The Ur-Draug

The Ur-Draug

Final Boss – Polaris

Previous Encounter – Primordial Dweller

After completing the Primordial Dweller encounter, players hop aboard an Orochi helicopter with the dungeon apparently over.  They are provided a cut-scene of their departure, which is suddenly interrupted by the emergence of the Ur-Draug.  This is one of my favorite cut-scenes in the game and it is certainly a treat for those traversing the dungeon for the first time.

Ur'Draug - the cut-scene

After the Ur-Draug destroys the helicopter, the players load the battle arena.  The Ur-Draug battle arena is basically circular with four pillars placed in a square formation, dividing the arena to an inner and outer circle.  The pillars play an important part in line of sight defense during this encounter.  The UD encounter is quite intense, with numerous effects and transition stages.

It is very easy for players to get separated during transitions, players in the normal version are recommended to use survival builds (dps/healing builds with blended dps/hp/healing talisman).  Additionally, since the encounter can involve quite a bit of running around, ranged dps builds have a slight advantage with more uptime for damage while melee dps have to run around to reacquire targets.

In the elite version, the damage output from Ur-Draug can be quite intense.  Because of this, new elite groups may find it useful to have a full healer and a backup healer.  Tanks are encouraged to bring high mitigation and mitigation buffing skills to this fight.

There are three stages to this fight, although the first two stages may occur multiple times depending on the DPS of your group.  Each stage has different effects to manage.

Normal Stage

The encounter begins in this stage.  Additionally, the encounter resets to the normal stage at the end of the Hide and Seek stage (see below).  During this stage, UD has several mechanics:

Ur-Draug, now there's a big fellow

Cleave – the basic attack for Ur-Draug is a cleave attack.  In the elite version, this attack is lethal to dps and healers.  To this end, it is critical that all players play smart on agro management.  Let the tank get the fight started, positioned, and an agro rotation established before DPS jump in.

Slam – this is a cone attack radiating from the front of Ur-Draug.  The attack does high damage and a substantial knockback.  The tank can easily avoid this attack by strafing out of the cone.  Once the attack is done, strafe back to the front to keep the boss positioned properly.

Anti-Kite Defense – this effect will not come into play with a tank/healer setup, but it can come into play if a group lacks a tank (or if the tank dies).  If Ur-Draug fails to land an attack three times in a row, he will root a nearby target and immediately slam them.

Cosmic Gaze – this is a channeled breath effect with a fairly large cone range in front of UD.  In our experience, tanks with good heal backup can simply stand through this damage.  If your tank is unable to survive the damage output, consider kiting the boss around a pillar until the effect ends.

Extinction – this usually does not occur until the second normal stage of the fight.  Ur-Draug will dive underwater and disappear.  He immediately pops up in the center of the battle arena and begins channeling extinction.  When this effect ends, it does a zone-wide aoe that deals significant damage and knockback.  Players should run to a column as soon as UD goes underwater and use line of sight to avoid the extinction effect.

Hide and Seek Stage

This is a timed stage that will trigger at least once per encounter unless you have significant dps.  Lower dps groups may have to deal with this stage two or more times (particularly in the normal stage for low geared groups).  UD runs back to his starting position and the zone goes blue.  Your Orochi handler will warn you via voice-over that something bad is happening and that you should avoid engaging for the moment.

Players should find a pillar and hide behind it.  Ideally all players should hide at the same pillar, but it is quite likely that your group will get split up during this stage.  There are three important effects in this stage:

Cosmic Sundering – if Ur-Draug sees a player, they will unavoidably suffer this effect.  UD will root the player and then begin casting Cosmic Sundering.  When the effect lands, it does a large knockback and damages the player for 90% of their maximum health.  Players not at full health will immediately die from this effect.

Adds – During the hide and seek stage, Ur-Thing adds will spawn and wander around the zone.  These are the eyes and ears of the Ur-Draug, they are helping him find the party.  They do modest amounts of damage from range.  Players can kill them, but the UD will respond to the damage and head over and check out the area.  Be careful not to let the Ur-Things lure players into positions where the UD can see them!

Pillar Destruction – UD will periodically decide to destroy a pillar.  There is a large charge-up before he does it.  Players hiding behind the pillar have a few seconds to make a dash to an adjacent pillar, or they will suffer from the Cosmic Sundering effect.   If the fight progresses through several hide and seek phases, it is possible for all pillars to be destroyed.

Ur-Draug, Anyone seen a hiding place?

Final Stage

When the boss hits about the 10% health level, he enters his final stage.  This triggers the same “blue” effect you saw during Hide and Seek, but it does not come with the cosmic sundering damage.  Players should pile on DPS at this time and bring the boss down for the kill.

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