram Stoker!  This TSW Guide, as with all of our guides, uses spoiler text so that players only receive help on the step they are currently working.

Mortal Sins: Step 1

“Find Carmen Preda of the Council of Venice.”

 Mortal Sins: Step 2

“Enter the village of Harbaburesti.”  Around 1039, 1051 the quest changes to “Go to the Taverna and search for stories.”  After the cut-scene you are given the message “Search the village for the friendly owl.”

Need Help finding an Owl?
There is a new owl up the ramp at 1102, 1009.

 Mortal Sins: Step 3

“Follow the owl.”  The quest updates with a VERY long cut-scene at 948, 557.  “Find the girl with the spyglass watching over the Besieged Farmlands.”

Need Help finding a girl with a spyglass?
You are looking for Zaha at 474, 877.

Mortal Sins: Step 4

“Find out more about Transylvania from Zaha.” 

You learn that the Dracula are the Order of the Dragon hinted at by the Owl.  The quest updates to “Find the circus man in the Forest.”  Your quest takes you to Mihas located in Shadowy Forests (right near Besieged Farmlands zone line) “Ask Mihas about the Romany.”

 Mortal Sins: Step 5

“Go see Milosh.”  You get a lot of backstory from Milosh.

 Mortal Sins: Step 6

“Go to the place where the Draculesti were founded.”  Head west to the ancient city.  “Look for the Draculesti prophecy.”

Need Help finding a Prophecy?
Go up the stairs at 262, 749.  Follow the wooden walkway to the quest location.  Quest updates to “Kill the Architect.”  The diary mentions that a key is hidden in the village.


Mortal Sins: Step 6, on your way to the prophecy

 Mortal Sins: Step 7

“Find the key.” 

Need Help finding a Key?
The key is on a table at 215, 945.  Quest updates to “Look for records of the tomb.”  There are records in an old chapel at 293, 837.  Quest updates to “Find the crypt behind the chapel.”  Enter the grave at 790, 543.  There is a solo-boss mob out front of the graveyard that can be very difficult.  Use weakened effects and avoid his ground damage.  The quest updates to “examine  the tomb.”

Mortal Sins: Step 8

“Find someone who can interpret the document.” 

Need Help finding an interpreter?
This turns out to be Anastasia just east of the Romany camp.  She has extensive information about Dracula and his role in this incident.  The quest updates.

 Mortal Sins: Step 9

“Go to the tree of life.”  This is the Agartha entrance in Shadowy Forests.  The quest updates to “Find the source of the stream.”

Need Help finding the Source?
There is a stream which winds around the back of the tree.  Follow it upstream.  You will lose the stream in a set of pipes, but you can pick It up again at 1135, 875.

 Mortal Sins: Step 10

“Activate the source.” 

Need Help Activating the Source?
This is the source of LIFE.  You need to spell LIFE.  But, Vlad didn’t speak English!.  You are looking at a set of Romanian letters.  You need to spell out life in Romanian.  Viata.  viaţă

Mortal Sins: Step 10, Romanian letters


 Mortal Sins: Step 11

“Find a representation of death.”  The quest updates to “Examine the statue of death.”

Mortal Sins: Step 11, representation of death


 Mortal Sins: Step 12

“Find the water of death.” 

Need Help finding the Water of Death?
You can’t interact with dead things while you are alive!  Suicide using /reset and you will see pilgrims following  the water.  Follow them, this takes you into a cave complex at 1014, 497.  The water is at 1047, 311.

 Mortal Sins: Step 13

“Find the Dragon’s Tomb.”  This is in the graveyard, in the Chapel of the Prince, at 783, 575.  Activate it and jump in. “Enter the Dragon’s Tomb.”

After zoning into the instance, the quest updates to “Join the waters of life and death.”

Mortal Sins: Step 13, Dracula's Tomb

 Mortal Sins: Step 14

“Gather the water with Dracula’s egg to capture the essence.”

Move around in the glowing water for the update.

Mortal Sins: Step 15

“Take a rubbing of the Eagle on the wall.”  The Eagle is NOT lit up, click on the scripture.  The quest updates to “Talk to Milosh about the Eagle.”

Mortal Sins, Step 15: The Eagle

Mortal Sins: Step 16

“Find Octavian’s cabin.” The cabin is near 315, 477.  The quest updates to “Ask the old man about the Eagle.”  Octavian isn’t highly motivated.

 Mortal Sins: Step 17

“Look for something to persuade Octavian.”  There is a letter on a nearby table.

 Mortal Sins: Step 18

“Find Emilia.”  

NOTE:  This step can bug if you are grouped.  If you want to view the cut-scene, you MUST drop group before going further.

 Mortal Sins: Step 19

“Kill a boar.”  “Place the fresh meat near Emilia.”  “Watch as Emilia is attacked and hope the plan works.”

 Mortal Sins: Step 20

“Go back to Dracula’s tomb.”  Entering the tomb updates the quest to “Gather Dracula’s essence.”  You can now “use” the water.  When you do, the egg in the center of the room activates.  The quest advances.

Mortal Sins: Step 20, Back to Dracula's Tomb

 Mortal Sins: Step 21

“Go to Carpathian Fangs.”

The Story Concludes – Carpathian Fangs Steps (21-29)

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Sins of the Father – Infiltration Mission

Sins of the Father: TSW Guide

Video Enhanced Infiltration Mission Walk-Through

Sins of the Father continues the players investigation into the background of Doctor Varias’ father.  The player has likely previously met Doctor Varias while working on the Red Handed investigation.  Dr. Varias will not give out Sins of the Father until you complete two item quests, the Briefcase (1064, 615) and Red Hands aren’t Idle Hands (648, 1322).  This TSW Guide, as with all of our quest guides, uses spoiler text so that you only receive a solution for the step you need help on.  Simply click the appropriate help  spoiler to reveal the solution you need.  This is a fairly lengthy infiltration mission, so our video enhanced guide is in two parts!

 Sins of the Father: Video Guide, Pt.1

Sins of the Father: Step 1

“Enter the Underground Bunker” 

Go the observatory in the NW.  You find a solo instance.

 Sins of the Father: Step 2

“Search the facility for information.”    

Need help finding your way around in the dark?
There is a computer terminal on the opposite side of the room.  Go ahead and use it.  Read everything, item #3 will advance your quest.  Welcome to a very, very dark area.  You read that the servers are operating on emergency power and will reboot on power up.  Checking the laboratory updates.

“Reach the reactor section.”

Need Help Reaching the Reactor?
Grab a fuse from the fusebox. (area 1), Power area 2 and gran the wire in area 2.  Due north, up the long hallway (past one robot guard) is a switch that needs repairing.  Your fuse and wiring will do the trick.  Cycle power to the area by returning to the computer terminal and then return and throw the lever.
Sins of the Father: Mission Map
You are in the southern most room on entry

 Sins of the Father: Step 3

“Initialize the activation sequence for the reactors.”  
The new area features a hallway running east to west, with four reactors (two on the south side, two on the north side).  The reactors are numbered, clockwise starting with the SE reactor.  There is a computer in the hallway right outside the #1 reactor.  You will use this to cycle power and reset the reactivation sequence.
Need Help Sequencing the Reactors?
In the room with Reactor 2, you find a dead body.  The body is carrying a note with the activation sequence (4,2,1,3).  That’s the order you need to power up the reactors.  If you have already clicked on a reactor or two, head back to the computer terminal and reset the sequence. Once that’s done, follow the 4,2,1,3 directions and the reactors will power up.

Sins of the Father, a clue from the past

Be warned, though, that the reactor activation will start up all electricity – including station security systems!

Sins of the Father: Video Walk-through, Pt. 2

Sins of the Father: Step 4

“Reach the server room.”

This step places you in a winding, east-west hallway.  The hallway is littered with active security cameras and a number of cubby holes to hide in while waiting for camera to change orientation.  Should you delay in a camera’s viewing area too long a warning cycles, activating nearby machine gun turrets.  The machine guns don’t hit too hard, but you will not be able to destroy them either.  In my experience, they deactivate if left alone for a bit.

Need Help with the Robot?
Just before you reach the northern rooms, you encounter the lone robot guard for the area.  He traverses the upper hall area and stands looking into the northern rooms for a few moments.  There are some crates just past him you can hide in.  Entering the northern rooms updates the quest to

“Locate the main console.”

Need Help Deactivating Some Lasers?
The main console is in the eastern-most wing and the two rooms leading to it are riddled with lasers.  Each room has two deactivation switches, the switches are always on the west wall (opposite the direction to the main computer).

The first room switches must be activated NW followed by SW.  You can reach these via the center of the room, you do have to jump over a few ground lasers and avoid a single camera.  Remember, you can jump over roughly shoulder high computers.

The second room switches must be activated SW followed by NW.  You reach the first switch via the center of the room.  Jump over a computer terminal on the south side and then wind around until you are back out to the SW.   The second switch is reached by traversing the outer ring of the room counter-clockwise after fixing the first switch.  Be warned, there is a double jump on your way to this switch.  It’s easy to forget one!

This frees up access to the main computer.  There is a single switch as you enter the computer area, throw it and the quest updates to “Retrieve the elder Varias’ research data.”  Use the nearby computer and read through the research options.

 Sins of the Father: Step 5

“Reach the research facility.” 

The computer facility is the southern set of rooms in the section of the building you are currently in.  Before heading there, though, there is an interaction item on the table.  Using it finds a key card, which comes in handy for entering the next area.  Remember to avoid the big robot in the hall!  Entering the southern wing updates the quest.

The quest updates to “Vent the laboratory and override the lockdown.”  The first room you enter has two security camera, a host of machine guns, and three interaction objects (a power control console, a lockdown override console, and a ventilation system activation switch).

Need Help Overriding a Lockdown?
Following your quest journal, the correct order of activation is – power up the area using the power control console, vent the area using the ventilation system activation switch, and then override the lockdown at the lockdown override console.

The quest updates to “locate Prototype XL-239.”  The Prototype is the Sins of the Father referred to in the quest title.  The elder Professor Varias is responsible for this monstrosity’s existence.  It’s hard to miss 239, he’s big… very, very big.  When you target him, your quest updates to “Kill Prototype 239.” 

There are a couple of switches you can throw that activate machine gun turrets.  These can help you during the fight (I believe they need to be reset a few times, as they time out).  I just killed 239 and finished the mission.

Sins of the Father: the Prototype


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