The Pest – PVP Build

The Pest: A Healing Based Glance Tank Build for PVP

by Read

Blades / Chaos

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Active Abilities:

  • Escalation
  • Karma
  • Mockingbird
  • Martial Discipline
  • Sleight Of Hand
  • Clearing the Path
  • Art of War

Passive Abilities

  • Stave Off
  • Tipped Scales
  • Riposte (Can swap to Circulation or another healing passive if you want more healing and less damage)
  • Enervate
  • Regeneration
  • Resilient Defender
  • 6th Sense (Can swap to Forged in Fire for 1v1 situations where 6th Sense won’t proc often enough


As this is a build for PVP, there is no rotation to follow so to speak, the key is anticipating and reacting to your enemies. The most important thing to keep in mind when playing this build is that you cannot block, evade, or glance an attack while impaired, so using Sleight of Hand wisely will go a long way into keeping yourself alive.

Gearing Needs:

For this build, you’ll want an even split between attack rating and heal rating. I use one major and one minor talisman of each, and the rest of my talismans are HP. You’ll want to glyph to around 900 defense, then split the rest of your stat budget between evade and block. Signets of Salvation and Ablation also help the effectiveness of this build.

What makes this build Tick?

This is a glance tank build, meaning that most of its effectiveness comes from when enemy attacks glance you. I designed the build to provide both damage and survivability, so I’ll talk about those aspects separately.

Riposte will damage enemies when their attacks glance you
Enervate will afflict enemies when their attacks glance you
Clearing the Path automatically penetrates when you hit an afflicted target

Those 3 skills together will provide you with good, consistent damage to multiple enemies. While you won’t kill enemy healers this way, you will overwhelm them and they won’t be able to keep everyone alive.

Mockingbird causes any attack that hits you to also heal you.
Resilient defender causes any attack you evade, block, or any attack that glances you to also heal you.
6th Sense will heal you for 10% of your HP after every 6 attacks that glance you.
Tipped Scales applies a Heal Over Time(HOT) whenever you hit an impaired enemy. Combined with Stave Off, this HOT will have close to 100% uptime when multiple enemies are attacking you.
When you hit an enemy with Karma, it will cause that enemy’s next attack to heal you for 2% of your HP(at 5 resources). If you hit 5 enemies with it, that’s 10% of your HP :)
Regeneration gives you a massive HoT when you use Martial Discipline.

All of the above combined will provide you with anywhere from 300 to 1500+ healing per second, depending on how many enemies are attacking you.

I posted a video of this build in action so you can kind of see how everything works together.

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