The Colossus, Melothat

The Colossus, Melothat
A Slow Walk on a Long Bridge

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This fight is an interesting timer-event, taking place along a bridge.  While it has elements of a DPS race, in that if you fail to complete the encounter by the end of Melthat’s walk, it’s actually more about keeping a measured DPS pace than an out and out race.
Upon entering the arena, players are given a cut-scene and then dropped on the far side of the visible bridge.  Just past the players stand two NPC’s guarding a gate and behind the players is a large colossus followed by a train of NPC’s.  Melothat begins lumbering slowly towards the players.

All damage is physical in this encounter, but that shouldn’t matter if you play your cards right.

The First Gate

Your initial priority should be to clear out the two NPC’s (very easy) and then the gate.  Once those are down, engage Melothat.  Be careful not to get too close, or he processes a large knockback.  Stay about 10m away.  To this end, melee dps are not overly helpful in this encounter – being stuck primarily dealing with the adds.
If you DPS too quickly, Melothat will glow red and then charge forwards towards the gate.  So, keep a slow, but steady pace.
When Melothat gets to the first gate, he pauses for a breather.  This is a good time to move to the second gate.

The Second Gate

About the same distance across the bridge as during the prior stage is a new gate. This gate is guarded by a single Orochi elite. You can do one of two things here:

1.  Burn down the Orochi and the gate and then return to Malothet
2.  Burn down the gate and have a tank carry the Orochi elite through the remaining encounter.

As Malothet approaches the second gate, his adds begin joining the fray. They do not have many hitpoints, but they can dish out a lot of damage to low defense players and can eventually overwhelm a tank. Have DPS switch and drop them each time they approach.

Second Warning – If you DPS too quickly, Melothat will glow red and then charge forwards towards the gate.  So, keep a slow, but steady pace.
When Malothet reaches the second gate, he once again pauses for a breather.

The Final Walk

Once he’s through the second gate, Malothet enters his final phase.  Should he complete the end of his walk, the encounter will end badly (e.g. you lose).  We have never had this occur, but it should be avoided (frankly, we think it would be a wipe, but we’re not sure).  From the second gate on, though, the DPS race is on.  You shouldn’t have to worry about the red glow and charge, you can just burn him down.

Break for adds, though, they can easily cause an accidental wipe!

The Final Encounter – The Doctor and the Colossus
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