TSW Guide: Romania Repeatable Quests

Romania Quest List

Besieged Farmlands, Shadowy Forest and Carpathian Fangs

TSW Guides provides a listing of all quests available quests in the Romanian zones (Besieged Farmlands, Shadowy Forest and Carpathian Fangs).  We break apart the repeatable and non-repeatable quests.

We separate the non-repeatable quests (usually investigations, but occasionally some other quests are one-time quests). These appear on a separate tab of the spreadsheet.

Our table of quests includes information on the quest starter (or location for an item quest), the XP amount and whether the quest rewards a Glyph or Signet bag.  Regular completion of Glyph and Signet bag quests can net you a ready supply of materials to finish your end-game gearing!

Additionally, if the quest name is a hyperlink, we have a full TSW Guide written for the quest.  Simply follow the link to receive detailed information on the quest completion.


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One Response to TSW Guide: Romania Repeatable Quests

  1. craylon says:

    I really like the spreadsheet. Also it would be awesome if you could add a column to include the paxRomana reward as well.

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