Patch 1.5 – The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn

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The Vanishing Of Tyler Freeborn

A boat, and fog? This can’t be good.


New Content for Update 1.5

Patch 1.5 introduces the first of the Downloadable Content Patches for TSW since the game went “Buy to Play” (B2P).  With the addition of this patch, all players who purchase the game prior to Jan 2013 will receive this content free of change.  Any players joining TSW after the new year will be billed $5 for this update.

In addition to the following missions, 1.5 also includes the addition of a Shortcut bar, which allows players to bind items to hotkeys!  This bar is found when you open your inventory and is set to shift# be default. Players can reassign these items to new keys in the Settings>Controls>Inv Shortcuts



  • A brand new mission line is now available: ‘The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn“. This is the first DLC mission.  All current players and all players who purchase the game in December 2012 will receive it for free.  To access the mission please open the Item Store and claim it from the Boosts / Account tab.
  • The Uncertainty Principle – the mission to the new Auxiliary weapon ‘Quantum Brace’ has now been activated. To get started in this mission, talk to Moose in Kingsmouth.
  • From Carthage to Cairo – Tanis in the Scorched Desert needs help in covering her tracks in her involvement of a certain shipment.
  • Obstructive Persons – help Alina Florea in The Shadowy Forest with her plans to leave Morninglight.

The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn – Signature Story Arc

The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn is a series of quests added in content update 1.5.  This is the first purchased download content in the Secret World “Buy to Play” business model.  Once you buy the pack and activate it, you get an inventory item called VIP map, Freeborn.  Activating that opens up a map near the Asylum in Blue Mountains.

Right near the Turner house, you find the first quest marker, an SD card sitting on the side of the road.  Quests in the Tyler Freeborn sequence include:

…More to come!








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