The Living Oil

Step 1“Go to the Date Factory.”  The quest updates to “Destroy the Shipping Truck.” 
Step 2“Locate more trucks.” You can take an entrance in a break in the walls to the right (loc 376, 235).  There is a camera ahead and you need to watch its pattern.  You can use the stairs on left as a stopping point.  Beware Overseer’s of Change, they are very strong and do a nasty ground effect attack.  Quest updates to “Destroy the second shipping truck.  Destroy the third shipping truck.”
Step 3“Locate dates ready for shipment.”  Quest updates to “Destroy dates stored for drying.”  The dates are a set of crates with a camera overhead.  Quest updates to“Find another batch of dates.”  The next set of dates is in the midst of many workers and overseers. You may find its best to leave the area and approach from the riverbank to the east.  There is a gas valve near 361, 342.  You can use that to bait the workers away from the dates.
Step 4 “Find freshly picked dates.”  Use the river bank, you can go slightly to the east and find an entrance area.  Quest updates to “Destroy the freshly picked dates.”  There is a forklift that can be activated.  The forklift alarm alerts the guards, giving you a few seconds to run over and destroy the dates.
Step 5 “Search the area for the filth source.”  Updates to “Find a way to destroy the filth infected insect mound.”  A seething moss wanders in a circle around the area.  There is a ruined building at 344, 506 with a barrel you can interact with.  Use the barrel to spill it, leaving a line of oil heading to the mount.  Use the oil slick to light it and burn the mound.
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