The Orochi Group (Infiltration) (spoilers)

Infiltration:  The Orochi Group
This infiltration mission starts from Marianne at the CDC Camp in Blue Mountains.  
During the entirety of this quest, we are assuming you will stay away from the Orochi and the drones.  
Step 1/2:  Get past the perimeter without detection:  Run around to the outside, and behind the two vans on the north side of the camp.  Run along the wall, infrount of the gates and behind the crates.  The sensors will not see you here.  The password for the gate is inside the van just past where you are right now.  It is: 0943786
Step 3:  Get inside the science barracks.  Once you are inside the gate, run around to the right and hide in front of the truck.  You need a gas can to continue.  The gas can is located behind the Helicopter on the pad.  Go grab it, and make your way to the science center.  The can allows you to overload the life support on the coolant system behind the building.  Run back there, and use the air-conditioner. 

Run in the side door on the science center.  Click on the greenhouse when you enter, then walk to the right and get the lore object.  Infrount of the lore object is a PDA.  Read it, but you do not have to write down the password.  Quickly walk back to the computers located on the other side of the greenhouse you just activated.  When you open the computers, type /help, and press  1. (if you care, the password was Henry5621.  The system remembers the password you just read (thankfully since you are seriously dotted).  High-tail it out of there, and return to the truck you were standing in front of just inside the gates.   
Step 4:  Upload the data:  Next to the truck is a van, if you jump on the van, it will trigger the alarm and make the lady in the van leave.  Run inside (making sure you don’t get seen), and activate the computer to finish the quest. 

When you finish, the lady will be returning to the van, so take care you are not seen.

NOTE:  The next Investigation quest”Win Win” can be found just outside the truck you are in.  
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