To Sir, With Love

To Sir, With Love

Action Quest – Savage Coast

Content Patch 1.4, Big Trouble in the Big Apple

To Sir, With Love is a new action quest added in content patch 1.4, Big Trouble in the Big Apple.  The quest is given out by Hayden Montag at the Innsmouth Academy and requires completion of Science and the Arts and the Faculty as pre-requisites.

The quest wraps up the wraith appraition that shows up at the end of the two proceeding quests.  Hayden initially believes he must be sacrificed, but fortunately Annabel and Carter convince him to put off his “red shirt” moment.

To Sir, With Love Step 1, Collect a Syringe from the first aid kit

To Sir, With Love Step 2, Research Wraith in the Library

Inspect the book “Extradimensional Assassins 101: revised edition.” at 274, 374

the book tells you to use mirrors to channel, trap and possibly defeat the wraith.

Acquire an occult spectrometer

Acquire a mirror from the supply closet

To Sir, With Love Step 3, Use the occult spectrometer to locate the wraith

the quest updates at 330, 436 to “Spray Montag’s blood around the area.”  Place the mirror on the ground, defeat the wraith and then smash the mirror.

To Sir, With Love Step 4, Use the spectrometer to locate the wraith

Once again… this time with verve?  You find a mirror inside the academy main house at 292, 337.  Destroy the wraith and then the mirror.  Repeat this in the next couple of rooms.  The quest updates after defeating four sets of mirrors.

To Sir, With Love Step 5, Use the spectrometer to locate where the wraith has gone

You get another mirro event at 258, 407.  Defeat the wraith and this time, he runs into a slide show instead of the mirror.  The quest updates to “turn off the slide projector” (timed step).  This traps the wraith in the slide.

To Sir, With Love Step 6, Give the slide to Hayden Montag





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