Patch 1.3 – Issue #3: The Cat God

TSW Guide to the Cat God

Patch 1.3

Update #3 hits the Secret World

The Cat God T-shirt

Finish the 1.3 content and get this t-shirt

You can view the patch notes for the Cat God here.

Featured Content

The Binding – More information about Ptahmose and his seven sentinel, children.  This is an investigation quest that Funcom calls a “truly epic investigation mission… definitely one of the most challenging and extensive.”  Bring a protractor.

Dogs of War – The werewolf Traian needs your help.  Work with him to sew discord between the werewolf and vampire coalition threatening Romania.

Lair Quests- A new batch of lair quests, lairs are becoming more and more group friendly.  See our guides for Picking up the Pieces, Nobel Calling, Blood Garments, the Trinket Trail, the Mortal Coil and other lair quests on our lair page.

The Halloween Event

It’s not active yet, but the halloween event is tied to the Cat God and apparently patched in with the 1.3 update.  Keep your eyes peeled for cats, quests and swag all month!



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