The Red Thread

The Red Thread

Investigation Mission: Carpathian Fangs

Content Update 1.4, Big Trouble in the Big Apple

The Red Thread is given out by Callisto in the Carpathian Fangs, the pre-requisite for this quest is a History of Violins.  The quest deals with Callisto’s turning at Mara’s hands and her prior turning by some unidentified woman (Lillith?).  Callisto makes reference to having his name changed by Mara based on her (poor) understanding of Greek mythology.

The Red Thread, Step 1: Find the place where Mara studied

During a History of Violins, Callisto had you visit a library at a nearby monastary, that’s probably a good starting point.  The quest updates to “Search the library for a book about Callisto,” when you enter 1038, 335.  The book can be found at 1046, 316

The Red Thread, Step 2: Search the Library

The book (with caption Metamorphosen Liber Secundus) reads:

We always did dance around each other.  Of course I knew you were in love with me, you vile dilettante.  Why else would you have stayed in the castle when he went away.  Why else would you be seeking my secrets even now?  I’m sure the centuries have done nothing to sharpen your verse, but what about your wit?

My past has been hidden in the long shadows of gods,

My soul is a song you must play in the dark,

These the weights of my burdens,

Mara 1863

At this point, the candles become action items.

There are four candles left to right along one wall and two candles on the far wall.  Each of the far wall candles corresponds to the pair on its side of the room:

1    2     3     4

5                  6

  • 1 toggle 1 and 2
  • 2 toggles 2 and 4
  • 3 toggles 2, 3, 6
  • 4 toggles 3 and 4
  • 5 toggles 2, 4 and 5
  • 6 toggles 1, 2 4 and 6

Need Help with the Candles?

  1. Make certain that all six are on (camp and log back in fixes this if you are confused).
  2. Toggle 5
  3. Toggle 3
  4. Toggle 1

The quest updates to “Take the spectral lyre.”  The lyre is sitting near a Lingering one, but you can pick it up without interacting with him.

The Red Thread, Step 3: Play the spectral lyre

The lyre is in your inventory, pluck it.  Follow the musical trail.

Need Help staying in tune?

The music is taking you to 1124, 325

The quest updates to “Remove the protective wards.”  There are four items in the room

  • The symbol of Juno
  • The symbol of Callisto
  • The symbol of Diana
  • The symbol of Jupitor
Each plays a musical note.  Remember the lyre tune you followed in?  You are rebuilding it

Need Help Strumming a Tune?

  1. Callisto
  2. Diana
  3. Jupiter
  4. Jupiter
  5. Juno
  6. Jupiter
  7. Diana
  8. Jupiter
  9. Diana
  10. Callisto
  11. Diana
  12. Jupiter
  13. Juno
  14. Jupiter
  15. Jupiter
  16. Diana
  17. Diana
  18. Callisto
Be careful to make sure you are aligned properly with each note.  It is easy to mis-click (or mis-use) and get an unintended note.

 The Red Thread, Step 4: Solve the third line of the verse

 These, the weights of my burdens

Need Help Unloading Mara’s Burdens?


The clue here is the initial text.  Ovid’s treatment of the Callisto myth.  Callisto (TSW) misunderstood Mara, thinking she was simply mis-using mythic names.  Rather, Mara sees a parallel between her story with Vlad and Callisto (and Lillith) and that of Callisto, Diana, Jupiter and Juno.  Your task is to figure out to whom she feels a burden.

Least to Greatest

  • Diana (herself)
  • Juno (Lillith)
  • Callisto (Callisto)
  • Jupiter (Vlad)

 The Red Thread, Step 5: Find Mara’s hidden vault

Poor poet, how far will you go without going all the way?  You’re so thirsty, but you don’t drink.  Must we play this game forever?  The truth is I find your poems boring and you’ll get nothing from me.  At least, no more than the endless years you have gotten already.  The water babbles, Callisto, but not for you.  Because you were never among her favored.

Need Help finding a Vault?


Stripping and bathing, where would you do that?  Try the Roman Baths.

The quest updates at location 804, 354

Unlock the Vault

Want help playing with stars?


Callisto was turned into the constellation Ursa Major in Greek Mythology.  You need to build the same constellation (have fun with that).

Ursa Major - solution

Yeah… this was as fun as it looks

Another look at Ursa Major

Red Thread - Ending Templar

Red Thread - Ending from Mara



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