TSW Guide: Infiltration Missions

TSW Guide: Infiltration Missions

Full Walk-through, Spoilers Included

TSW features a number of infiltration missions and we have a TSW Guide for each of them.  The mission icons are a distinctive yellow color.  These quests share a quest journal spot with action (red) and investigation (green) quests, you may never have more than one of these active at a time.

Infiltration missions are stealth oriented.  While you CAN fight your way through parts of infiltration missions, you are rewarded with achievements (in some cases) for avoiding them.  Further, infiltration missions are often littered with tricks, traps and locks which you must solve to advance.  If you find an infiltration mission too frustrating or consuming, don’t give up, check out our TSW Guide for the mission.  All of our guides feature spoiler text, so you only receive the solution you need for the problem you face.  Further, a number of our infiltration missions are video enhanced and include a full Youtube video walk through explaining the mission.

Solomon Island Infiltrations

  1. Horror Show [VIDEO ENHANCED]
  2. Black Helicopters
  3. The Pickup [VIDEO ENHANCED]
  4. The Orochi Group
  5. Taking the Purple

Romania Infiltrations

  1. Sins of the Father [VIDEO ENHANCED]
  2. The Cellar Door
  3. Selected Memories [VIDEO ENHANCED]


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