The Varangian

The Varangian

Polaris Normal and Elite Version

Previous Encounter - Blarbane Sorceress

The Varangian is a two-stage fight with several effects.  You encounter the Varangian immediately after completing the Blarbane Sorceress encounter.  Players have already seen all of the Varangian’s effects, this fight simply introduces stage transitions.

The Varangian: Stage One

This portion of the fight takes place in the large body of water where you initially encounter the Varangian.  There are three important elements in this stage:

 Charged Hack – this is a generic big hit attack.  It can hit multiple parties and should be avoided by all but the tank.  While this effect should leave a visible circle to avoid, the circle is often lost in the deep murky water and players simply take the damage from the Hack.  DPS and Healers will find this attack does substantive damage, tanks will take noticeable damage from this effect.

 Deep Calling – The Varangian will periodically surround himself in black go.  It is a high damage attack that also has a knockback/stun.  This effect should be avoided by all parties if possible.

Adds- The Varangian will periodically dive underwater and become dormant.  When he does this, a group of adds (Sea Burials) will spawn.  These adds will typically swarm the  healer and must be dealt with as quickly as possible.  However, be aware that the Varangian himself will come up out of the water after a few seconds.  There is enough time to deal with the adds on normal, but the adds may still be up when he reappears on elite.  The Varangian does a full hate clear during this stage, so when he returns to the fight, the hate tables are empty.

The Varangian, starting the encounter

The Varangian: Stage Two

After completing his mechanics a few times, the Varangian will turn tale and start running out of the battle arena.  This is the transition to stage two and players should run with him.  A couple of adds will spawn and join you, ideally have the tank pick them up with aoe’s and continue to bring them along until the Varangian gets to the next battle area.

The final battle area takes place at a circle of shipping crates.  The Varangian will position himself in the water inside the circle and will then electrocute the water.  All water, including that in the first battle area, is now electrified just like in the Jarl fight.  Electrified water does minor damage and snares, it should be avoided when possible.

Players should hop up onto the shipping crates for this final stage.  The shipping crates will be randomly electrified.  Players may elect to play leap frog and try to avoid the electricity.  However, a healer with reasonable aoe heal capacity can easily heal through this damage.  During this final stage, the Varangian will continue to use his Charged Hack attack, which can be quite lethal to melee clustered up with the tank.

Next Encounter - Haughbui Mother

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2 Responses to The Varangian

  1. Doug Gordy says:

    you can stand on the rocks just to the right as you encounter the second part and not have to deal with the electricity from the shipping containers

    • Ryahl says:

      Thanks Doug,

      I knew about this location from beta, but I was hesitant to add it to the guide.

      I suspect this is a glitch in the encounter and not intentional. As such, I believe it will eventually get removed.

      At any rate, until then, certainly use the spot!

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