The Vision – Full walkthrough with spoilers

TSW Guide: The Vision – Full Walk Through with Spoilers

Investigation Mission in Kingsmouth

Madame Roget gives out the investigation quest, the Vision.  It is the easiest of the four investigation missions in Kingsmouth (Kingsmouth Code, Dead Air, the Vision, and Something Wicked).  This quest walks you around most of the easier locations of Kingsmouth to help the novice adventurer get their bearings.

The Vision: Tier 1

“On the tip of the pyramid, your path shall be revealed.
Hint: Look at your map, all of it.  Read the names of the landmarks!
The pyramid is in the southeastern part of Kingsmouth.  The southern mouth to Fletcher Bay is called “Pyramid Point,” go there (around loc 647, 124)!

The Vision: Tier 2

“Shadows, long shadows, from the old boughs of the fairy forest, the flickering lights of the foolish fire guiding your path.  ‘Come, come!’ they beckon.” 
Hint: Where might you find ancient trees with flickering balls of light?
The wispwood is to the south of the town, west of Norma Creed and south of the Sheriff’s station.  Look for the big tree surrounded by wisps.  Run up to the tree for the update (around loc 241, 139)

The Vision: Tier 3

“There’s bees, the incessant buzzing of bees, and flowers – flowers blooming out of season – to mark the path ahead.” 
Hint: Didn’t someone you talked to early in the game mention buzzing and bees?
Remember talking to the station master in Agartha (really, if you didn’t you should, it’s an interesting discussion tree).  The bees live in Agartha.  Go back to the entrance near Jack Boone (loc 20, 165) for this update.

The Vision: Tier 4

“I see an angel, guarding hallowed ground, sword in hand to ward off evil and guide the way.” 
Hint: Where would you find Hallowed ground?
There is an angel statue in the graveyard (loc 270, 492).

The Vision: Tier 5

“The cold, dead eyes of the innocent stare at you from the gallows, their blank gaze a mirror to the past… and the future.” 
Hint: This step confuses the heck out of people. There is a landmark, with a sign, that might be useful here?
For it to make any sense, you probably needed to explore northern Kingsmouth and check out a plaque on the Langmore Bridge (loc 216, 776).
A sign found at a bridge in Kingsmouth, used in The Vision
Tier 6 – Walk onto the bridge and kill the spectre for the update.
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