TSW Guide: Solomon Island Quests

TSW Guide: Solomon Island Quests

Quest List

TSW Guides provides a listing of all quests available repeatable quests in the Solomon Island zones (Kingsmouth, Savage Coast and Blue Mountains).

**NEW** Savage Coasts and Blue Mountain are updated**

Non-repeatable quests (generally investigations, but some other quests as well) receive their own tab on the spreadsheet.

Our table of quests includes information on the quest starter (or location for an item quest) and the XP amount.  Additionally, if the quest name is a hyperlink, we have a full TSW Guide written for the quest.  Simply follow the link to receive detailed information on the quest completion.


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2 Responses to TSW Guide: Solomon Island Quests

  1. Jonathan Todd says:

    “We do not list the investigations on this page as those can only be completed once.” But there are several Investigations on the list.
    Also take a look at I Phone H ome and Book of Baker (Bokor).

    Zen and the Art of weapon Maintenance cannot be repeated same with Captains playlist.

    • RyahlRyahl says:


      Thanks for the comment. You are correct, of course, that those specific quests are not repeatable. I have moved the non-repeatables to their own tab and we will be updating the page to reflect that change.

      Thanks also for catching the typos!

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