The Research of Tyler Freeborn

The Research of Tyler Freeborn

Signature Quest – Content Update 1.5

Blue Mountains

(This is the second of a series of quests about Tyler Freeborn.
The first step is The Search for Tyler Freeborn and the third is The Tenacity of Tyler Freeborn.



The Research of Tyler Freeborn begins with video Tyler shot of a Guardian.  He finishes off with a cryptic note that he’ll secure it, somehow.  This Secret World guide walks you through all steps needed to complete the Research of Tyler Freeborn.

The Research of Tyler Freeborn, Step 1 – Find the location where the video was shot

The quest takes you to the North side of Blue Mountain.  Upon arrival it updates to “Follow the tracks that lead from the area.”

You find tracks at 690, 913, heading NNE.  A Guardian attacks you at 829, 910.

The Research of Tyler Freeborn, Step 2 – Follow the Trail of the Guardian

The Guardian runs off to the West.  You get an update around 537, 899.

The Research of Tyler Freeborn, Step 3 – Defend the Holding Cell

You find a filth infected Orochi in a holding cell and have to defend him (?) from several waves of guardians.  Once you complete this, the quest updates.

The Research of Tyler Freeborn, Step 4 – Follow the pack to find the Orochi Assault Leader

You will find tracks heading to the West, then curving north leading down to the water.  The quest updates at 310, 934 to “enter the cave.”  This leads you into an instance, moving forwards updates the quest to “Defeat the Alpha Guardian.”

The Alpha Guardian is a high hitpoint boss with a column attack and periodic puddles of filth.  He teleports away periodically and you get a few waves of guardians to defeat.  After a few cycles, you win and the quest updates to find the Orochi leader.  Upon finding him, the quest updates to “Examine the Orochi tablet.”  Examining the tablet updates the quest to “Use the tablet to find more information.”

Go ahead and read about the Private and subject #3 before reading up on Tyler.  The Orochi realize that Tyler Freeborn is on to something and that two different mutations are duking it out on Solomon Island.  They are trying to find him to advance their research.

That ends the quest and begins the next Tyler Freeborn quest.

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