The End of Days Event

TSW Guide for the 2012 Holiday Event:

The End of Days Event

The End of Days Event is now LIVE!  

The event is scheduled to run from now (Dec 21st) until Jan 7th.

(Background information on the event ARG can be found here)

Tanya Short’s Event Blog

(Note from TSWGuides:  Unfortunately, this event was built and released as we are heading out of town for the holidays.  Therefore, it is unlikely we will have a complete guide for some time.  We wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  If you wish to submit any information for this event to the site, please email me at and we will happily credit you with the information)

Irusan, The King of the Cats

I’m telling you, if the Mayans get this whole end of the world prediction wrong, they are finished. There is just no walking back from that big of a mistake.

End of Days Event Content:

A new Contest from Funcom:  Information on the contest can be found at this link.

The contest runs the length of the event,and gives special rewards to the highest participants over the course of the season.  Rewards include a pet and special title!

 Seasonal Achievements: End of Days 0/7

  1. The Big Picture – Complete all End of Days Achievements
  2. Quetzal Catcher – Find all Lore for End of Days (5 Total)
  3. Merry Mayan Prophecy- Complete all Seasonal Missions
    1. The End Of Something
    2. Resplendent Wisdom
    3. Harvesting The Sun
    4. Nameless Days
    5. The Final Countdown
  4. Ghost of Ages Past- Kill 3 Harbringers of the Nameless Days
    1. Harbringer of New England
    2. Harbringer of Egypt
    3. Harbringer of Transylvania
  5. Down for the Count – Kill Bolon Yakte’ K’uh at his full strength
  6. Busted Bones - Kill Bolon Yakte’ K’uh while critically impared by Skull Collector.
  7. Unidentified Flying Objective – Get the Quenzol to help you during the Bolon Yakte’ K’uh fight



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