Hell Rising: Normal and Elite Version

Previous Boss – Hardwired Fleshtank

After completing the Hardwired Fleshtank encounter, players will again encounter some trash mobs.  As before, these are avoidable or easily defeated.  The Traumadriver’s battle arena is a hallway, lined with electrodes.  These electrodes cycle the Macroshock effect players first saw at the Anitomony Misinitrix fight.  Additionally, this fight features a DPS check using the same ruptured pipeline found in the Corroder fight.  The Traumadriver himself is relatively straightforward with only a few effects to pay attention to:

Macroshock – The Macroshock effect, here, travels counter-clockwise.  The effect begins on the pillar on the far left side from the players approach.  It moves towards the player entrance.  Once there it shifts to the right side and moves away from the player starting area.  The Macroshock effect stays on the ground for a few seconds and does progressive damage to anyone standing inside it.  Players should fight Traumadriver to one side of the room while waiting on the Macroshock surge to pass on the other side.  Once it passes, simply swap sides and continue the fight.

Ruptured Pipeline – As with the Corroder, a firewall gradually eats away this battle arena.  The fire starts on the side the players entered from and moves across the arena.  Players should engage Traumadriver in about the center of the arena and move him towards the far side as warranted.

Attack – Unlike the prior bosses, the attack damage from the Traumadriver hits a well equipped tank noticeably.  Healers should not be stressed keeping pace, but a DPS or Healer pulling agro can result in a quick death.

Stripmine – Traumadriver will periodically target a player and cast stripmine.  This does not appear to be an agro change, as the attack damage will generally remain on the tank during these casts.  Stripmine does moderate damage to a non-tank and can easily be handled with group healing.

 Next Boss – Recursia, Many-In-One

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