“The Blue Mountain Special” – 400 Point AR/Blade Survival Build

Assault Rifle and Blade Survival

A Blue Mountain Special

By Aela

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The Blue Mountain Specials are 400 point survival builds that are built around dps and healing.  The builds are targeted at 400 points, which is approximately the number of points you will have at QL 6.  This particular build is designed to do substantial AOE damage utilizing sequenced finishers.  It works wonderfully against pack fights, but suffers in single target encounters.

These builds are not intended to be “end-game” builds, they are solo friendly survival builds that should help you live longer when moving out of Savage Coast into the Blue Mountains.  While these builds are not guaranteed to survive all fights in Blue Mountain (some fights in BM have special effects that hinder success with some builds), it is a good direction for progression.  

Note:  If you can not find the ability in your wheel, click on the menu to the right of your wheel screen, and do a search on the skill name.

Weapons:  Assault Rifle and Blades

Active Abilities: 

  • Suppressing Fire (AR – Bombardment)
  • Forking Paths (Sword – The Cutting Artist)
  • Fire at Will (AR)
  • High Explosive Grenade (AR – Bombardment)
  • Crimson Theater (Sword – The Cutting Artist)
  • Steel Palace – (Sword – The Cutting Artist) *you may chose to replace this ability with a dash or other ability.
  • Anima Vessel (AR – Ground Control)

Passive Abilities:

  • Shoot Em Up
  • Leeching Frenzy
  • Fatal Flourish
  • Perseverance
  • Salt in the Wound
  • Bloodsport
  • Killer Instinct

This build plays nearly identical to the previous “My first 60″ AR/Blade build, however I have replaced a number of abilities to better utilize the effects and procs from the build.

First, instead of starting the fight with Blade Torrent, you will start the fight with Suppressive Fire (allowing some range), and then you will trigger Forking Paths x4.  During these 5 attacks, you will have (1) Leeching Frenzy Proc, (2) Shoot Em Up cause the target to be Afflicted, which makes the Forking Paths trigger its heal, (3) Perseverance to trigger, (4) the affliction status will also cause Salt in the Wound, Fatal Flourish to stack, plus (5) every swing will case Killer Instinct and Blood Sport (Triggering Salt in the Wound and Fatal Flourish again).

Then as with the “My first 60 build” you will trigger off the finishers.   However, unlike before, you now have 2 AR AOE finishers you  can use.  Fire at Will and High Explosive Grenade. These two abilities will trigger extra damage on affliction and since one is a frenzy, it will recycle the frenzy effects.

Once all AR resources have been used, I have replaced the blade finisher with Crimson Theater and Steel Palace (if you need the ward effect).  Though as stated earlier, you may chose to replace one of these.

You will then start back with your Suppressive Fire and restart the rotation.

Finally I have replaced Anima Shot with Anima Vessal, for extra healing if needed.  However you may choose to use something else in its place, or try one of the other healing abilities if needed for extra survivability.

Please leave me any feedback and suggestions.  This build is a work in progress and you might find some replacements more productive for your play style. If anyone ends up using this and feels like sharing, I’d love to see it.  I haven’t spent much time in Sword, so I won’t be getting to it anytime soon :(

Good luck!

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22 Responses to “The Blue Mountain Special” – 400 Point AR/Blade Survival Build

  1. Grogin says:

    On your my first to 60 builds how do you know where to put your points? I mean if you start a new toon, how many do you put say in AR first before you start putting points into blade, that part is not clear to me.

  2. Ryahl says:


    Thanks for the question. We didn't really cover the progress paths for the MF60's and we probably should. To provide a “rule of thumb” answer:

    1. put points into an cheap abilities, particularly those that passively interact with your primary actives
    2. put points into the tree that will ultimately pull in the most abilities
    3. wait on points for deep trees that involve longer cool down abilities (e.g. get your bread and butter rotation going as soon as possible).

  3. Gloryhunter says:

    I would point out that if you got one deeper in bombardment you get Shoot Em Up which cause the Afflicted state since almost all your attacks are frenzies. You could also switch in Twist the Knife in order to increase the damage much more than the Salt in the Wounds.

    Personally I might use something like:

    Crimson Theater
    Bamboo Cutter
    Grass Cutter
    Suppressing Fire
    Fire At Will
    Art of War
    Clearing the Path

    Sharp Blade
    Immortal Spirit
    Shoot Em UP
    Lick Your Wounds
    Twist the Knife
    Art of War

  4. Jeff says:

    Why the 2 AR AOE finishers? They both consume all of your AR resources and they are both AE?

  5. Voidlust says:

    Because Ar resources get built per mob while sword resources get built on you. So you can pop one AR AoE finisher, then tab target the next mob and pop the second one for some pretty nice burst AoE dmg.

    Now my question… How do you prioritize your gear? I am still using your 60pt version of this build and I have been pretty happy with it so far, working towards enough points to try this one. However I have been focusing my gear strictly on DPS, trying to focus on pen / hit secondary when possible and I have to admit at times I feel the overall self healing is pretty lacking. Do you use any healing gear in any slots?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Jeff says:

    I put one 1 peice of heal gear and put the AR secondary skill to rank 4 and it seemed to help a lot.

  8. Riasina says:

    Why Crimson Theater? Find no meaning in the attack :(

  9. Yraen says:

    Just as an FYI on this. Fatal Flourish is kind of a waste of 4 AP as it only stacks to 5 (tooltip says 10, but it's 5), so you can save 4 AP by grabbing Dark Potency from the Blood tree instead.

  10. I'm using this build in Blue Mountains and I'm sorry but it's outrageously shitty.

    Single target DPS and survivability is absolute garbage with this build. And you face mostly single targets with a lot of HP in Blue Mountains

    Someone convince me this build is good and I'm doing it wrong.

    • Aela says:

      This build is an AOE dps survival build. The build won't work very well on single targets. When I was in BM, I faced a lot of AOE fights (I know they changed a lot of the packing of mobs in BM, however I still remember seeing packs of mobs when I ran through the other day) If you wish for single target fights, this is likely not the build for you. It specifically builds off the ability for the AOEs to build resources on individual mobs in a pack, and then use multiple AOE finishers, one on each mob.

    • Aela says:

      Oh, and, be sure and read over the strats on the build from I liked at the start. This build is the direct continuation of that build. It should be clear after reading up both of them that it will not work on single target mobs. However, since I didn't write up the basic strat (and just provided a link), it could be unclear.

    • I think the nerf to mob density has pretty much rendered this build useless for BM. Sorry.

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  13. Camiele says:

    I started my character with this build in mind last weekend and have recently entered Egypt. During AoE encounters, it is quite effective. With encounters of 3 mobs, I will usually go just over 600 DPS in BM but on single target encounters I’m averaging about 190 DPS. Since I dont have anything to compare it to, I’m not sure if that is good, bad, or average. Using Anima Shot vs Anima Vessel, I was able to kite the more difficult single target mobs fairly easily provided there was room for me to do so. The encounters were long but survivability was good. This typically wasnt necessary but came in handy a number of times when I inadvertently picked up an add while I was at/around 50% health.

  14. Ritsuki says:

    Is there a way to make this build more ‘single target friendly’ ?

    • AelaAela says:

      Certainly, sub out the multi-target builder and consumers for a single target one. Back when this build was created, Blue Mountains was well known for its pack fight problems. The zone has been turned downwards a good bit, single target abilities may be all you need.

  15. igor says:

    VDM Code : VDM%-%6814909%-%7080589%-%6377980%-%6941043%-%7080591%-%7080594%-%6837273%-%6850557%-%6852644%-%7080599%-%7080620%-%6942578%-%6942580%-%5778317

  16. Igor says:

    Finally got this build today. Had been using the MyFirst60 AR/Blade Survival build. First impressions aren’t real positive, I feel like the MF60 build had better utility and I could keep myself healed better. Still thanks for this guide and build, I’ll keep using it and see how it goes.

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