TSW Guide: Investigation Missions

TSW Guides: Investigation Missions

Full Walk-through With Spoilers

Secret World Guides for Research Missions

The Secret World features a number of investigation quests.  These are one-time quests and used to be non-repeatable.  Investigation quests draw on a history of adventure games, tending towards puzzles and riddles.  There is title, if any, combat on investigation missions.  Investigation missions are intended to involve research.  Our Secret World Guides for Investigation Missions help you when the going gets tough.

Bust out your notepad, open your in-game browser (“B” by default) and spends some time perusing Wikipedia and Google.  If nothing seems to work and you find yourself stuck, try us!  We have full solutions to all of the investigation missions in the game.  Further, our TSW Guides make use of spoiler text, so you only receive help on the step you need.

Solomon Island Investigation Guides

  1. The Kingsmouth Code
  2. Digging Deeper
  3. The Vision
  4. Something Wicked
  5. Dead Air
  6. Men in Black Vans
  7. Gravity
  8. Hell and Bach
  9. Crime and Punishment
  10. Strangers from a Strange Land
  11. Funeral Crashers
  12. Win Win

Egypt Investigation Guides

  1. Angels and Demons
  2. The Unburnt Bush
  3. The Big Terrible Picture
  4. The 3rd Age
  5. The Binding

Romania Investigation Guides

 Starting City Investigation Guides


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