The Mortal Coil

The Mortal Coil

Lair Quest – Carpathian Fangs

Content Patch 1.3, the Cat God

Outdoor lairs received a second lair quest update in content patch 1.3, the Cat God.  The second round of lair quests involves finding objects in the lair zone.  Each quest rewards players with a choice of patterns for a single, specific lair boss.  The Mortal Coil is the “pickup” lair quest for the Carpathian Fangs lair.  This quest rewards pattern components for the Vulkan

  • Acquire Primary Coil Components (1170, 1012)
  • Acquire Toroid Components (1187, 1038)
  • Acquire 5 Secondary Components
  • Acquire 5 Spark Gap Components
  • Acquire 5 Capacitor Components
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