The Search for Tyler Freeborn

The Search for Tyler Freeborn

Action Quest – Blue Mountain

Content Update 1.5

(This is the first of a series of quests about Tyler Freeborn.
The following step is The Research of Tyler Freeborn)


The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn is a series of quests added in content update 1.5.  This is the first purchased download content in the Secret World “Buy to Play” business model.  Once you buy the pack and activate it, you get an inventory item called VIP map, Freeborn.  Activating that opens up a map near the Asylum in Blue Mountains.

Right near the Turner house, you find the first quest marker, an SD card sitting on the side of the road.   This is the start of the first quest.

Tyler Freeborn lived on Solomon Island and was documenting information on the fog.  You are going to follow his video and find out what happened.  Tyler’s a conspiracy nut, but not the sharpest tack in the box.  He’s out taping, alone, during the zombie apocalypse when the Varangian (or Cta Tha if you prefer) pops up out of the ocean.  I predict hors-d’oeuvre de Tyler were on the menu.  At any rate, it’s time for you to Search for Tyler Freeborn.

The Search for Tyler Freeborn, Step 1 – Go to the location where Tyler was filming.

The quest updates to “Search the area for a clue to Tyler’s whereabouts”, this location is marked on your map.  Dog tags are sitting near the boat.

The Search for Tyler Freeborn, Step 2 – Go to the military camp.

Upon arrival, the quest updates to Search the camp for information about Tyler Freeborn.  Use the military laptop, choose Incident Reports (4) , Trespassing (2) .  This tells you about his blog at  Time to check his blog.

The quest updates to “Search for Tyler Freeborn at his safehouse.”  His safe house is at 369, 521.  You update to “Read the note.”

Tyler’s last blog notes suggest that the military took his cameras and probably ransacked his trailer at the Wabanaki camp.  We should follow suit.

The Search for Tyler Freeborn, Step 3 – Go to the trailer park

Upon arrival, the quest updates to “Figure out which trailer the key is for.”  There is an Orochi agent near 200, 661 (he disappeared on my approach) the quest updateds to “Pursue the agent”  He hops in a van and rushes away, you get “

The Search for Tyler Freeborn, Step 4 – follow the van

It’s heading towards the Orochi camp.  Black helicopters pursue you, fun, fun!

You get another cut-scene with the van crashing and a Draug Warmonger taking out the helicopter.  You then have to check wreckage.

The Search for Tyler Freeborn, Step 5 – Search the wreckage for evidence

You find the SD Card at 149, 820.  Using it finishes off the first quest.

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